Sway With Lois: 1 Month and 20 days- Here I am , Whitby

Sunday, July 26, 2009

1 Month and 20 days- Here I am , Whitby

Whitby would be the final day tour which I have followed by organizer . But never the last trip I have in UK :)

A blessing day - good weather
hot summer with wonderful wind

Every place has it own special and alike
I keen on Whitby very much

Whitby Abbey

Whitby -North Yorkshire , fish port

St.Mary Churchyard

Death is noting to afraid
Lord Jesus Christ save our soul that win through by His name .

Twin Piers

River Esk

I wish to spent a whole day sitting there!

Fit my height , ain't ?

Candy Houses are all around
is Whitby -rian always like to eat candy?

Find you ways.......

It is my childhood memories -Although the taste might not same

you're arrogance , you never care walking side by side with human

What can we get in the fish port ? Surely fish & chips
long long queue

I always think the dogs are much treasure and proper care in UK
It was just like Dogs exhibition in Whitby , 50% of the visitors or local people carry dogs
from the smaller like a cat size until bigger like the motorcycle size!

Any dogs that you can name it , and you can found here!

My rate is 70 % , was a good try !
But too much for me :P

Lovely beach

I thought it 's only appear in Australia!
Colourful houses

You're coexist with human in Whitby
this is your home ~

Hush puppies - where is yours shoe ? Hahaha

OoooO.....poor Captain James Cook!

It was a pleased trip ,a brilliant break after a long week with tiring and exhausting horrible assignments , tests and presentation. I had looked forward on this trip and it never turn me down . I believe I will be back if there was any chances for me .


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