Sway With Lois: July 2007

Monday, July 30, 2007

fully stomach , empty mind!

hehehe...... , some of my friends might think I have diet and just eat little . Yup , I do admit if you were having lunch with me , that mean you would never see me eat normally . In the same time , you might say it is a wrong way if base on the common step of getting diet , because according to what people have said is having great breakfast in morning , satiated with lunch , and just little at dinner . I did try this technique , But the result was " go for wool and come home shorn". I 've even ate more in a day . Anyway , I am not always having my dinner as today . Honestly , It is a bit over .

Udon noddle with mussel , agaric , tomatoes ,vegetable and miso soup

It was a early morning , about 645 am . Got in to slept very early at the night before . Working make me feel exhausted . I spend no time on myself . I have set the clock for a just a small nap , as what had expected , I couldn't make it .

The next morning , I woke up at around 620 am , washed my clothes , having breakfast and settle something . Time flied ..... the sun raise ! The beautiful view appeared in front of me .

But what coming on was .......working ! A brand new day , I still need to went for work !

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Once in a blue moon

LoL ! Why I pick this as my title ?
I didn't really spend time on it , it just came out from my mind.
Do you know why?

Yup , I went for the "Harry potter and the order of the phoenix " , suppose going for film is just nothing special . But for my case , I really seldom went for film at night . THe most point for me is NO TRANSPORT !

Anyway , I did it tonight with one of my housemate , suppose 2 ! but one falled in sick so....left 2 of us . So The title do really suite ! I reached home at 1130...gosh! damn tired , tomorrow still need to work and I still have loads to busy with in my hand .

I miss you ~ especially tonight !

Sunday, July 22, 2007

What am I busy with ?

too many !

but I still steal some time for online
and I found again the video clip for my company on 2006 E@A.

it was the very big change for the past 11 years since I have joined the BB .
And after 10 month( 2006 E@A) , I once again is busy with all this method , prepare heart to welcoming the next E@A on this August. ( It may be the last E@A that I have in 4th kajang company , MIGHT BE!)

I would like to say thank you for God's grace on me for the past 11 years , I have grown in the BB family . Just because of too many bothering things occur , and one of my good partner is going to resign .

I still wondering why I didn't cry for so long ? ( please take note on it , I don't think crying is a symbol of weakness or shame ) For me crying is one of the best way to release the unhappy things . Finally , my tears drop today , I can say it is a whole day mood , anytime , any place ....any sensitive "touch" could easily make my tears drop .

It was not under my control , when my members were practicing the presentation for E@A today . And suddenly ,my mind bring me back to the memories of the E@A on 2006 , then my tears drop . The funny part was my members thought I been touched by the song that they were singing .hahahahhahaha...........anyway , might be the sound was a good background for me .

The night before, I went for the EXCO , KL & selangor gathering fellowship . Although it was just a short dinner , worship , sermon and sharing time . I did enjoy the moment I had on it , The moment I could felt I am not alone . I enjoy the worship with ALL THE BB !


Saturday, July 21, 2007

harry potter series 7

I wanna buy it ~

I am also a little fans for the harry potter story books.
I first discover this story book was in my tuition teacher's house when I was in secondary school , her daughter who was in primary school . So I borrowed it .

The film was also not published yet , I had already fancy on this story. And I prefer book than film ..hahaha
Since I have read to the Chinese version , I have to wait for the Chinese translation come out
The Taiwan version would only be out on the end of this year! here ......eerrr...still need to wait .

At the same time , there are loads of news that came out according on this book .
bad or good?
depend on how you have judged it
For me , it is just a story book , it will not bring me a big effect .
I only admire for the good imagination that the writer has .

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cheer me up please !

Cheer me up ! Cheer me up ! Cheer me up And Cheer me up
Cheer me up ! Cheer me up ! Cheer me up And Cheer me up
Cheer me up ! Cheer me up ! Cheer me up And Cheer me up

Ways to cheer Lois up are :

1) send me a dozen of Chocolate ( I got a new Tiramisu taste ! superb !)
2) all of my Friends send me a smiling photos ( good idea ar!)
3) Give me a warm hug
4) Leave me alone for a peace weekend ( without BB , without study or work )
5) Buy me the newest Harry potter series and film ticket

at the moment , this 5 ways are more than enough to cheer me up now.

Have you ever seen a person who is " Easy give up -er" ?....I am talking about myself .
The first way I really started my work , i already wanna resigned. The 2nd day , my resigning will keep stronger . So , let see how is the coming 3rd day ( tomorrow ) , what crazy things I am going to do !

more than 100 calls per day !!!!!! it is killing me like a hell, keep on talking for 8 hours !
When the time I finished my job , along the way I went back to home ......my head kept dip downing and my eyesight were just concentrate on the floor . Loads of workers in the city centre , same way or the opposite way with me , busy in traffic or rushing home , getting the shelter when raining came ..........all seens like not my life .

And today , I got ZERO sales ! I Got ZERO sale with more than 100 calls !!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A tips..........


  1. Take some pictures everyday
  2. Watching some sorrowfulness film
  3. day dreaming on early morning of the weekend
  4. beautify the finger nail weekly
  5. Take a walk near by water ( seaside , waterfall, garden ...)
  6. having big meal once a while
  7. Writing mail periodically
  8. Join some group activities
  9. Swimming
  10. Singing loudly at the same time of driving
  11. Enjoy a cup of coffee with a novel
  12. Send card to friends
  13. Wearing colourful dress on every Monday
  14. Doodle on paper in the same time of talking on phone
  15. Singing in the same time of Shower
  16. Enjoy a slice of expensive cake or a box of chocolate , keep the bill for all of it
  17. wearing the comfortable underwear
  18. having "night life" periodically
  19. Add some nuts when you having yogurt

For me , I did at least 10 of it in the lists. AND I enjoy doing it !

I feel under stressful with not enough time to finish all the work in my hand ! I almost in the exhausted situation everyday.

I have not more time to be in a daze , no time for film or TV even radio , no time to enjoy dinner for long , no time to practice flute , not time to read ( but I am not bookworm) , no time to relax my mind and concentrate in study . GOSH ~~~~~ my life is just like a robot !!!!!!

Every day working and go back home , dinner , online for a while , then......sleep !
When I open my eyes next day morning , repeating all the same .
Am I going to live like this until retired???????

So , the to cheer myself up ~
then I bought a bag of Durian .....haha

When I carry it back to my house , I was hurt my leg ! Just a little red dot only.

And the other way to cheer my self is ....searching for interesting matter that happen every on us

Don't you think his hair look like the hero in the Dragon ball ?????
I took this picture secretly at a bus when I was on the way to work .
He is one of Tar college student .

Finally , I could stole a little time to take the pictures for my little honey ~
Since I had bought "him" for 2 weeks time , and I was too busy then force to ignoring him.......

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just a HUGE challenge !

4th days of my job training ~

A quite bored day which 3 of us sat in a room and doing our role played from 930 am until 6pm!

There is a Malay girl , a Chinese guy and me . And also a trainer .

As a telesales , the sound is always important .
as most of you know , I am not that type of girl who can sound delicately pretty or make people feel interested / attractive .
So , it was a hard time for me in practicing on it .

My trainer then started to help me to find the ways to cheer me up and make my sound to be more interesting .

Do you know how he started it ?

First , He already make the assuming on me , I am that kind of girl who spend my time in reading books , watching Tv at home , listening to music and stay at home always . Then no doubtful i admit all of it !

After then He asking me , have you been to clubbing ?
have you got boyfriend?
are you often going out with a group of friends ?
will you going to yam cha with friends?

so.....the answer above is " NO"!
my lif is toooooo discipline
And I missed out the period of rebellion in my life !

That mean the conclusion is "death penalty " .....I am a totally bored people !!
Nothing can really reflect my emotional or bring any surprising .
Not many people can cheer me , and the serious point is .....I can't cheer people up at all !

and when I say I don't need a boyfriend at that moment . Yup, it was true ! I am too busy with all my life now .
The big changing already make me total collapse .
I never say I don't need in the future
but at the moment I answered him
yup! The moment !
I just no more energy to think about relationship !

after a hour of " counselling " , i think they might gave me up ....hahaha
can't stand this kind of stubborn people anymore .


This was a sentence show me after a short break.
Definitely I know what He mean , but talking and action always can't come to syncretic .

Suddenly , There is another sentence came out from my mind " just be yourself" .
yup, just be myself , i am not the charming girl who can have tender sound and coquetry .
and there are no friends of mine would always going to clubbing ,I just try to mean , I didn't live in this environment !
But I still don't understand why recently people always told me " Just be myself"!
Were I not myself ?????????

To the final conclusion for me today is
Shy to say that I am jealous to the Malay girl !
From her , I know what the guys nowadays want !
And it is a mission impossible for me ! hahaha

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

bus trips also name as 游巴车河

Have took loads of transportation with purposely recently .

I just realize that the night view is most beautiful . The Malaysia eye seen small and not as beautiful as I had image when I pass throught the titiwangsa in the rapid KL bus. I believe not many people would doing same with me , I waste loads of time to save the little money.

I also hope that / searching for some foolish people who just as me would like to have bus trips for a whole day , take all the buses , go anywhere that we want . Stop at some places for visit and also for food . I guess there are no one !

When I 've consider of the salary that I have working in part time and compare with the spend in daily . I really need to tighten my belt . As we all know , live in KL is soooooooo.....expensive .

When we get used in dissipate money , you will not able to realize that we always buy things in expensive price .

For example ,

1)Take taxi , but actually you can reach the place by bus with cheaper price .
2) buy snack or daily use things in the more expensive shop , for example *even El***n........
3) Buy branded clothes , shoe and bag . I am not against on buying all branded product . I do believe some of those are good quality products . I do have few pair of branded sport shoe with affordable price . I just can't stand those youth who buy the branded for showing off .

Anyway , when you start working , you will know how hard the money come from ! hahaha

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Burning day !

7/7/07 ~ seven , perfect number !
but the world isn't that perfect

When I heard the smog is coming back again from news , I was really angry !
And wonder why we have to stand for this every years. Why can't the country doing something in advance to prevent it ??????
Although , this year isn't that serious . But , I believe it is still effecting our health .Especially for those who have the asthma .
I still remember year 2005 , my sight even couldn't reach 3 meters . Absolutely dangerous for us .

The weather is such a hot and burn !
It makes me sleepy for a whole day , once I touch my bed , automatically I can fall in sleep .
And also woke up with loads of sweat .hahahahaa

I almost spend the half day in my sleep , 2 times of naps until I got a call from my captain .
Suppose I have plan to do somethings follow my schedule , it seems all undone .
I am keep on delaying my works , especially what I had promised to do .


Getting a job really makes me happy , undoubtedly.
But when for work makes me so ................you know ! No people like working ! haha

I have to go through 5 and half days for training , so next Saturday would completed the training and let see how the assessment result is .
The first day of training , I met 2 chinese girls . You know ...I discover a interesting matter . Both have the tattoo on their chest . And both of the picture is butterfly .
hahaha.......when the break time , they started talking on the tattoo , it arose my interest.
For my opinion , it is an art and I really pleasure on it .

On the other hand , I know not many people can accept it . And my identity isn't allow me to do it .

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Art of coffee

My parent addict on drinking coffee~
They never missed it everyday

as some of my mom 's friends knew about it
so , one of the auntie sent us a pack of coffee bean .

Wow~The first time I touch the coffee bean
I always dream to put a grain of it in my mouth
I wanna taste it
I have imagined the taste must be gorgeous

I love the shape of every grains of the coffee bean
It makes me associate the bean with Chocolate

First , Grind the roasted coffee bean into powder
we don't have coffee mill , blender would be ok

then , pour in the pretty hot water into the coffeepot

next , filtrate it with the filter

follow with adding some milk

Final , let enjoy a cup of Mellow coffee

For my own choose , I prefer the aroma of coffee than tasting it . The bitter aroma could wake me up . For my own self , I drink tea for daily , coffee is just a selectivity .

Anyway , coffee is unique ! Only coffee can left the strong mouthfeel ~

Just be myself ~

Just be myself
I enjoy the time that staying with my housemates
especially when three of us laughing loudly
nothing block us doing this
any places and any times that we want

Just be myself
I am a little feminism .
I admit I am .But I didn't do it over
I hate guys who using the impolite words to girl
I do hate guy who debase female

Just be myself
I seek for the better / wonderful things
it doesn't mean I am arrogance

Just be myself
I am always haggle over every ounce
Even a little cent in my hand

Just be myself
I am as stubborn as a bull
if you wanna change my mind
It could just like how hard the rock is

Just be myself
I am a negative thinking person
I do care how people looking at me
I am always less confident
I am not as strong as you thought I am

Just be myself
Nothing can stop me if I think it is true
I hate lie , pretense and pretext .
I am dare to hate and dare to love

Just be myself
I often offended people
because I just be myself

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Free Hugs Campaign

Got to know this at today Singapore news , actually I heard about it long ago . It was a man who called Juan Mann from Sydney who has been spreading the love . I don't think it is Crazy , it is really lovely . A gorgeous way to show the love , the care .........

It is always work when you are lonely and when you are upside down .Every people have its problems , a hug might just like a chocolate that could make people feel happy , refresh and peace . It might not be so popular in Asian .It is due of the culture different . We mostly live in the world full with complaint and complaint and complaint .


If I have the chance to meet this , I must do it .
open my arm and welcome everyone with smiling face !