Sway With Lois: February 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

First day training !

one word to descried it ......................bored ! or other single word...............sit !

Almost sitting there for a whole day , beside reading some catalog and some company 's layout and counting the nut . Almost getting into sleep . Extremely boring !

The very first day , I already felt be bored with working . And start knowing / understanding why so many people escape from working with continuing study .......haha.

To get the job that you enjoy is so much difficult .

Monday, February 26, 2007

The day before my training !

Tomorrow would be a really different day for me ! gosh .......start my industry training !
But I am not going to talk about tomorrow things .

I wanna talk about today!

Went out in the early morning , actually not too early :-)
So, my very first location to go was just decided after I almost reach the KL sentral station .
quickly decided to stop at KL station , the older and reminiscence station . hehehe...because I want to save up some money , then I walk from KL station to Pasar seni . NO TOO FAR ACTUALLY . With this , I have a chance to visit the "Pasar Seni" , although I always passed thought it I didn;t really go in and visit .

Seni = Art !

I found out there is something new! some famous cafe shops , cake shop were open . But the painting area gone .
No spent much times in Pasar seni , just gain a very Malaysia village style post card .

Next , move my steps to the PJ street , got into some of the native decoration shops , surely no money to buy anything .........it always make me dream on my future house !
wait for me ! I would be back for it!
In the meanwhile I came out from the decoration shop I've smell the durian aroma, hahaha...the funny things is I assume that the aroma was came out from the plastic durian mould because there are some animal carving there which could came out with some wowing . hahah...what a foolish . The aroma was came out from a small dessert shop just at the corner , it is durian buff.

so , no doubt to get it !

as usual ,I would went to some books stores too. But Gain nothing !
hahaha......the next things must be going to search for some foods , eerrmmmmm......before that , I got something deep impress today ! The really first time I saw a prostitute touting to a man ! gosh ...! Rm 30 !

.....................................................beside surprise , it is still surprise ...................................................

Another surprise things happen when I having my lunch at the PJ street famous porridge "restaurant".......can I call it restaurant ? hahahahaha....too small .
An auntie who sat beside me was so unluckily, the next stall try to expel the raining water on their shelter and they didn't really watch out the auntie next door. The water was influx from her hair until whole back side !!!!!!!!!! She get really angry on it ...... So do I , if it was happen to me !~

Finally , 12 30 ....should be time to setapak , place where I have stay for 4 years . Actually I got the excuse to parent for just going back there to get something ( not for shopping or any.....haha). In the end , I just found out that I left nothing there , just sat there to yearn ...my radio , my very own space , my table , my bed ......all mine !.....and to settle those electrical and water bills .

Left with unreconciled heart ...my next station was KLCC and british council.
The very first time to felt unsatisfactory to the cold storage market , the price label mostly didn't according to the products ! It was confusing me and cause me bought the unexpected over limit product !.....eeeeeeerrrrrrr........................

My parent call coming , hasten me home ! so what can I do ?....
quickly picking some of the books from British council and rush back loh ~

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

NEw year gathering ~

Make hay while the sun shines....to meet my friends.
Because not all of my friends are so free like me .
Most of them ( friends in Kajang ) are working , it is so hard to let them squeeze out the free time to gather.
But the one I must meet is my best friend , Lee Seck . After graduated from secondary school , she is the only one I really have keep in touch with and keep the friendship properly .

She didn't change much , still a lovely girl , like to has joke, smile always . It doesn't mean that she didn't has any troubles . So , it is the best time to share our whole year stories . I were more interested on her love life because of I got some hearsay about her mother tried to introduce her to a guy .OOOOOoooooooooooo.........hahahahahhahwahahwahah.......what is the age now ?
still doing this kind of business . I do worry on her working too .

We've start chatting at the train on the way to midvalley , It really makes me laughing loudly and lack of manner when she described the whole story to me .
"Their Parents and seniority" tried to make them a pair . I could say it sometimes work!
But unluckily things might be , NOWADAYS YOUTH DOESN'T LIKE TO LIVE UNDER PRESSURE ! hahahahhahaha
The guy is a master holder student , good looking , rich ........ he suppose could get a very good partner ( I didn't try to mean my friend isn't good , because she also has same idea on it ). The deadly defect of this guy ........ he is not determination enough . OR could I say he uses it on the wrong ways ......hahaha.....he made my friend scared , he shows his love just after 2 times they had met. One is formal date ( with whole family join in....hahahahwhhahaha) and another is informal meeting , both parent meeting in my friend 's house !

as a conclusion , I didn't need to tell you !
It makes us laughing for a whole day !
CAN'T BELIEVE , we are just step into our early twenty , she already under the pressure on getting the partner .

NOW , she do happy on her life with freedom !

I still can't stop laughing when I am writing this blog.

Anyway , we spent most of the time in sharing our stories , we also went for film , eating a nice lunch and took some pictures.

Whatever happen , she is my lovely best friends.
When we call back our mind , we met since primary school till now .
We've passed thought many sweet memories , even the sad one .
we plaint on the friendship that we can't keep with many of our friends.

This blog makes me laugh and cry at the process on writing .
take care Lee Seck !

NEW YEAR ? new year?

ok.......new year ! actually , I would sometime feel that CnY is nothing beside be sensitive about one's reputation , parents like to show off their children , comparatively on properties , sham .....
Those are most of the Chinese families doing , it may not happened on your family . But it does happened on mine .

The most shameful moment !
Have you ever heard about this adv ? "we're a family , Please do not acting "
Are you ?

That is why , CNY for me is nothing beside camouflage the defect of a family .
You might strongly disagree . But I do feel that .AND EXPERIENCE IT.
Sometime We would say it is good to follow the traditional , but when we 're blindly follow it , it becomes a vice !

what have the parents did or play the role in this festival ? Do they show the good example for their kids?
OR they just apparently reveal their most "barbarism" side ?
how awful !
They indulge their children follow their maleficence , they even encourage them to do it.

Every family has their own problems and habits . When some families just didn't grow their children in a correct path. It would be a big devolution among one generation to another generation .

Renew and re considering ~ We can't change what we had passed thought .
But we can handle our future , decide your own way, rebuild the moral .

Friday, February 16, 2007

You are nothing !

She is so smart ! cool , intelligent ,beautiful and attractable .

She is much better Than what I have thought . She is ................

She really is ......................

So , Lois ! Wake up . You are nothing compare to her .
You are worst compare to her !
Lois ! you are foolish , you are incapacity , you are being abandon!

Wake up from your dream ! You are unmerited , what you thought you are !
you are the ...............................

Pls wake up from the nightmare ! I warn you !

Monday, February 12, 2007

lost 1 Kg

lost 1 kg in 4 days .......................can't believe ! but can't deny that I really couldn't have my meals

I just could have a slice of bread and a cup of tea as my breakfast , spend me quite some times to finished the breakfast .Woke up with moody , seems like some things has lost .

love sickness :-(

hahaha.....it may be a good way to reduce some weight !

could still remember the first time I saw the words "I Miss You"in a card when I passed through a shop ( I were in primary school, and my English is so poor...hahaha) , I couldn't understand it at all, and I asked my brother , but he didn't answer my question !!!!and just laughing !!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sorry !

Although how blog is a private space for us to share , sometimes it is still limited to us in sharing some topics . We have to take responsibility on what we have published .

Once again to use it as a remind tool , to remind me careful in any conversation , some times I did some foolish things or I did talk in ignorance . It hurts people and also I myself .
NO one can stand on other people side to think , it is unchangeable Law.

Sorry , if I did it for you . Forgive my stubborn .

Thursday, February 08, 2007

long vacation ~!

Chinese new Year ~ just on the corner .
Somebody come back and somebody go.
After my last paper on Wednesday morning , went to shop for the other half day til night !What a good energy . I were slept around 3 30 am on Wednesday and woke up at 7 00am .......until might night of Wednesday ( thusday ).hahahaha.........shop as a crazy , and pack all my luggage to prepare heart to come back to kajang for few months.

having Lunch with Senyii

And got the industrial training company 's call when I were in the shopping . Yeah ! don't need to work on the 1st day ....but the working hours is from 8 30 am til 6 30 pm, gosh ...tired! And I asked for attire , the manager just said ....normal loh.....so what mean normal ???? t-shirt with jeans ? or formal normal ? BOTHER !......i wish the factory provide uniform ...hahehehe.

my dinner on Wednesday! with my lovely house mates .

Although finished my exam , I still have to woke up early on Thursday morning to have breakfast with my best friend.

A hour of chatting, sharing and relaxing. Enjoy to have this kind of easy going morning with friend.Would miss you ! If you are going to get your master at UK for a year.

After the lovely & joyful breakfast , rushing to KLCC , It was a bit late for my expectation. Because I thought Kenny was going to finish his paper on 11 .30 ....and we might met at 12 ++ pm .........so rush & rush .....first went to British Council to renew my library card , :- ( ....another RM 80 ,and help Siew Jecg to got IELTS test information , also as normal to pick 4 books as my entertain.

Then , went to KLCC service counter to asked for the Sky Brigade visitation , luckily got2 tickets just as fast as winking the eyes . FREE OF CHARGE ! .........and rush & rush again ...went to paid all those bil ( electrical , telephone and internet ).....i am going to bankrupt !

eeeeeeeemmmmmmmm.................Why kenny have't give me a call . It was around 1240 pm. So , I stepped into the KLCC larger musical Shop , looking around for my favorites album , hahaha......been look for those album for loads times ...but still don;t have money to buy it .
Got a message from Kenny this time and asking about meeting time .
my six sense told me , he would not be coming so early ! ...so , Where could I went for ?

tan tan tan tang ...............

the KLCC park .....a really hot weather , just couldn't open my eyes under the shining sun . sat for 10 mins and for few pictures .Finally decided to went back to the air conditional .
so , the next place to go was .......Kinokuniya , the place to satisfy the mind 's , the place to gain wisdom . Found out that the hot promotion books for new year at the Chinese books section , fully with the pig pictures on the books cover. what a cute!

after enjoying some times on reading some book.......pop ! I just realize that the phone line in the book store is not good , I got an experience on blaming by my brother because of couldn't contact me . So ............I FORCED TO leave the book store , and sat on 2nd floor to wait for Kenny .

Place my seat for around 15 mins there , finally ....finally his message coming !
we met and went for lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market , 2 pm .
Thanks KEnny for belanjar ! can't remember the name , something herd + fish .

The other hour of lunch, chat a loads , really full(mind and stomach) , can't feed in anymore .

3.05 Time to the Sky brigade visitation .

The views was not as beautiful as I had expected , found out that KL really not nice in view ......hahah
:- ( .........................my camera has not enough battery ! what a waste .
Hey , Kenny , Goodbye. The next turn to meet would be 2 years later !
Take care !

left KlCC at 4pm , terrible thing ! the traffic was really Jam .Kenny & I went for BB HQ for something to do. Finally , I could just got into the LRT at 6 pm back to setapak to shift all my luggage home to Kajang , it already 9 pm home.


Friday, February 02, 2007

life ~ NO TAKE 2

I still remember this slogan was so hot few years ago ~ " Life , NO take 2 "

Apathetic or intangible ?

I couldn't understand this sentense , or could I say I were too arrogant to ignoring it .
Human being always thought ourself are the most important in every people 's eyes .

A wink might be 10 years passed.
The other wink , we might have pass though half century .

I have started to experience and slightly understand it ........it was happened on the period when I were going to got through the end of the 2006 ~ 2007.

My very very early twenties~ 23 years old , it seems young , sounds old.
After leaving home and steping in to the social , eyes opening and tasting the frosty in manner.
Friends separating because of seeking different fantasize @ better future .

Day -by -Day , I can't escape from what I have experienced , whether it is good or bad .
Everyday , there are too many bad news from the newspaper and its upsetting me , but the worse is I would forget it after a very short time . All of those become histories . And I have to welcome a fresh new day .

That is God 's wisdom,

"Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day."

Matthew 6 : 34

2007 would be a really different year , I have to really found out ...really consider on a new objective on my life . Especially my service in Boys' Brigade , it would be a big challenge and difficult to endure . Gambate ! PoLING

Treasure your life .......don't forget , life ! No Take 2