Sway With Lois: March 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My eyes favourite

Back to college last week , and able to got myself some books to read . Honestly , I didn't read any Chinese books for quite sometimes. One is because not enough pocket money , another reason is not all the time I could get the book that I like.

I was spending some times to search for this book about year ago.
And I found it in college 's library now .

几米(Jimmy) is a illustrator from Taiwan

This is one of my favorite in his composition.
Since I always take public transport .hehe

This composition is also very attractive , can brought me a lots of imagination .
It tells about the different kind of occupations , it could be realistic one or
somethings that you even can't imagine with .

I like searching the character among the crowd

Whale must not be in the water at the time :P

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Malacca Trip

Another weekend , time flies .........

We took a long drove from semenyih ( my house).....to Malacca, it took 2 ++ hours to arrived our hotel. 4pm

First station , food ! Few doors next to our hotel ,mee siam and cendol we have. The weather was damn hot ! I always feel that Malacca is hotter than KL , is that true?

It was evening time , yet it is still hot , can't opened my eyes......I have small eyes anyway:P

Weekend always full with tourists.

Before depart, I had make an online searching about
which church should we attend on the Sunday morning service.
And we found that Christ Church Malacca is not a tourism place ,
yet it still open on Sunday morning .

Next , still food .......

wow....let see the queue !
It was only 6pm ++

We queued for about 20 mins~ while we arrived on 615pm.

we didn't eat much actually, we did have more plans at the whole night.

Gorgeous views with the sunset on the evening .

Time to shop jonker street , very crowned on the weekend.
Not able to took any photos there.

We were lost after a long walked , and found this.....

Not "Eyes on Malaysia"

It seems alike the catoon houses with the light decorate .

Cool ! The light reflect on the water surface!
Marvelous !

Madam King

To be honest ,the environment was unhygienic!

I believe you can aware from the picture.

Another round of junker walk before we went for our supper .
A new foodcourt center near by Dataran Pahlawan .
The environment was nice , good place to chit chat .

Day 2 ~

Morning service at "Christ Church Malacca"
I didn't knew that we went for a Apostic & Catholic church at the first,
I though it was Protestant Church.

I don't have much ideas with the Catholic church ,
but while I saw this sentence "We belive in Christ Holy Catholic and Aponstolic Chuch".
I only know it .

Our breafast

yummy Nyonya Asam Laska I have

With durian Ais kacang
Delicious ! Lots of different ingredient compare to any other I had have .

-Home- :)