Sway With Lois: January 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

Broga Hill ~hikking

The sky was still dark~

5 fellows saved they sweet dream time~ and a bit too earlier!
we reached the peak at about 645am....while we started climbing at 6 .

Alicia, Ben , Lois, Ruth and Joseph

All for sake of sunrise
and actually we didn't know where was the direction

The yellow yolk is out ~

it was so good to breathe the fresh air on the peak

good trip with marvelous company~

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Enjoy Chinese New Year ?

The day before Chinese New year ....everybody were still busying with cleaning the house .

Only the night time , every things could be settled down and had dinner with my uncle 's family ~
Honestly , I 'm not that kind of person who looking forward to celebrate Chinese New Year, beside I still can get some pocket money ( Ang Pau) . I hate surround by all the relatives who are just gambling since morning till midnight , from the youngest in my family to the oldest .I seems like the lonely monster in my family !

After the church service on the morning time , all mates rushed back , within 20mins , the whole church members all gone , hard to see this situation .LOL

And Maggie did me a favour to sent me home while I was still waiting my dad to pick me up .
We didn't go back home directly , but went for a lunch and did some shopping .Also , some good girl talk time . Both of us are busy most of the time , especially the past 2 months , I been crazy busy in my final thesis and examination .We went to Kajang town which seems so stranger to me ! It sees like age that I didn't walk around kajang .

I really treasure the time with her , and we both start wondering we 're going to our middle of twenty , no turning back . WOW ....as well we plan for a Malacca trip at March ( hopefully!)

This year would be an uncertain year for me , I can't make any plans without my result come out , and it would also be a challenge year for me to make some huge changing point chooses in my life .I don't like this unsecured feel , seems like a mess, I have to be pretty careful on every step .

After the dinner , the time was still early . My parent wanted to went back home kinda early, they're non -Christian ....then you'd know what they did as every typical Chinese family .
And I a bit annoyed on it , my mom still tried to pursued me to "bai bai".......haiz! I rejected her and just ignore , what can I do ?

But it didn't mean I can escape from house works...LOL.
While I thrown the rubbish outside , I raise my head to the dark shy. It was covered by brilliant starts ! Gosh , it reminds me , the very last time I could see stars on the sky was when I went camping with the BB senior at Sg Congkak. It was more than half year ago.

A city girl like me don't have much chances to see stars , the lighting surrounding my apartment at KL are strong reflection and blur the skies !

Also , it reminds me the scripture from Bible , Lord promised Abraham that his descendant would be as many as there are stars in the sky or grains of the sand along the seashore. It's a big blessing . And Sometime I 'm foolish , I forgot those belong to Jesus are also his descendant .Hahaha........ God makes everything wonderful~

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just a favourite

I bought it and I love it ~

I found this kind of sandal with RM 69.90..net price at other shops
which I had saw it RM 20 ++ on the Christmas sale.(after 70% discount)

Honestly , I 'm poor ......(anyway , no one believe me ~lol)
I never willing to buy a pair of sandal with more than RM 40 ......never !

While I give up , I accidentally saw this with 20 bucks ! Gosh .......I found the one which is affordable !

Story end...................

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to all my dearest friends~

Food~ Food~ Food

Chak Chak Chak.....!

Been having a great dishes for tonight........and I believe it wouldn't stop at this point !
It's horrible celebration with is continuously for 15 days !
I rather having a health CNY than just gain weight !

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I find out no one can speak with
I find out I can't stand with this torture
why it 's always me ?

And now I found out I'm so foolish !
Why people hiding secret from you ....
just because they don't want to let me know !

or you're not worth to know !
If it's not worth .....
Just forget it !

Lois ! you're not a loser !

Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally !

Tang...Tang....Tang...Tang..........With God 's grace ! I finished my final thesis!
Thanks for my family & friends who has given me support on it !And keep me in pray!
Without you all , I would not able to make it !

2 copies needed!

2 days before exam ! I able to see it and touch it with hand !

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I don't know how to start this .............

Since we 're coming from different background , education level , language different ......
we 're not perfect !

Power is the capacity of a person , organization or team to influence others .
Sometimes , we might not able to use our 'power" effectively or in a correct way .
Let divide "power" into 5 main types .

  • Legitimate Power
  • Reward Power
  • Coercive Power
  • Expert Power
  • Referent Power

As a leader , we have to be clarify all the powers used.What if we misused it ?
I 'd suggest all of the BB officers should learn so in the officer training .

I found this happened in my company , officers are not able to apply its effectively and cause lots of unsatisfied and problems.

Some officers might overuse the legitimate power , finally members reject to have any communication with those officers . It creates distrust among them and become internal noise and barrier for them to cooperate in the BB activities . Or vice versa , some of them totally give up this power since they believe soft influence tactics is more suitable for Christian organization .

Reward Power , officers need wisdom in this power . If we didn't apply it carefully and wisely , it causes the cohesive team break !Aware on the negative sanctions , fair to all the members .

Coercive Power , I 'd like to say , peer pressure play main role rather than having punishment .
However , when the punishment is needed in some situation , for members as well as officers themselves .When officers started to take granted , do we need to take action ? Can we be fair to members and officers ? Sure , officers are volunteer themselves in BB ministry. But do we glory God's name if we didn't do our part well ?Are we leading God's soldier in righteous path or wrong path ?

Expert Power , beside the spiritual . BB has to be balance in physical , mental and social. As an officer , have we influence our members by the knowledge , experiences or skills that we possessed ? so , we can't stop learning , we need to be hunger in all the knowledge ! We're the example to members , while we stop learning , so do our members ! Therefore , we not able to use this power to lead them as well.

Referent Power , Charismatic leadership ! Undoubtedly , this power need to build up with time . Youth are looking forward someone that they can follow , be their "Hero" or friends . Charisma produces high degree of trust and respect . Member are willing to come to you without forcing by anyone ! As I mention , it took long times and also you need to be dependable !

Human being is so unique ! we are special and different , no one are like us completely. Even twin , there are also having their own different.

So , there is no "one best way" to all the people ! Also , we 're not only learning one set of management as well ( I hate there are plenty of management Guru who came out some many theories as well ......hahhaha)

Why we service the youth ? Have you ever ask yourself why to serve in BB ?
We want to change our youth's life !

Actually we 're using all the theory to influence our youth that we might not aware with .
Let see the 2 main tactics :

Hard Influence Tactics
  • Silent Authority
  • Assertiveness
  • Information Control
  • Coalition formation
  • Upward appeal

Soft Influence Tactics
  • Ingratiation Impression Management
  • Persuasion
  • Exchange

In my company , most of them likely to use soft influence tactics to BB members .
Since my captain think that hard influence tactics is not suitable for BB .
How's your opinion ?

But I think most of us know how to use "upward appeal " since we were kid .....hahaha
what was that ?
Good example : "I'm sure dad /mom will agree with me in ...blah ...blah ...blah.... Let find out !" when we argued with sibling . Didn't we ?
To gather up all the higher authority people to support us which without formally involving them ...hehehe.

"Coalition formation" , also often be used . We would searching and combined the useful or high ability people that attempts to influence other ! Sometime , members might lack of confident , they need peer to influence them , officers can lead them with group and inter- influence each other .

"Information Control" - LOL..... we always manipulating someone else access to information for the purpose of changing their attitude . This is what most of the girl would do on their boyfriend . Am i right ? We do the same with caring on our BB members , let God shape them vary them to have good characteristic .

"Assertiveness " , applying legitimate and coercive power by applying pressure . As most of the people slogan :" it's depend !" . It needed in some situation as well .

"Silent Authority " , in my opinion , it's autocratic management . And also the base for one organization . The guideline , the rule , our value and the requirement to achieve something .

If we can get balancing in using all the powers , the result can be improve!


Why we need to study "communication" and "management" ?

Don't we communicate every day ? We knew how to talk since we were kids at age 2-3.

As the definition of "communication " ,

Communication has purpose
Communication is continuous
Communication is relational
Communication is vary in conscious
Communication is learned

Actually I don't really wanna further talk about theory .
Pretty true we know how to communicate , but do we communicate effectively ?
har..........why make it sounds so complicated ?

Since if we have a poor communication , it brings us troublesome !
I'm afraid on people misinterpret my message , it could come from verbal and non-verbal .
It could come from the the attire , our face expression , the vocabulary that we used , language different .................so I need to have a life long learning in communication . Learn from the error or mistake that I have made .

If we don't understand the purpose and important of communication , we would stop communicate and listening if someone attacked our self -esteem .


Life long learning is always needed to promote to everyone
Along out every stages in our life ....work , family , friends , our interest .....................

Although I didn't do well in my studied in college , I can't deny I learn a lots that shape me better in the college . I believe that when we applied what we've learned into our daily life can come out a good result . IF .........only....... we applied ! I believe in any fields as well ~

When we tread it as a theory .......it would forever a theory . A death theory !

Friday, January 09, 2009


I believe most of the girl worry about getting pregnant~ seems like a huge responsibility
I would think that 10 months pregnant period is really not easy !
Can't imagine and can't explain with words !

Although the baby is soooooo....cute .
honestly I'm not a patient person , I scared on baby crying !

But I found some interesting blog ,
those mommies recorded down how was their pregnant stories ....... :D


Thursday, January 08, 2009

The world is beautiful~

While we are busy in our daily life , where do we set our value of life on ?
Is God always the core in your heart and life?

Two of the pictures was taken while I rose my head from the moment of busy . All the annoying gone , God's amazing create is so beautiful :)


I changed my MSN password few day ago
because the "sign in" box always pop out that mention
there is someone who logging in the same account .

I'm kinda worry if someone use my account and come out
something that's horrible !My friends would though I was online at midnight !
Sometimes .....but not always until 3-6am.
It might be my fault that forgot to sign out from the computer outside .
So I decided to changed it~

the password had been use still I first registered the MSN
and it means something to me , to memory a old friend .

Although there are about 100 friends and family members in my MSN lists ,
sometimes I could found no one to chat with .
Some is couldn't be chat
Some is rejected to chat
some is nothing to chat


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cousin's wedding

A month ago ~ Time flies !
My cousin's wedding

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Who made ourselves the way we are ?

I don't have much time to read recently which I 'm busy with my studied .
And I 'm struggling with some method that make me feel so depress.

An article I found that can cheer me up in some ways and make me revise myself in this new year.


Does the world self esteem have a place in church ?
Then we should go back to ask these question : Where am I basing my sense of self-worth ?

  • my physical features, appearance, sense of style
  • my intelligence
  • my expertise
  • my achievements
  • my talents
  • my romantic relationships
  • my friends and family, social connections
  • my various attributes/character qualities: my charm, charisma, friendliness, resoluteness, strength, boldness, mercy, take-charge attitude, etc.
  • my great job
  • my financial status
  • my job/role as a wife, mother, student, employee, boss........

Who made ourselves the way we are ? Everything we have and how we are , come from GOD.
While we feel proud , will we think that all the achievements are come from us ?
Yes ! I always believe that it comes from my hard work !

But I did not do anything to deserve what I have been given. All are come from God .

At the same time , me also suffer in poor of "self esteem" while I did not place my right value in "self esteem". I compared myself with other people :

I always say how good other people are which I can't compare with them . They have such a good ....tatatatatatatatata......why can't I be like them? I could never live up to them !
Definitely I would compared and finally it become jealousy .....bad attitude , isn't it ?

I always need long time to calm down myself for this self esteem unbalanced . And self comfort :" Just be yourself~ !" or " You 're who you 're" ,"God creates human in different characteristic".......blah blah ...blah...blah ........

Gradually , it is not that useful for me to calm down myself.....kinda lost control.

All of weakness happened due to I 've failed to place myself upon Him .
If by self-esteem mean basing our sense of self-worth in only ourselves, then that is unrighteous self-esteem. But a sense of genuine self-love and respect that results from seeing the way God sees you – that kind of self-esteem rocks!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Mental tortune !

Guessing is a suffering !
I wanna know the truth
although I might feel sad
after I got the answer

I can't concentrate on my own work
I can't stop looking for you to appear in front of me
I'm looking forward to wait for your call
I can't stop myself to miss you

It's a huge torture
mentally torture !

You= unknown person
God hasn't let me know the answer
Therefore , you 're still an unknown person .

Happy New Year


No party and celebration
with only thankful heart to welcome this silent new year

The pictures were took outside the corridor of my apartment
yup, KLCC view