Sway With Lois: December 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

YEAH ! Lois has done 95% correction of her final thesis !
Remain the 5% would be finished within this week! Lovely !

Please keep me in pray .
My examination is start on 14/1/2008

14/1 - ATGE 5024 Engineering In Society 2
16/1 - ATGE 5124 Analysis And Design Manufacturing System2
20/1- ATMT 5234 Quality And Reliability Engineering
22/1- ATMT 5244 Advanced Engineering Material 2

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Woman do not need to always pretend themselves are strong and tough
If only when there is a shoulder for her to rely on.

Woman can show her tender
If there is someone who is worth to

Woman willing to be a follower
if there is a leader in her heart

Woman can always carry her smile
If someone treasure it

Woman need to be tough
since there is no one

Woman has to be silent
since there is no one listen on her

woman = me ~

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas outing

Just an outing with my ex-housemate ....other one is on the outstation trip at bangkok.

Huge"cake" behind me

Me and shu shin

Very crowded

I like this little tree
and i found the secret to make it so .
Would try to make one if I'm free later.

Snow ball/globe , "Dell's advertising "

I like this "ong ong" one ...hehe

As a conclusion , holidays is not a good day for outing .
I 'm desired to attend church event , but................

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Please don't ignore me !

Exhausted .......could be say so !
No time for reading book and no time for a little game , no time for telly , no time for family , no time for friends , no time to rest my mind .

Today is 24th ! One day before Christmas ~
7 days left to completed year 2008 , and entering 2009 .
haven't have time to set my goal and target for next year ~ ( as usual ...lol)

Lots of ideas to shout out in this period but I 'm kinda lazy to translate into words.
Somethings wanna tell but not convenient to write down here .
Was depression on the past experience that make me tried to keep silent and ignore the unpleasant feel .

Cool! I found this two books in library after I wrote this

There is always some periods that I would drop into a big cycle , keep on walking inside the cycle and can't think out of the box .It's so easy to fall into it , no signs and no aware .
Unfortunately , I didn't learn from the past and cope it .

why ?

Since human being is not perfect !
I need other caring , loving and concern on me , I don't wanna be lonely in the life , just because of you ( yes ! Don't look on left or right , don't doubt ! it's you ) my life can be more beautiful.

Will you support me ?

My examination is start from 14/1 ~ 22/1
Please keep me in your prayer!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lois wish that she could has time to read book ,

but not studied book ~

Friday, December 12, 2008

Man VS junk , Woman VS junk

It's so normal to see a girl eating ice-cream ,chocolate or potatoes chips anywhere in the street .
Girls don't need to mind on how people looking on them when they eat junk , this is their "right granted"....always , always .............

But it's weird when you see a guy who is dress in coat and eating ice-cream :P
Girl can lick ice -cream but guy cannot .......hahahaha , you can try anyway ~
(I lick ice-cream sometime , but MOM warned me not to ! Just like she warned me not to blow the bubble when I ate screwing gum)

What other would say when they saw a guy eat junk?
  1. He is not taking care on his health
  2. He is childish
  3. He is pretending himself very cute
  4. Just because his 's girl friend like it

It's not my idea , I just read from someone 's blog which mention about it .
You always have your own choice to do whatever you think you want to :P

I was chocolate addict ~ was !
However , when the price keeps on increase , sadly , I started struggling when standing in front of the chocolate section.....counting , counting and counting ....wah...price increase again ! Gosh !
And gradually , I take less and less ...and less and less..........
I miss Chocolate !

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Save the cheer leader , save the world????

Nothing related to the drama ....hahahaha

My title should put " Save the world also save up RM 0.20"

Actually I don't like to use polystyrene to pack my food.
First , it's hazard to our health , especially those who's staying away from family would always "Da Bao".
Second , it's not reuseable .
Third , hazard our world .

You really can't deny that education would help human to aware that the pollution in world is overwhelming.
You also can't deny although after so many educated effort been done in human , they still ignore .

We can't avoid to use it , but we can reducing in using it .
I have started reducing in using plastic bag when doing shopping or in grocery store.
Also , reuse the plastic container that in my house .

YUP ! I save RM 0.20 today since I brought my own containers for dinner and YO YO ice .
The yo yo ice 's "Tauke" reduces 20 cent for me as I brought my own container ...hehehe

Plastic bag also is reuse one oh ........ :P

3+1= 3 1/2

My friend - Jecg is doing her PhD in UK now, I have tried to pursue her to write blog or some account so that I can always know how is her life there.
She just said , there 's nothing special to write .

what 's "Special" in our life?
Giving thanks on small methods or friends , can consider special?
Keep our good memories in life or share our through/ experience , can be special?
Express our anger & dissatisfy?

Sure I can't force anyone to open their privacy to other , it's still up to you to decided .

For my own , I'm a person who like to keep lots in my mind or inside myself
I just wanna tell tell tell

I was so poor last 2 weeks
( I'm not rich this week as well :) )
However , richer than last 2 weeks and able to buy muruku!
and got a half pack free by the shopkeeper after I paid :P

I still wonder why he gaves me more which I didn't required for ...............................
Thank you for the nice shopkeeper , so I share to you I got a half pack free today !

Is going to the end .....hopefully !

3rd Part of my final year project
After Part 1 & Part 2
it semms like long long time ago after I wrote about the 2nd part
However , the project really time consuming.

Test on Sound Proof and heat transmittion

Mould for Fiber-cement Board

you might not able to feel the heat
but it is 400 degree celcius!
and I need to stay around for 1 hour per piece !

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Belated Birthday Present ~hehe

Thank you Jimmy !
You really shouldn't , it 's kinda expensive !
hehehehe....feel great to have it !

I was almost wanna pursue my teacher to lend me for photocopy it last week

YEAH ! it's the original one !

Million Thanks to my friend ! This is the most expensive present I have had !