Sway With Lois: March 2013

Friday, March 01, 2013

Partner ?!

While i was doing apple  grading today ,it was empty mind but tired physical.
I recalled back few days ago when I chat withmy sister in Christ through skype ,she makes a joke and asked me : hey ,Have you found a partner ?

I was stunned a while and cant response immediately.

Since the word " partner "is define much different in my idea.The very first impression I have for this word was came out from Stuart Wong,He mentioned that we were BB service Partner.

since then I never able to link the " partner " to another kind of "partner ".

Since young I have heard another word to describe the a mate for those who is in rekationship - soulmate !

For my opinion ,both "partner " & " soulmate " are really suit for only those who are in countership or in marriage ( if it apply on boy girl relationship ) .It is beyond the girl friend or boy friend stated.

And I answered , definately no . Haha
If you know me well ,I am too stubborn and too optimistic in some ways .haha