Sway With Lois: March 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wealth didn't last for 3 generations

Every Chinese would have heard about this proverb before .
It was happened on my great grandfather too.

I didn't know much about their story , I just heard pretty little story from my dad which was told by his mom . ( my grandparent were passed away before I had born )
However , I just knew that my great grandfather had 3 wives and owned lots of properties .
In the end , the proverb did work on my great grandfather family .

Anyway , this isn't the point that I wanna talk about .

This proverb once again make me think deeply . I believe I have heard about this sentence for so many times . But I never play attention on it at all , I thought this proverb would never used on me ( since my family isn't rich .....hehehe)

When I watched telly just now , this proverb been used by one of the business man who owned a factory . The factory was started from his granddad , he explained why the proverb been famous use as a warning for chinese business family . Well, only this time I know that Wealth isn't only describe the money , "wealth " could be wide define , it could be the knowledge !

In the fact , human being is always self-fish ,benefit would come first than others.
We should have heard about the "shi fu" (师傅)story , every "shi fu" would never teach their apprentice the full skills, they always keep some for their own . If this happened from one generation to another generation , then it could be a big problem .

Anyway , it might be happened on old time , nowadays , we , the young one should have pick up the new knowledge , find out the new skills , improve yourself .
This is no more dependence on the old matter, the world is changing from time to time on .
Unfortunately , not all the young one could really handle . The e -generation bring pro and con , too much external , too little on build up our own characteristic (Intrinsic).

So do I , preferring the easier things to do , the easy life to enjoy. Yup , easy come , easy go !
That's why we don't have the true peace inside us , frightening on losing what we thought we deserve to own .

As a BB officer , I hope I can do my best to help those who willing to serve as an officers . Only I do so , I can see my weakness .As I said , I am not perfect . Interaction always bring better result , just only we need to learn how to be patient and tolerance . No one can hold the power for everlasting , Non of the kings in world world could do that so . We're just a dust , thanks God for choosing us in His plan and give us the identities as His son and daughter .

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just be yourself

Just wanna share a song that I enjoy recently ~

I pretty understand sometimes people might not able to "squeeze their mind" and change into words , so they prefer not to write blog .
Last Sunday , Joe gave me ride to his church for Sunday service , we were talking about why to write blog..........the reason is that simple for me .

Because sometimes I 've no one to share with .
And another point is .....people would always thought that I 'm just like what they 've known me. ( my mischievous thinking)
It 's a path letting my friends to know how am I doing , it could also be doing in vice versa .

Joe had suggested me with some ideas how to meet more friends , hehehehe ...will consider on that . But Yam Cha might be a bit problem for me . ( could be doing it once in a blue moon !) :-P

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Friends ................where are you?

I am sooooooooooooooooo jealous !

I'm jealous on those who has lots of friends to leave them messages !
I'm jealous on those who has lots of friends drop to them when they just log on the messeger !
I'm jealous on those who has lots of friends to have breakfast , lunch , dinner or even supper together !
I'm jealous on those whose mobile is always rang and received messages non stop !
I'm jealous on those who no need to worry on holidays without anyone !
I'm jealous on those who has lots of friends remember their big day !

While I seldom received messages from friends for my pages .
While I 've sitting in front the computer for whole night , not even one drop a "Hi !" to me .
while I have to go alone for whole day meal like a lonely goose .
While my mobile didn't rang for few days , besides received some rubbish advertising messages.
While the fungus almost fills my head and sitting in front the telly for whole holidays .
While I have to go to bakery shop to buy my own a slice of cake to cheer myself . :-(

Friends , where are you ?

Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm not always perfect all the way !

I found that I have a little "Decision making disorder"problem .
It 'd only happened on small matters and mostly happen on ordering food or may be buying somethings .

Normally it could happened when I was in a stranger place , I was very dubious whether I make the right decision . It happen again last Saturday ,I went out for breakfast with my friend who came back from USA not for long , and I couldn't gave him my choice where to go for meal .( Finally he made the decision .......hahahah)

After the meal , I've shopped around for the cake baking ingredient near by ( Parent went for trip and wouldn't be at home , so I can ........make mess in the kitchen) .Later I went to secret recipe for my favor cheesecake , again , I standing infront the counter for almost 10 min and make a wrong decision !( Regret that I didn't try the blueberry or chocolate cheesecake ). :-P

I think the biggest problem that cause me insecure in " making decision" is MONEY!
Not only spend time to consider what to choose .....in the same time , money counting was running in my brain !

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Don't Call me Auntie !

Why Why Why Why why WHY WHY ???????

Been address as "Auntie" by little kid who taught by their parent to called me "Auntie" for 2 times within this 2 weeks !!!!!!
Hey ! Ah gong & Ah ma ...........I am not Auntie ! I am Jie Jie ( sister) !
I am still young !

I am not Auntie !
I am not Auntie !
I am not Auntie !
I am not Auntie !


Sunday, March 16, 2008

To my dearest members:

I just found out that some of readers for my blog was not in my expectation .
Since they have never leave me any comment or message .

Some of them are my BB friends, members or .........
So they'd reflect to me after reading it ( I just know today ).

To my Deareast members :

Grace to you ! Thanks for the happiness time we have in BB .

I do criticize on my own BB company . However , I'm not try to make gossip or slanders , it would never be my style. I just point out what is the weakness of the company .
So when some of you who are from BB companies please be prepare your heart before you wanna visit my blog . :-) Don't be so serious , although most of you think that I am serious !

4th Kajang company junior recruitment camp was just end with succeeds.Anyway , I also heard some bad comments from other on camp. For my own as an usual way , I would scold the in charge people ( it 's normally what I 've done) .
I would not blame them unreasonable , besides some of unforgivable mistake which they have repeat for some many times , or didn't take their responsibilities with serious .
I appreciated some of you did your best effort ,the only things you lack of was management skills.
I never expected the perfect performance from NCOs , but I do expect them to do their best , not showing me how last minutes attitudes you have or laziness .

And , the most important things is learn from the mistake .

Sometimes , I feel bored and annoying on listening to some parents complaining , I do feel innocent since you gave so many excuses to your parent and destruct the reputation of the company . You don't have self-discipline which all your friends and family expected you have learned from BB .I never expected you could cook as delicious as what's the restaurant do , I just expected you can cook a normal rice which you have been trained for so long in BB .
But please never tell me you don't know how to clean the rice !

Below is a new build Picasa Album for 4th kajang company , hope you enjoy it ~
since I was sitting on the chair and upload for few hours !you guys are really love to take photos ! crazy eh.......few hundred pieces ! :-P


Sunday, March 09, 2008

I wonder not only the pregnant woman would get the hypochondriac.

You might also got the temporary hypochondriac on some hottest topic such as election , world cup , Olympic , SARS and .......................

Malaysia just gone through a dramatic election period, some people might pretty happy with the result , some might feel sad .
Honesty I got both feeling inside me . Adding with anxious , cannot feel the peace in mind , frightening .........Been watched the Telly for the further news after dinner until midnight , worrying if there is any rebellion or demonstrate .
I still remember when I was young , father explained to me what is rebellion , and which had happened on our country. ( this would be orally from one generation to another generation ,since this is a sensative topic for Malaysia)

Just as the result for this election , Malaysia politic is changing , we can't promise to get better or worst government system in the future . Some might think it is a chances to change , also some would worry on the own safety and race's right in this situation .

From the moment I came out from the election room , I really have complicated mind , I worried if I really choose the right one ? I myself as a citizen in this country and the state , I have to take responsible on what I had choose ( although some people might think one vote wouldn't affect much )

We can't deny the politicians did their merit on service the citizen and country , some of them might loss in this election , but please never forget what they had did good to serve us .

( I mean those who was really did the good job ) , they spent their life in service people on lots of fields , in education , races issue , woman right ,economy ..........................

We should give thanks to them , treasure what they had did good to us .

I found this quite interesting , because I also hesitate what mark I should put on the moment I get the paper , cross or tick ?Although I deeply know in my heart it should be putting cross , in that moment I just pause for a minute before I wrote it . I used to heard a lots of funny story on this when I was kid .

ahahahaha.......I did the right one , don't worried .

Yen Hwa come back from Penang for voting

I realized that some of the youth giving up their right as a citizen in Malaysia , just because of the terrible excuses : Lazy ! Not free to register ! or they might also think the result would more or less the same without their support and it would not affect much at all . They never have the idea that this is their right as a citizen .If you're one of them , please regrister 4 years later !

Friday, March 07, 2008

The 201st !

Tang ...tang...tang ...tang........ this is the 201st !

sometime I just wrote nonsense
sometime I would explored /released my emotion
sharing the happiness /the touching experiences
discuss some interesting topics

For the nonsense part , I fancy on sharing my cooking although sometimes it wasn't look that delicious . :-P

I myself prefer to name it as "凉面"
Malaysia isn't famous in cooking the "凉面"
although the ingredients are very simply to prepared.
Why it's called "凉面"?
I think ................
becasue you will feel cool and fresh after having this . :-)

Tommorow is the election day 080308 .
I never will to write any article related to Malaysia election .....
This year would be my first time to become a voter in my life .
For my opinion .......errrr.........no comment ...ahahaha
I 'm glad that my father shows a good example for me . Although we're a family , he never tried to say a single word or suggest anythings to affect me .

I could only say it is a dilemma . Every parties also have it own pros and cros .
No prefect party in the world !

But I hate the newspaper which just reported the election news more than the normal news for this few weeks! It is a bit annoyed me !

Although I didn't demand to have the perfect goverment system , I do demand our goverment consider Malaysia citizen's safety ! Don't waste our money and please co-operated with more "Professional & Qualified " company ! NO more Absurd excuses please !

I just wonder the welding is reliable or not !( picture below )
I pretty hope it would not be the main reason why the water pipes were always broken !
and cause the waste of water !

By Lois Wang

Monday, March 03, 2008

Thanks for making my BB life wonderful ~

First of all , would like to say thank you very much to our BB friends Lt Joe and Sgt Benji who are from 2nd Subang Jaya to gave 4th kajang a uniform talk .

They were arrived a bit earlier , while my company was just finished the fall in and going to have their lunch . Lt Wen Jiann from 4th kajang was there in front to introduce our guests ( Actually he also don't know where they came from ....hahaha)

Lt Joe and Sgt Benji who wasn't in their uniform ( We don't mind actually )
gave the choose for 4th kajang members to chose the languages that we would like to
( English , Mandarin and Cantonese)

However , 4th kajang company chosen Mandarin .
in the end , 3 languages mixed been used !

Spread in squads

Stared with "How to lace our BB boots correctly !"

Way to polish BB boots until it could become a mirror !
Sgt Benji is the "professional " Boots polisher ! Just Kidding!
Never know that polishing shoes could be such a big knowledge ! And costs time !

Members were trying how to "heat" the surface after polish with the Kiwi
( I rather used "heat " than "burn" to describe it )

Lt Joe caught out Sgt Liew and Private Cheong to showed the faults of their uniform .

Final checking for the uniform in company
Taught the members how to wear the cap ,
3 fingers on left and 2 fingers on right above the eyebrow.

Lt Joe showed the best hair style to male members !

My final request to Lt Joe to did my company favour
was to push my members smart !

Once Again thank you to both of our BB friends who came and help us !

It would be the final things that I could do to my company before I leave on June .
I pretty understand they wouldn't not hold this kind of talks without any help .
4th kajang -SURE & STEDFAST !

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Kajang companies sport day ~

23rd Feb .........................kajang companies sport day

In the early of morning 8 am , 3 companies gathered at a hall neat the 1st kajang companies at cheras .

Capt. Loh from 1st Kajang company give a briefing before all the games started.

Around 18 of 4th kajang members and officers went to the sport day
We only took part at basket ball and badminton .

Doing warm up before the Games started!

Showed the brotherhood !

They were not the first team going for the Game
kill their time with little practice

1st &3rd kajang

Being an audience and supporter for badminton

Our turn ! Go !

Officer who was took part in basketball

what a wonderful experience , 4th kajang gained 1st runner in basket ball ~

What was I doing ? haiz .......sat there from 8am until 630 pm !
No choice ! I realized I almost become the guide person ! :-P