Sway With Lois

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I need someone to talk with ...........

when  everything unknown , the answer " pop " out so suddenly which is really out of my expectation .

 I keep on doubting if i have did too over and cause this to happened ? I just seem like fool that know nothing in the long distance and far away to know the actual true.

Once again I feel so lonely and no one to chat with , this is not an open topic to share with everyone . I feel like i cant even get one to chat with , the sorrow i have to face just overflow but still i have to claim down myself , keep smiling and laughing .

I keep persuing myself , this is only part of our life process . I have greater things to achieve and better things ahead .

God , please forgive me , forgive my self- center behaviour , forgive me that did not place you at the first  and most important in my heart. You gave me freedom to do.what I would like to and you show me the consequences i should bear .

God , help me learn from my mistake and only concentrate on you at first.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Partner ?!

While i was doing apple  grading today ,it was empty mind but tired physical.
I recalled back few days ago when I chat withmy sister in Christ through skype ,she makes a joke and asked me : hey ,Have you found a partner ?

I was stunned a while and cant response immediately.

Since the word " partner "is define much different in my idea.The very first impression I have for this word was came out from Stuart Wong,He mentioned that we were BB service Partner.

since then I never able to link the " partner " to another kind of "partner ".

Since young I have heard another word to describe the a mate for those who is in rekationship - soulmate !

For my opinion ,both "partner " & " soulmate " are really suit for only those who are in countership or in marriage ( if it apply on boy girl relationship ) .It is beyond the girl friend or boy friend stated.

And I answered , definately no . Haha
If you know me well ,I am too stubborn and too optimistic in some ways .haha

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The very first post in my New Zealand

Date  19 Feb2013

The last two months gone like just a dream.

Honestly I am not that exciting as it was expecting along these trip to New zealand .
Firstly ,the reluctant feel was too strong that over cover my heart rather for this trip.
Second , I didnt expect much beside just away for a 9 months, but time seems like running too fast.

There is no update post is due to the internet access coverage is low and expensive!
Beside working, I just live too discipline ! wake up early , sleep while sunset .Cooking for my own after the tiring long working hours.It was tooooooooo discipline !

There are too many too tell if you refer to the trip , but there is always empty in my mind.
Too isolate from the world and too simple life costs me lay back!

Thank God for His mercy and guidance- everything is doing well and good.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Thank you .

Some are Ready , some are not !
Thank you for Bro Tan 's Family , Bro Bien & all Friends that farewell me !

Pin Pin - Thanks God  for giving me a great accompany .
Just because that it's great, we can share happiness and  bitterness .
we can have argument and quarrel .
This is the process and the journey to firm our friendship .

Our Gorgeous fellowship 2011 before Christmas ! Haha , Thank you sisters in Christ !

we are the support for each others in team !
New Blood comes in while old one left ~

Specially thank you for Claire Chong , your caring and love .
I still remember when I first attend ELM 3 years ago , you gave me  huge encouragement ,
to learn the lesson of  Forgive , Forget and Accept . 
You are the good example and model as a sister in Christ !
Thank you sister wendy 's couragement and accompany , you are a good listener for me when i need someone to talk with !My God bless you fruitfully in His service and in your  studied~

Khai Yong leaving for Crashing dream and  better future.
It was short term gathering , but we 're toward the same vision.
Worship Our Lord with All our heart !

Special Thank you  Joel for teaching me  the PA System!

Pot luck gathering before Helen leaving and Pin Pin away.

Healthy activities should be hold more often !haha
Cycling section at Putra Jaya - Botanic Garden

Will going to miss our outing section on weekend ! Thank you for the gang- Pin Pin ,Lee Ling , Ida , Pearlyn, Victor , Sean , Chin wee and Eugene .
Failed to surprise Chin Wee in his birthday , caused by all those sandals we left in front of the door ! What a fool ...hahahaha
Fun Birthday Gathering~


Specially , Thank you for Sean and Chin wee  open house all the time for gatherings , praise and worship practise  and yam cha   .
 Space doesn't become the obstruction ,but makes me feel like home  :)


Disciple Class 1 .Learning to be a humble and true disciples .
Thank you Rev Desmond kok
for guiding and leading us in the course.
At the beginning ,I felt regret immediately when we met in the first meeting for registration .
 Because it 's a  long term commitment .

 But GOD is GOOD !!
I have experiencing  God's shaping and moulding me with the course .
With God's grace and love ,I can  stepping forward to get close to God .
Believe me , you will never regret if you do so !

Yen Hwa , my best friend who I always keep in my heart .
Although "distance" separated us apart ,our friendship will never cease . 

Kenny Voon ,Glad that we met up again after 5 years  .
It was an awesome fellowship .Thanks God ! seems like not much ageing appear on our face .
Keep Up the Good Work in BB ! Keep in Touch ~

Thank you Mr Ng - for the farewell present !
I promise I will take more photo ! :)

Working Place  . Where I have learnt a lots in term of technically , mentally and socially .
Thank you for all colleagues for your tolerance on my bad temper ! haha
Specially Thank You for my Superior -Mini Chan. Who has leading me along these ways and magnanimous enough to excuse my mistakes and my stubbornness.

From  Colleague to friends ! Renee , Woon , Aegean
Thank you for giving me such a great great tolerance and patient .
Enjoy the "gossipping" and sharing  time together , especially the FRIDAY lunch !
I 'm gonna miss you all !


For my net friend, Thank you for Kelvin tho always have tolerance enough to listen to my rubbish talks and accept my childish behaviour  .Such as  "Please fold the kangaroo & pack into luggage ,bring it back to me as souvenir " wakakaka. Thank you for providing so many "advices" when I feel depress and emo . 
I think I should able to attend your wedding dinner on Sept , No worry ! Haha

At the last ,my  close friends who are going to be my best accompanies in the year ahead in foreign land ~

Friday, November 30, 2012

Stand still and let GOD move

Stand Still , Is Hard To Do
When You Feel That You Have Reached The End
 He Makes The Way For You ~
The Answer Will Come
 But Only In His Time !

Recently God really keep on repeat these sentence to me when I Pray :

Monday, November 19, 2012

Memories The Lost of Love

GOD said in His Time and Plans.
I said I want it now !

Stubborness brought misleading direction , griefness  and despression .
When would be the time I able to learn the lesson of waiting ?

Thursday, November 08, 2012


The topic talking today in MY FM is 11/11-celebrating 光棍节.

The very first word come into my mind is  ," God's timing ".