Sway With Lois: September 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007

Final part ~ penang trip

Continue with ........................

The St.George Church is just next to the state museum .

Next station , ...............I was lost !
Lost in the town ......there are loads of different road .
Then I just kept on walking around .
Pass through some Indian shop lot streets .( might be the little Indian street)

Finally , can't stand anymore .
I went for lunch , just pick one restaurant then went in.

What could I do ? I just keep walking until I saw the Komtar again !
I've been walking for a big round then return back to komtar .
I was so excited , finally I could sit down under the air -cond !
It was 3 pm at the noon ......I still have few hours to kill !
I spent the remain few hours in the shopping center .

hahahahaha......I found a tasty ice-cream store which sold some special favor . I chose the green tea ice-cream . Yammy !
And sat at the book shop for a while .At the meanwhile, my friend called me and told me the bad
news . She couldn't accompany me to night !

lonely .....I was so lonely ........The very first time to felt that lonely .
Around in the end of 5 pm , I took a bus to

which the place is nearby jetty . I really don't understand when my friend recommended to me this small village . The village built with their surname " Chew" , it established in the middle of 19 century and the people were immigrate from "Fujian Province " part of China .

There are 6 -7 small village like this , I just been for 2 .

Every village has their own representative flag

The day before full moon (TangLong festival)

Just a short hot sun afternoon , I got the suntan
look at my neck and face !

My last dinner in Penang , "fish head meehon"
which without milk ( unlike KL )

In ferry ! Time to go home .......

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Penang trip

First station - Fed my stomach

2nd station - Chinese temple

3rd station - beach

4th -Penang Hill

Next Morning !.................lonely , I was so lonely , I got nobody !
After having breakfast with Stuart , He left me in the George town which near by komtar .
My first plan was state museum , unluckily I found that loads of "Penanginese" don't know where is the museum or even the road 's name . ( although I had the map and showing them )
What I could do was ......open my mouth and asked .
Damn ! loads of people "dim ( Cantonese) " me !
I've rushed here and there , from one bus station to another bus station !

Can't believe , even bus driver also don't know where was it .
sad !

So , I forced to change my plan , I went to ......................................

First station for today - Fort Cornwallis

I found a huge swing

Malaysia never has any pure white house !

After my own experience , I discover the reason why Malaysia 's tourism didn't progress !
Can you believe me ?
The Cornwallis field was full of shit !
Hey ! Don't misunderstood me ! I am not saying dirty word ! ......
It was extremely true "shit"!

" He is the culprit"

Under the hot sun , finally can see the clear view

Next station - state museum !
There was a korea family walked ahead me , so when I bought ticket , the staffs said "Japanese ?". hahahahaha.......might be my hair style seems like .....but never the skin !

At the first , I didn't notice the rules , camera is strictly prohibited.
hehehehe....I've took some pictures until a staff warned me .

To be continue ...............................

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Friend @ Food

Friend , Asam Laksa + cendo

My first meal in Penang

"da ban Mian " ......first time tried this noddle

wow~ Curry , ho jian & HongKong Chu chang feng

My last meal in Penang

Under the hot sun ! need some fruit !

The most satisfied in this trip was food !
I had tried the cheow gui tiao , ha mee , loh mee ..........
The quantity of the meal isn't as much as KL area

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

only it accompany me !

Penang still an island

The night view of the Penang hill
Pls forgive my camera

Although the view was marvelous under the hot burn sun light , I got the sunburn !

Evening is a good partner
The picture was took before the day of tang long festival