Sway With Lois: May 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wake up ~Wake up
Wake up from the past
wake up from the unrealistic dream

Avacado Juice

The ripe one is turning from green to dark purple~

milk and yogurt + avocado

Sorry , I didn't cut in tidy

Pour all ingredient in the blender machine and mixed~

Here , it's ~
I can't tell how many ml of milk and yogurt
it's all follow your heart and taste
and you can add on some sugar or honey

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Cuti Cuti Malaysia

Before showing you the pictures , Once again I would like to complain ! Complain about the Tourism Promotion doing badly in Malaysia !!!!

Dad had the idea to re-visit the Lake Garden ( Tasik Perdana )since a month ago , we have not been there for about 20 years !Compare to the past , Lake Garden might not be that familiar/ famous for nowadays generation , where you might had just saw the picture about the National Monument from some books .

It took us about 2 hours to reached there ! I almost gave up ,okay~ I don't have GPS (is it my fault ?) I do expect there should be some clear sign boards , just as convenient as getting to any shopping centers !

The butterfly garden is worth to visit , entrance fee for adult is RM 8,
additional RM 1 for camera .

Inserts wars !

Second destination - Orchid Garden
free entrance for weekday , RM 1 for Public holidays and Weekend

Mom love Orchid so much , she never want to miss out any chances
to visit any orchid
exhibitions or any countries orchid garden

At the end , few pots of orchid has carried home ( We bought it , don't misunderstood...haha )