Sway With Lois: August 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I thought the past was gone
no more space for him in my mind

May be I just frozen it for a moment, not long
Never I want to let go
I wish one day it awakes and my dream come true

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

how can? Why ?

Singapore No .8
Malaysia, kuala Lumpur - No 48

I always wonder how can a country which is 710.2 km2 area , population of 4,987K, has been independence for 47 years ( 6 years later than Malaysia ), 3 main ethnic groups

compare with

329845km 2 area, population of 28,310K , and has been independence for 53 years , 3 main ethnic groups!

Unfortunately , the fact is still the fact. Nothing we can deny :P

The "something" perfect in the world list

Just a walking distance of two countries
( JB- Singapore)
but why our reputation is a world distance???

Monday, August 16, 2010


Thanks God for suffering
Thanks God for temptation
Thanks God for broken me
Thanks God for Hard time

without passing through the hard time , without broken myself , without experience the suffers
I will be the old , I will not able to be a better clay piece .

For just as the sufferings of Chris flow over into our lives ,
so also through Christ our comfort overflows

1Corinthans 1:6


~Just silent ~

Monday, August 09, 2010


I found that city people living under vicious cycle include I myself , in Malaysia , we're "work to live" .(hhhhmmmm...the whole world is the same :P )

Work day and night non -stop for car loan , house loan ,study loan and credit card debt, we have been taught to do so .And the fact , the whole Malaysian are same (80%).

Can't deny that effects that brought by our work is stress and we used money that we earned to release our stress .
Now you might know why more and more shopping malls , shaloon , massage center ,karaoke in the town......( honestly I rather prefer to have a small field to lay on , just going for hiking or sitting in garden )blah blah blah ....

hhhmmm....With no choose , hardly my wishs could come true ( Especially laying on a field ... ).

I can't avoid to be one of them , then it's the consequence.
The addiction on materialistic is getting higher and higher with no cease .I went for a Origin facial last weekworth RM 118 ( free !), a voucher was given by my brother's gf. Love The massage , was almost in slept!( The first time I understand why woman like to go for facial , especially career woman, willing to spend money on it! )

A pair of shoe that costs 8.5% of my salary
left only 11.5% pocket money for the rest for this month ~

~I miss the past ~

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Not because I have no thought
No because I 'm lazy

Just because I have lack of touch
Just because I need to face the facts
Just because I numbed