Sway With Lois: July 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm glad to have you !

I was worrying and the meanwhile on exciting to look forward this day coming .
What I was worry about is I don't have wise in communicate , I don't have patient and worry about the embarrassed atmosphere .

Fortunately , What I had worried was just not happened .
It's amazing and blessing from God that all was great today .

I registered to become the Hallam Union volunteer
and the programme I choose is accompany elder people
to visit Kelham Island Industrial Museum .

We took bus there , it was actually not too far from city central

The Bessemer Converter

Here we met old people outside the museum ,
they were so friendly !It was out of my expectation .

Bailey Bridge - the heritage of world world
was destroy but repair as the exhibit purpose now

Sheffield was the major and famous steel industry producer in the world .
Stainless steel was discovered here too !

Gas Engine

Not only steel collection , it do has silver coating .

The River Don Engine

Evon was a good tour guide !
I thought I should be the initiative party ,
at the end all the students ' role turn upside down.
Old people become the volunteers to serve us ?! hahahaha

I realize the old people needed only a pair of ears and accompanies !

Thanks again Evon to sent me the poster of "The River Don Engine "

Bramah Press

Workshop time - we have opportunity to sat down with old people
and listen on what were they doing on 1950

and talk about the workers attired on old time
Buffer girl and steel man

Buffering the spoon

Evon & Lois
I'm so thankful for spending time with her .

All the old people willing to shared their stories when they were young
and how the Sheffield city and steel industry has developed .

The staffs in the museum did the job as well, they recorded down and collected the information when old people sharing about their old time stories in Sheffield , what they knew about the steel industry , expression and made the correction on the attire of buffet girl and steel man .

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hand yourself to God

But one day , when you look back..........................

You suddenly found it's fuzzily, fuzzily.....

Something that is deepest and heavier must grow up with time and effort !
Treasure the love that you can't get ,keep the lost in your memory .

Hold tight what is belong to you and what you have now .

Will you accept my invitation ?

I Love durian .......why so suddenly I talk about durian ?
I love durian since I was kid, time didn't cease my keen on durian till now , may be until my day end .LOL

When I'm growing , most of my friends and family start to shows not that interested as the past on this "king of the fruite"anymore ,but not me . Even when I stayed alone outside , I will buy some to satisfy my desires...hehe.

Actually the purpose to write this is .........wanna open my invitation for all my friends !
Who're interested to go for the durian buffet when I came back ?????

who ?

Monday, July 27, 2009

As high As I can

like the seagull
looking for my dream ( I wonder what is my dream :P)

At least I'm not alone
In good times or bad
friends , family and the amazing God are there.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

1 Month and 20 days- Here I am , Whitby

Whitby would be the final day tour which I have followed by organizer . But never the last trip I have in UK :)

A blessing day - good weather
hot summer with wonderful wind

Every place has it own special and alike
I keen on Whitby very much

Whitby Abbey

Whitby -North Yorkshire , fish port

St.Mary Churchyard

Death is noting to afraid
Lord Jesus Christ save our soul that win through by His name .

Twin Piers

River Esk

I wish to spent a whole day sitting there!

Fit my height , ain't ?

Candy Houses are all around
is Whitby -rian always like to eat candy?

Find you ways.......

It is my childhood memories -Although the taste might not same

you're arrogance , you never care walking side by side with human

What can we get in the fish port ? Surely fish & chips
long long queue

I always think the dogs are much treasure and proper care in UK
It was just like Dogs exhibition in Whitby , 50% of the visitors or local people carry dogs
from the smaller like a cat size until bigger like the motorcycle size!

Any dogs that you can name it , and you can found here!

My rate is 70 % , was a good try !
But too much for me :P

Lovely beach

I thought it 's only appear in Australia!
Colourful houses

You're coexist with human in Whitby
this is your home ~

Hush puppies - where is yours shoe ? Hahaha

OoooO.....poor Captain James Cook!

It was a pleased trip ,a brilliant break after a long week with tiring and exhausting horrible assignments , tests and presentation. I had looked forward on this trip and it never turn me down . I believe I will be back if there was any chances for me .