Sway With Lois: May 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2008

At evening time .....

Once again going back to my busy studied life ~
I felt complicated on the way back from flute lesson , with also lots of worried and nervous .
A week full with stress and anxious.

Could feel the insecure wasn't reached home at night time

Always need to keep myself fully awake ! Too tension !
looking at those working staff rushing back home
side by side standing and waiting public transport

To be continue.........

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I need your support ~!

2 days left ....2 days left .
Not sales !

I mean my holidays . The time flies .
Already get used in this laziness , leisurely and carefree life for about half year .
Finally finally and finally .....I 've to face the fact .

Next Monday , I am stepping into my finally year in college ( hopefully ).
When I get the schedule , I've started feel panic . I have to re -schedule my life .
Cannot enjoy my early morning radio section since most of the classes are start on 8am or 9am .
Cannot go to Market ( Bazaar ) , also can't sleep late at night .

And the earlier day to left college is Wednesday , 1pm . But I gonna attend the flute class at Sg Wang . still spend loads of time in travel with public transport !

And not sure if this is good or bad thing , I 'll be free on Friday . Sound great , isn't it ?
I need this day to do my final year project which I have no idea what to do now .
And hopefully my MOM will not urging me to go back home early .

Thanks God that I need no to worry on my first year examination burden .
Thanks God for blessing me on my studied and exam periods .
I was so exciting when I got to know my result few days ago . PASS !!!!!!!!!!
I thought I might fail again one paper .

Currently , I've started to feel stress and nervous although I haven't start the class yet.
I don't want to disappointed my parent and myself anymore .

So friends , Please pray for me ;
1) Let God be the first place in my heart . Concentrate on God , glory HIS name .
2) Remove all my bad habits or laziness . Protect me away from temptation.
3) Pay fully concentration on my studied , pray for good memorize on what I've studied and understanding .

Thank you my all friends who's giving support .
Muak ~ love you all.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How dare you are ~

Saw it accidentally from my balcony .......
(I didn't wear my spec ! I could only see a dark shadow inside the flowerpot) ~ LOL
There's a lots of cats active at the alley behind my house .

Our power is so litle

Why am I so quite recently ?
Am I show indifference on everything happen around?

Am I loss the passion ?
Not really
I just don't know how to express my feeling recently
I do care on what've happened on the world .

I 'm so helpless
I can't do much .

You can give more to the world

I hope this record down the sadness , keep reminding me .
There are lots of story behind the disaster .
Human being is not the master for world ...only God is .

Monday, May 19, 2008

BB Group photo

Officers group photo

Feel free to visit the updated photos on 4th Kajang company album 2008~

come ............come and see the wedding pictures of Captain Calvin Lim . :P


Thursday, May 08, 2008

A memory

A photo that been taken a year ago in Gui Lin , China
and just received from the girl next to me .
She 's shanghai girl and she 's studying LAW !!!!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Contemporary Liuli Art

I went to Pavilion this afternoon
I discovered a Liu Li Art exhibition when I was looking down from the 5th floor
to the main center of the 2nd floor .

I couldn't saw it clear from upside
I just knew it 's a Art exhibition
how can I missed this chances?

Liu Li (琉璃)is a glass - Ancient Chinese Glass.

Its origins lie deep in the mystery of one of the world's greater cultures.

Marvelous Art !
it's amazing

Another surprise for today .

Do you know what I found today in my music school ??!!

Harp !
I never though I would able to see it so close.
it's just place at the room where I had my flute lesson !

p/s : I took the photos with my mobile , so can't really elaborate show how beautiful are those Liu Li .......If you're free ...don't miss it , 2/5 - 11/5 :P

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I've a bad habit
I couldn't concentrate on reading a book when I 'm free
( I normally read lots of book when I 'm busy ) :p
That mean , I didn't read any books for the previous 8 days in my holidays .
I 've spent most of the time in sleeping , online and watching telly .

However, I did something today.
tang ...tang ...tang ...tang
Handmade mobile cover


Few day ago , I cleaned my table .
I found this inside my drawer ........

Can you imagine ? It was me !!!!!!
in damn ugly fatty look .
The first picture was me in around early secondary school.
The second one might be just after SPM .

And Now ....face shape didn't change much
but better lah....ahahahahaha

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Isn't it interesting ?

A: How did you know that ?

B : A little bird told me :P

Friday, May 02, 2008

Loyalty - mean something to you?

Loyalty brings 2 meaning for me .

When I was young , I was glad to accept the praise from other who was praising me loyal.
I was so happy to heard that . ( Because I heard nothing beside this adjective on me )

now it's become a shame for me
because I realized that I have only the loyalty but no other .
( that 's why people only praise me on loyalty ? I think so )

I used to treasure my loyalty very much .
I had done my best to keep it as one of my merit .
I didn't know since when I 've started to displease on this word .

However, the word itself doesn't bring negative meaning , it 's only ferment and happed on me .
Some hurts might be flow away as the times passed , it 's still remain a mark in my heart .
To forgive but couldn't forget ~ I 'm not the holy person !

Will I still keep my loyalty?
certainly yes !
Only I 'll not care on other comments or praises anymore .The only one I need to face is GOD .