Sway With Lois: February 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Penang Trip 2010

25-27/2/ 2010

I had started to work while most were still in holidays , okey , I 'm a new in working social , not many benefit and no chance to take more leave :P
Then have to be more wiser to choose a day and hope these day can spend worthy~

Very firstly in my plan was -Cameron Highland ,the weather is too hot in the period of chinese new year , unfortunately friend couldn't make it ! very disappointed :(

Then , only quickly decided the Penang trip on the last minute . Made a call to reserve the YMCA room , printed out the google map and pack on late .

Honestly , on the hot weather can spoil the mood most of the time .
And I hate long driving journey although wasn't me who was driven .
Start to felt regretted for the trip on the half way toward

Luckily , the whole trip is consider satisfy ( full stomach !) haha~

If I could stayed longer at the beach would be more perfect ~Batu Ferringhi
There's lots of ways to travel , luxury , business class , economy class and budget one .
Hard rock hotel is far far away from my budget :P

Food , the most satisfy part of the trip !
Well satisfy !

Unexpected place in the plan , morning jogging at the Botanic Garden
A pleasure one since it was long time I didn't go for any sport
, very crowded and surprise to saw so many people !

Natural Part& temple , Parent wanted to visited temple , no choice but to follow .

Surnames Bridge near by the Weld Quay

Batu Feringhi Again at night with Friend~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY Gathering

The gathering was awesome
and I love to have space and time for just us to share with ~
As time goes by
no one can deny that we have changed everyday
May our friendship build up with the purer heart and love , my chief friend :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tiger Year - A year to experience God ?

6 women left in the office at these moment
the day before Chinese New Year
Mindset flying to another space although no plans at all for the holidays
let the day just going as it would be :)

Prosperity Biscuit

It wroten :

Sometimes , all a person needs
is a hand to hold and a heart to understand

hardly to accept my age especially while I send out the birthday greeting to friends in this period :P and I start "questioning " God , when is the time that He has setted for me ????

I wasn't care before
but I care now :(

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just The Corner it would comes ~
The second month of work seems like different mood , mood of Chinese New Year .
Boxes of Mandarin orange in company accompanies us in busy moment.

Salad for lunch ~

After a month of bento , home pack seems bored for me anymore !
I still not getting used on my mom like to disturbing & "controlling " me in my meal !
I have been stayed outside for 6 years by my own ! I know how to take care on myself :P
No mood for fried rice , or spaghetti anymore , any suggestion ????
it have to be easy to make within half hour ~:P

Monday, February 01, 2010

Rojak Page In weekend :P

Since I have started to work , weekend become my very personnal private time to take rest - Sleep ! And time for family and friends ! Therefore , any of you would like to meet up can drop me a message anything in weekday :)

CNY is just on the corner , everybody are busying with keeping& cleaning house , baking cookie, painting wall .......blah...blah blah ...blah ......and I hate the weather near by CNY ! Damn hot , even just sitting inside house , still can be swearing all the time !

Sunday noon time , while I was still in nap ( a long nap !) after church service and little house work , dad knocked my door and asked If I want to joined them to go to shopping . I felt very weird , we never went shopping on 3pm ( I mean , mostly we would make shopping in early morning or evening time , but in the middle on the noon time seems no right for my timing :P) and I was still blur by waked up by them !

Blah blah......................too long story , isn't it ?
I only able to got myself a belt on these 6hours shopping in two shopping malls , no shoe or clothes !

In the crowded period in KL area ( Thaipusam + CNY + weekend ) , hardly you can find any parking anywhere , so we decided to go far away from the main town to have our dinner at old klang road . Unfortunately , we couldn't found the restaurant that we been for long time ago anymore , so we got to the purplecane tea house near by - mom choose it anyway .

Honestly , beside the atmosphere in these restaurant , nothing can praise anymore :P

All the dishs are containing different tea ~ but...........
only the tea rice is the nicer one :P

tasteless !

haiz.... to get delicious food in KL?
healthy or tasty ?
Strong taste or light one ?