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Saturday, January 10, 2009


I don't know how to start this .............

Since we 're coming from different background , education level , language different ......
we 're not perfect !

Power is the capacity of a person , organization or team to influence others .
Sometimes , we might not able to use our 'power" effectively or in a correct way .
Let divide "power" into 5 main types .

  • Legitimate Power
  • Reward Power
  • Coercive Power
  • Expert Power
  • Referent Power

As a leader , we have to be clarify all the powers used.What if we misused it ?
I 'd suggest all of the BB officers should learn so in the officer training .

I found this happened in my company , officers are not able to apply its effectively and cause lots of unsatisfied and problems.

Some officers might overuse the legitimate power , finally members reject to have any communication with those officers . It creates distrust among them and become internal noise and barrier for them to cooperate in the BB activities . Or vice versa , some of them totally give up this power since they believe soft influence tactics is more suitable for Christian organization .

Reward Power , officers need wisdom in this power . If we didn't apply it carefully and wisely , it causes the cohesive team break !Aware on the negative sanctions , fair to all the members .

Coercive Power , I 'd like to say , peer pressure play main role rather than having punishment .
However , when the punishment is needed in some situation , for members as well as officers themselves .When officers started to take granted , do we need to take action ? Can we be fair to members and officers ? Sure , officers are volunteer themselves in BB ministry. But do we glory God's name if we didn't do our part well ?Are we leading God's soldier in righteous path or wrong path ?

Expert Power , beside the spiritual . BB has to be balance in physical , mental and social. As an officer , have we influence our members by the knowledge , experiences or skills that we possessed ? so , we can't stop learning , we need to be hunger in all the knowledge ! We're the example to members , while we stop learning , so do our members ! Therefore , we not able to use this power to lead them as well.

Referent Power , Charismatic leadership ! Undoubtedly , this power need to build up with time . Youth are looking forward someone that they can follow , be their "Hero" or friends . Charisma produces high degree of trust and respect . Member are willing to come to you without forcing by anyone ! As I mention , it took long times and also you need to be dependable !

Human being is so unique ! we are special and different , no one are like us completely. Even twin , there are also having their own different.

So , there is no "one best way" to all the people ! Also , we 're not only learning one set of management as well ( I hate there are plenty of management Guru who came out some many theories as well ......hahhaha)

Why we service the youth ? Have you ever ask yourself why to serve in BB ?
We want to change our youth's life !

Actually we 're using all the theory to influence our youth that we might not aware with .
Let see the 2 main tactics :

Hard Influence Tactics
  • Silent Authority
  • Assertiveness
  • Information Control
  • Coalition formation
  • Upward appeal

Soft Influence Tactics
  • Ingratiation Impression Management
  • Persuasion
  • Exchange

In my company , most of them likely to use soft influence tactics to BB members .
Since my captain think that hard influence tactics is not suitable for BB .
How's your opinion ?

But I think most of us know how to use "upward appeal " since we were kid .....hahaha
what was that ?
Good example : "I'm sure dad /mom will agree with me in ...blah ...blah ...blah.... Let find out !" when we argued with sibling . Didn't we ?
To gather up all the higher authority people to support us which without formally involving them ...hehehe.

"Coalition formation" , also often be used . We would searching and combined the useful or high ability people that attempts to influence other ! Sometime , members might lack of confident , they need peer to influence them , officers can lead them with group and inter- influence each other .

"Information Control" - LOL..... we always manipulating someone else access to information for the purpose of changing their attitude . This is what most of the girl would do on their boyfriend . Am i right ? We do the same with caring on our BB members , let God shape them vary them to have good characteristic .

"Assertiveness " , applying legitimate and coercive power by applying pressure . As most of the people slogan :" it's depend !" . It needed in some situation as well .

"Silent Authority " , in my opinion , it's autocratic management . And also the base for one organization . The guideline , the rule , our value and the requirement to achieve something .

If we can get balancing in using all the powers , the result can be improve!


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