Sway With Lois: May 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Part 2 : Buy buybuy & check check check

X-ray check & blood testing today.
However , I had injected the chickenpox vaccine on last 2 weeks

Buying ! Almost everyday I have to buy a little small things.
The picture is just shown a small part of my baggage .
I'm so forgetful , have to go to the same place for few times to get my things fulfill.

P/s : The flight is confirm already , it's 6/6 (Saturday) 2am ,Emirates Airline .
So I have to be in airport for checking in a day earlier ! Should be reach the KLIA
airport before 11pm, 5/6 . And , I 'm going to flight alone ,and reached a day earlier than
my coursemates. Most possibility to attend my first UK Sunday service at Sheffield on

Please prays for me for the journey & the studied at Sheffield :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally I can smile !??

I just over come an obstacle , there are thousands in front!
My Dearest Friends ! I need you all keeping me in your prayers .
Day and Night ( If you could ...haha)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Part 1 - First stage

The result came out yesterday! I passed! Thanks God!
And also get a lots of greeting from friends....since they know ...hahaha finally I made it !
Thank you for keeping me in your prayers.

The first thing to do was , to renew my passport . Luckily , I didn't need to took age for it , just within few hours I get a new one .

Today , went to college to collect my unconditional offer letter.
Before that ( even after I got it on my hand) I still doubt if I were really passed?
Honestly , I kept on checking my result for few times , I still doubting .LOL

Rushing for the second round , flight ticket .
I could not take the same airline with my classmate due to late payment .
However , I got a better?( not sure) flight with the same price .
Done all the document , insurance , student ID , flight ticket within another hour.

Start preparing my luggage .
I 'm start listing , and buying . Any advices/tips/ suggestion?
please always remind me if you think you have any to .

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just A dream

I got a dream on last Friday night . I felt so real in the dream .
So real until I can recognize all the faces in my dream , and I know those people in my dream.

4 people , One is my best friend M , One is a guy friend Z , his female friend Y and me myself.
Paiseh ! Since I was rejected by the guy in the dream ...LOLs

The story roughly was ...
Finally , I plucked up my courage to show my love to the guy Z (I must be crazy ! Anyway, it was just a dream ...haha), I thought He was single ( He said he is single , in the reality ) .

It was a day we (4 of us ) went for a trip , the whole"process" happened in the way we drove to the destination .The Y showed face to Z ,which Y realize that I might slightly wanna "action" ( Ha!Ha) to get close and tell Z . Only the time I know that , they hide their relationship . Y was very angry , shouting and arguing with Z , then ran away .And I felt so sad that has been lying.

Ha Ha , still I don't have chance to open my mouth to say anything .
The dream was short , but all the picture was clear ! Although my friend M sat in the car and silent in the whole dream , but she was witnessing the whole story .

The day become so blue after I had this dream .
Honestly , it's just an emotional affection . Not that I love the guy so much after I asking myself for so many times .

Friday, May 15, 2009

It does not seems to feel well for a waiting stage .
It always does not !

The result might be coming out on 19th-25th May
which I thought I could know more earlier.

To prepare or not to prepare?

oh Lord , I have a little faith !
Please strengthen me !

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A tool to keep your memory ~

If I say I have a very strong demand
on it which I can't live without it ? Not really true :P

It can make my live more interesting . It definitely yes !

A better camera ..hehe :P
Although I always wish to know more about the DSL or digital SLR camera
still I have no action ! haha

I have very limited budget ( Don't always thought I'm rich)
Even my friends offering me a second hand semi professional one ,
I don't have enough money to buy it .
I was counting the money in all my bank accounts....if only I give out all I have . Hahah

I'm not that crazy on those professional camera in the current stage.
May be one day I found out the fun of it . I might not able to extricate myself anymore :P

A Random

Since I was kid , I could say that I got the satisfaction in art more than the Math .
I used to love Math a lots ~ as well as art .
In this era , seems like not many people ( young people) would sit down silently and doing something . People are busy and rushing ,walking fast , eating fast and multitasking in all the times .

Time = Money ??
always true ! In reality speaking .
Life is to experience something , every processes teach you something .

A picture that never could be finished !
I have painted this picture for years, I just can't recall ,
I might has started this painting since 2006 or 2007 , till now yet not finished .

It's not a perfect picture or anything special to make me persist for so many years ( only this picture).I do not paint it 365 days a year , I just took few hours in every semester breaks.

As a conclusion , I lost my zeal in drawing and painting ~
I'm not doing it for the result , I'm doing it for other reason.( which actually I also don't know )

Honestly , to pick up a hobby isn't easy , there's a process that need to going through before you become master ..hehe .

Time . Money. Patient , Interested .

Saturday, May 09, 2009

The only word I could describe this video is " Plain".
Some people might get something through this video , some does not.
Some people says , "Plain" is blessings.
Still , some people crashing for challenges .

While you 're doubting , the chances has gone .
While you start to give up , the other turning point might just in front of you ~

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I have tried 3 main famous donuts that opened in Malaysia , all the stores are very close to each and another in the KL golden triangle area. And I got out an result ( Sound like doing lots of experiments or tests...hahah)

At The End , I still prefer J.Co !

J.Co , Yes ! I like the creamy aroma ! I love the chocolate !

My second chose would be Big apple , always second place in my heart .

I'm very disappointed on the Krispy Kreme , and I swear that I never try the second times !
It's too sweet and totally no aroma at all! When I was in the queuing , I could smell nothing , even when I got it and put close to my nose , still nothing , no impulse that made me taste one immediately!

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Within this week , I have open and close the blog posting and repeat the same steps for few times.

I do wanna write something to update my blog , also wish to have some change in the background and template .

At the end , I did nothing .

My mind was totally blank , nothing happened which was so special that can make me write out a word.

Honestly , I'm kinda emotion in this period , more likely is negative thinking .
I just can't find what could make my life more interesting , yet a lots of uncertain.
I have lost my brave and morale on doing anythings . Real ......everything !

I have no morale on ......working ,cooking , reading ,playing flute, shopping , chatting , even watching telly !
The most important is I have low morale in learning !

It could be serious problem , I were never be like this ,never !
In the meanwhile , I do feel so homeless ! ( If you know what I mention about )
I hate all the uncertain ! I just can't stand to remain the same situation !
Week by week ! I wanna escape away the Sunday coming (anyway , I can't escape in the action , but the mindset.) Although I prefer the opposite choose .

I lost my patient !