Sway With Lois: June 2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

It' was so horrible !

I got the nightmare ! No.........it should called "evening mare" !

In the dream .......
I was still wearing secondary school uniform , it was my Form 6 . Wait ! I never been to Form 6 in my life !!!!!!!!! ( although I got my name in the list which I was qualify )

I met some of my ex - classmates , although we were not that closed . And I still remember clearly that one of my ex Malay Classmate , she hold my hand and joke with me .( we did it when we were classmate )

We were talking about our future , what 's our plan after Form 6 ......blah blah blah....


I was suddenly shock and awake ( awake in dream )that I 'm no longer in secondary school ! It' was far far away from now ............
I stared wonder what 's happen to me , I should be in other place since I never been to Form 6 in my life as I can remember .( I can't remember I 'm studying in college , I just doubt on my age which should be the age in Form 6)

I was keep on thinking in the dream .......

finally I awake from dream by the shock !

I was still blur after awake from nap , then I sat infront of my table .
In the meanwhile , I saw the Chinese black ink and pen on my table , I just picked it up and wrote.

And I saw this Chinese idiom from book ..........( sorry for my ugly writing )

is it tried to remind me something?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sunny day ~
You have right to choose how to live your day :-)

unfortunately , in the thousand million people , I can't find someone to chat with ..haiz !

What 's the link between the first -aid kit and gohnson & gohnson ?

Didn't going to lab for a long period after diploma .........but starting with next Friday, all me entire Friday will spend in lab !

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I "think" I met a Sister in Christ who had served together in a same church.
I only knew about her story thought a book after she left my church .
I can't really recognized her ( we didn't met for long ), and also she is slightly different , slimmer than before .
I met her in a shopping center yesterday .I Can't really remember her name well ....but when I looked at her name tag ......her name is one word same with the friend that I known .
( However I can't 100% sure , it was she )

She is a HIV positive carrier .


I was so sad to heard about her sad story when I read this book.

One and half month ago , I have a great chances to attended a conference which hold by Boys' Brigade Malaysia with partnership to the Malaysian Aids Council (MAC) .
This is one of the BBM Reachout project ,Aids/HIV awareness campaign for 2008.
Our purpose is to reachout to 100,000 people and we 're focusing on the youth .

Honestly , It's not easy for society to accept a HIV position person without the right information /mindset or willing heart to understand them .

Do you think it's our responsible to know more about HIV /AIDS?

You might think that it's non of your business ?
you might say you are not in the 3 major high risk categories ( Drug User ,sex workers and homosexual)
Your idea is wrong !
Yup , back to 1950s , We might say this high risks population cause the AIDS spread rapidly .BUT, nowadays the situation is totally changes.
Housewives become the second largest HIV infection group in Malaysia.


HIV positive women are often thought to be promiscuous, when in fact 90% of HIV positive women caught the virus from their husbands. OR I would like to say from boy friend?

You might doubt on what I am saying ! Am I right?
Most possibly you will not doubt on your own boy friend or even girl friend
but are you 100% sure , He /She is not HIV positive transmitter?
Ask yourself honestly . Do you know "Everything" about His/ Her history ?
He / she might truly loyal to you .........but what about His/ Her past?

We can't justify a HIV carrier with their characteristic and appearance?
Can we?

"HIV carriers may look and feel healthy but at the same time, they are able to transmit the virus to others. It is not possible to identify an HIV-positive person based on how they look on the outside. Prevention is, by far, still the best method for avoiding HIV infection."

They might look like most of us and live among us !

Sometimes there 're no symptoms for a HIV carriers !
They 're not always look sick

There are 3 main modes of HIV transmission:
  • Unprotected, penetrative sex with an infected person
  • Exchange of infected blood, for example sharing infected needles and syringes, blood transfusion or organ transplant
  • Mother to child transmission (vertical transmission) during pregnancy, delivery or breastfeeding, which presents a 30 percent risk but can be lowered to less than 10 percent with the use of a medication called AZT
I found out that people in this modern world with the "Open -mind" in sexual relationship still think that talking about safe sex is a taboo .
Parent has the responsible to educate their children about sex education since their children is still young .
In addition , Government has the responsible to educate and provide more information to all the citizen . Conservative mindset shouldn't become the main barrier letting people know .

How is HIV not transmitted?
  • Social contacts such as hugging
  • Sharing food and drinks
  • Studying or working together
  • Sharing public facilities such as public phones, swimming pools or public toilets
  • Sharing beds or home equipment
  • Mosquito bites




My post seems like kinda make people worried . Stigma and discriminate the HIV positive group ?

I never tried to mean this , as I had said , When we're not in the right path to know about HIV , we would still carry the myth ! We don't know the right way to deal with a positive diagnosis and coming to terms with the challenge of living with HIV/AIDS . They need support and love from society, they need the understanding from their family and closest friends .

P/S : We have heard too many myth ! Friends , please remove all the doubt in your heart , open heart and search for the fact ! No one deserves to be treat poorly just because He or She has it !

The youtube attachment is a TVB series that related with HIV transmission :

Will "Ah sam " infected HIV?

Wikipedia :

"In medicine, the window period for a test designed to detect a specific disease (particularly infectious disease) is the time between first infection and when the test can reliably detect that infection. In antibody-based testing, the window period is dependent on the time taken for seroconversion.

The window period is important to epidemiology and safe sex strategies, and in blood and organ donation, because during this time, an infected person or animal cannot be detected as infected but may still be able to infect others. For this reason, the most effective disease-prevention strategies combine testing with a waiting period longer than the test's window period.

The window period takes no more then 6 months."


HIV cannot survive outside the body. It is only present in high enough concentration to cause infection in the following body fluids:
• Blood and blood products;
• Semen (‘cum’) and pre-seminal fluid (‘pre-cum’);
• Vaginal and cervical secretions; and
• Breast milk.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Regretfulness is still a Regretfulness

you can't change the fact.
Can't demand everything perfectly .

Just a decision could make things better or worst .
And this the fact of life !

Music relax mind , how you think about it?

One of my favourite team of singers - The Ten Tenors .
Didn't update their news for long . And Found it accidentally .
Awesome , isn't it ?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Something that you can't avoid ....

When you 're in sick ........................

You have the choice to choose for Chinese medic or western medic

A bowl of bitter soup or a pill ...........to kill the virus

Friday, June 20, 2008

When you feel like you need a shoulder to ........

Tuesday , evening 730pm

just finished classes and spent 45 mins to wait a bus home

Still a busy week after passed up my final year project proposal
on Monday

Unfortunately , No only mountain of notes waiting for me to review .
The virus also come to me !

The next day morning ,still an early 8am class .
Just after my breakfast .
I vomited all !
without any signs in advance .

In the meanwhile , feel very itch ...Gosh !it comes again
Wheal !And might fever also ( I don't have thermometer with me )
hunger cause me very weak for the whole day , since I was no dare to eat anymore .
Was hesitated on what food is suitable for eat and which would make me feel worst.

Haiz ....poor Lois ! At the moment , how you hope someone is caring on you .
How you hope someone could show concern on you :P

Staying alone at KL and not willing to let parent know that I 'm sick again.
Since last week also no feeling well.

and until today , I still haven't recover yet .

Please Pray for my health !

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mine Last Camp Trip In BB

3 Days..................Before I take long leave in BB . ( 29-31/05/08)
Location : Ulu Langat

I didn't depart with the group in the early in the morning since I just started my new semester .
So , me and few other went in at night and arrived about 930pm .

WOw! Thanks for out former Sgt .Jia Foo
Brought us a cake ( Homemade oh)
But Can you imagine how we ( around 30 people) share this little cake ?

I couldn't remember when was the last time I been to camp after the Mt . Kinabalu at 2005 .

Honestly , I was struggling before going to this camp.
Since I was away from the natural for so long . I'm kinda worried on how to squeeze or get used again ~
However , God is the great .
He gave me this opportunity to stay in silent again .

It was raining season , Time been spent in fighting with the weather .

Looking for more photos ? http://picasaweb.google.com/4thkajang

Friday, June 13, 2008

suffering week !

My new hair style ?

This is the one ....ahahahaha

It was a stressful week , rush with the proposal , seems like no day and night .
A mountain high of notes to review and assignment + tutorial questions !
I pretty believe I could fall in sleep in any places cause by the exhausted .
Everyday rushing around the college , from library to lecturer 's room ,Lab and classes . Also , sitting infront the computer for information search.
Brick , cement , mould and fibres fully fill in my mind ! Gosh ! Final year project !

Kinda emotional in this few day , especially when I had time sitting down silently at night .
Easy to be touched by a song , a story or a message . WAS CRYING FOR 3 TIMES YESTERDAY!

Please pray for me in my studied .
Pray God for filling my heart with peace and wisdom .
Pray God that carry my burden away ! ( mentally ...ahahahaha)


Thanks God that my Flute result is out .
Just got to knew the result from my teacher
Just pass with the bottom passing rate .
Will not tell you my mark ! :P

Saturday, June 07, 2008

I 'm poor !

Everything is increase price now .........and I 'm getting poor too

Below is a lists that I 'm gonna do and would spend me money :
( from the urgent to.....just leisure :P)

1 . Have a hair cut (I hate my hair style , thick and shapeless , urgent ! Malaysia is damn HOT ,
RM 18 )

2. Save enough money for friends Birthday present.

3. Refill some biscuit , sweet , chocolate , potato chip . ( I miss chocolate ! At least I have to store
some biscuit for my lunch or tea break )

4. Save enough money to store 10 college bus ticket ( RM 0.60 X 10 ) for urgent use!

5. Could remain some little penny for fruit every week .( RM 2~5 )

6. Some facial care product , hair/skin lotion ( no limit , since never have enough to buy the
brand that I demand )

7. Enough small change for taking transportation to college , LRT station and monorail station !

8. A pair of sun glass ( Not for stylish , really need a pair to protect my eyes , I can't stand strong
light reflection ! Rm 20 ~ 40 )

9. sunny Blue colour cardigan ( I love it ! RM 29.90)

10. A pair of shoe ( Not high heel ! Just a Loafers , below Rm 40 )and a multi functional bag (
RM 30)

Haiz ....Pocket Money RM 50 is really not enough for a week ! :(

If I have a hair cut on Monday, that mean I only remain RM 32 for the rest of the 4 days ( haven't count on my dinner oh )


When could I fulfill all the 10 matters above ?

Friday, June 06, 2008

ordinary life with extraordinary experience

It's half year passed !

Kinda feel stress recently and doing anything in mess .
Always left out something and forgetful .

The pimples attack me !

With boring lesson
this lecture likes to throw lots of weird questions
"Engineering in society".......what 's that ?
a subject you can imagine a lots
He asked:"How do you know a person alive or death?
haiz ......... what's your answer then ?
you would always surprise that foolish answer come out from your mouth !

Logical thinking ! Logical thinking !
keep mumble! you need to use your brain !
This subject bought me a big head

( most of them were in sleep , 8am class)

why do we need to study from stone age until this era ?

The very first time I can sat on the last roll in the lecture hall .

Got a call from Dad when I was inside the Monorail and way to go to Sg wang
( flute lesson, no time and mood to shop at all )
"where're you now eh?" : Dad asked
"inside Monorail loh." : Me
"Me and your Mom are now in Sg wang ." Dad said
"eh.......why ?" , ok ...meet you later , I'm almost arrived : Me

Meet and end upwith the dessert .
(Not tasty ! )
At least , it's was great to meet parent when the time I felt so stress.

Message non-stop that day .....petrol price is increase !
Why is salary never increase ?
I haven't work yet !
just to request for my future benefit .....heheh

Poor Lois !
a short journey from Chow kit back to setapak took 1 and half hour .
Totally exhausted . Reach home at 930pm ,
haven't had dinner and shower yet .
There was a big mission for me on the next day afternoon ,
it was my flute examination , was damn nervous .

only a word can describe my performance on Thursday flute examination : Messy !
result hasn't out yet ..........don't ask me !