Sway With Lois: September 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sorry for not making any announce that I 'd be away for about 20 days or more
anyway , it was since 11th Sept .
The last days was too rush and just able to left a short sentence of message on facebook but not in blogger .

See ya ....would have more picture and trip sharing soon at Oct

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I wonder why I'm so little faith in God
I have believe in Him since I was 9
I 'm not that kind of Christians with strong "fire" burning in heart!

I‘ve been thinking for so long
how I can build up my faith in Lord
Why I can't build up my faith in Lord

God , Please forgive me that I thought I 'm strong enough
God , Please forgive me that always reject you and leave you at out door
God , Please forgive me for my agony
I never place you in first , I never seek you when I'm troubles
I didn't glorified your name when I was successful .
I didn't count your Graces on me

But You're the Great Great God
You're the potty , broke me and shape me
and mold me with your graceful hand
God ,You have your plans on me
you lead me step by step

You place me in these stage
to teach me
how to come back to you

9/9/09 does not mean anything for me
on the other, it might mean the vow for some couple today
Is that really 999 mean everlasting?

A song pop out from my mind while I thinking about the date,

天地將要過去,祢的話却長存. 天地將毁壞,祢的話却長新.

It reminds me that , nothing in the world could last forever
only the word of God

Sunday, September 06, 2009

If only you though all of us are fool
or else you're the one to fool other
or you're fool!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Just Her

Her age is not proportional to Her wise
Her look is not proportional to Her characteristic
Her tolerance is not proportional to Her body width
Her patient is not proportional to Her height

But Her smile is proportional to Her stubbornness :P

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Rojak article !~

Lois is work hard in the exam now ! One down , four more to go !
Still you can see me online - for radio or music accompany ~!
Facebook for some game to realise stress . But sorry to blog , I have to ignore you more !

Counting down again ! One month & one day left ONLY , the time for me to enjoy life at oversea .

600g chocolate biscuit finished in 3 days !
Tell you the truth , I gained a lots of weight , don't be surprise
when you see a plump girl stand infront of you
when I'm back to Malaysia - yes ! It would be me :P

Finally made a move to buy the scones last week
Just think that - Should try the original scones while in UK
although didn't taste special

Attending Church as usual - Church is the home for who is away from home

Took again the picture of milk
since want to show parent , I 'm good good girl oh~
I drink milk oh~
4 Pins =2.4 litres

wise design , I don't know if Malaysia has it or not

Yogurt full with strawberry only 9p = RM 0.50 ??????
LOL.......I added the strawberry by my own :P
But still the yogurt is cheaper than Malaysia .

Nose bleeding - I'm not sure if the wind too strong
my body too hot or too cool
or the weather too dry ~

It happens always since I'm here , no worried .

Friends , Do pray for me for my exam
4th , 7th, 8th and 10th Sept

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I could not understand why.......

But when time coming
the consequences would clarify clearly

Just as God has His plan on every person alone
the Bible scripture has repeated for some many times
yet you might not able to catch the true meaning in some moment

Bible - words of God that endure forever !