Sway With Lois: November 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Feeling Cold doesn't necessary come from weather
It could come from heart

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Europe trip day 11- Paris

My Europe trip was ending at the final station -Paris

It was a long journey today from Switzerland to Paris , If I was not forget , it took about 8 hours bus journey after we had our breakfast at hotel , it means half day gone and spent in the bus .

We are there in Seine River in the cruise
for about 40 mins.
Good to walking on the land and away from bus and terrible traffic in Paris

The most attractive thing is sitting on the cruise and
watching what people doing on the walkway along the river .
I saw people dance waltz freely , reading , kissing ,drawing , jogging , fishing
relaxing and doing nothing :P

I wish one day , I don't need to rush
Just sitting there for a relax one :)

There are 37 Bridges along the Seine river within the Paris
It's pretty cool! I like bridges!

Eiffel Tower
Land mark of Paris

Arc De Triumph

I satisfied with this room , each person can get a queen size bed
and LCD TV , sharing kitchen :P

A good view balcony !

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 10 Switzeland - Lake Lucerne - Mt . Titles

The Lion Monument
It commemorates the Swiss Guard
( Did you remember the guard I had mentioned at the Vatican
who wear the "clown 's attire" )who were massacred in 1792 during the French revolution

Chocolate ! Chocolate bar !
When I first saw it from a distance , it seems like
"yok gon" “肉干”.....hahaha

My mom saw these picture also has same reaction like me :P

A long & oldest bridge crossing the Reuss river in the city of Lucerne
it constructed in 1333 to protect the city from attacks .

There are some 17th century paintings inside & along the whole bridge
but majority destroyed at year 1993 and rebuilt .

You must love the painting here
I wish to have those in my house :)

Mt.Titlis ! Here I come ~
So looking forward on today trip
yeah ~ Can see snow , the real one !

The view seems like false one , too perfect !

never miss out any chances to catch the view

Honestly , it was not really that cold as what I had imagined
but still have to prepare a pair of good shoe
to prevent you from getting wet and slid down .

The mountain weren't that high , shouldn't be much time taken to climb it
No ! You're wrong !

If you know you were walking on the snow , you have to be 3 steps slower to instead of your normally walk . If not , you're going to prepare heart on falling down anytime :P

Kiss Kiss ! I saw you
Don't try to hide ...LOL

When I sat in the cable car , I still could hear the "ke ling..., Ke ling ...ke ling
The sound came out from the bell hanging on the cow's neck :)

About half hour cable car journey