Sway With Lois: October 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 6 - Venice (Italiano) ! CIAO !

The weather was just shown on the picture

The weather is getting warmer when going to the south direction ,
a totally different from United Kingdom .

Start to feel home in Malaysia ~

I never knew that Venice is an island
No idea beside the word "Romantic & Gondola "in my mind .

Some people say , you can easily get lost in this little island
sound fantasy ~

It seems like walking into another world
a place you would never know

I didn't get lost .
Since I know my direction
I enjoyed my journey even I was alone

Quietly ......the water squish under my feet

The outer passion reflect the inner silent

Long queue outside St. Mark's Church

Indescribably feel of walking in the water
pass through shop by shop
looking on their face

It was nothing for them
I was just a single in the million of traveler

something which I hope to own
I rather address Venice as "City of Art" than Romantic ~

Friends on Gondola
which I preferred on my foot

The most important food you can't missed in Italiano

Ice Cream

Ciao !- A greeting, It could be "hello" , it could be "goodbye"
Just a simple one , nothing complicated !

The picture tells .......how hot the weather was .
Some people like to collect small gift ,
I like to take picture with Polizia~

If you ask me , can I felt the romantic in Venice ?I can't tell , since I was there for just half day under the huge sun .
It was a book I had read , it said , Venice is no longer the Venice it was . Now it's just too commercialization .

However , I would say I like walking in the alley , I'm greedy , I wish I can hold all in my mind .
Culture & life are not build up in a day , therefore , how can I justify it with just a few hours or even few days ?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mr Koo is retired

Head of Materials & Manufacturing Engineering

My lecturer

My supervisor for final Project

Mr .Koo is retired
would always remember Him , since I always brought him troubles
calling His mobile to always asked nonsense ! ahahahahaha

Although he didn't gave us high grade in final year project
yet , I would say I pretty appreciate his patient to teach us !


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Europe trip day 5 - Germany -Verona (Italiano)

I feel like want to give up writing the whole Europe trip, now only days 5 ! When I can finished 14 days + London trip?

I do have many to share about my London trip, since it was done alone and have deeper expression in it !

A huge one !With the bell on its neck !
ke ring...ke ring..ke ring
you could heard clearly to avoid it get close to you
since it will hit you into the lake !

The lake was one of the main reason that make me fall in love to German !
Who can against these beautiful view ?

Lawrance , me and Alvin

Here we come Innsbruck !
A old small town

swarovski crystal !

Every houses are art pieces !
Evey corner you found interesting things
No moment you wish to close up your eyes

Money is not easy to earn !

Fresh Fig !

Balcony of Romeo and Juliet :)
Everyone did it , so as I !

Mask is the mark for Italiano
especially in venice ~

Does it look like a leg with a football ?
Italiano's map

No, not Rome yet
to be continue .....was in italiano for 3 days