Sway With Lois: March 2007

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Recalled back ..............him

Cavatina - one of the song in the G4 album.

He was beautiful,
Beautiful to my eyes.
From the moment I saw him,
The sun filled the sky.

He was so so beautiful,
Beautiful just to hold.
In my dreams he was spring time
Winter was cold.

How could I tell him
What I so clearly could see
Though I longed for him
I never trusted me completely
So I never could be free.

Oh, but it was beautiful
Knowing now that he cared
I will always remember
Moments that we shared

Now it's all over
Still the feelings linger on
For my dream keeps returning
Now that he's gone.

For it was beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful to be loved.

The edition that I have listen to is a love song for a girl , they chance the "him" to "her" .

Suddenly , I 've recall back my mind , the first guy that I had fallen in love with , I can't remember his face clearly , I didn't meet him for few years .
It is nothing remain , just a type of "feeling "..............just a memories !
yet , he is no longer in my heart . I hope one day when I meet him again we are still friend.
At least he had hold my heart for 7 years . ( admired )
his birthday date is all my email & mobile phone passwords . ( become a habit )
I am surprise how foolish I were . Anyway , this experience taught me be loyalty .

When my age growing , my mind changing , the world is changing too !
I met the 2nd , 3rd, 4th , 5th ....................................during my college life .
hahahahaha........................even tried out to date a guy who is 2 years younger than me ! hahaha ( bad experience ) . The only First time to feel age isn't a obstruction .

Youth hood could always so lovely , isn't it ?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

For frEEdom I PerSUE


Life is of great value,
But love values more;
For freedom I pursue,
I am to sacrifice all.

—Petőfi Sándor —

love and freedom ! sometimes we can't obtain both , especially when you were a mother ( I stand on the point being a female ) . Every youth enjoy freedom , but when we are growing , we can't flee from responsible .

I can understand the boredom of working when I 've started to experience it .
I know I have to face it in the very short time ( might be within 2 years time) , positive thinking people would advise that try to find the joy in working . I do agree , but the problem is , it never be easy to do it .

GOD~ my Lord . What should I do ?

In the meanwhile , I am learning how to be more realizable people and sense in love .
Girl always is the sensibles animal .
what were you response when you heard a guy said "
"Women without her man - is NOTHING"! ???? ( if you are a female )

and female said: " Woman, without her, man is nothing!"

I am surprisingly on my sense when I first saw the sentence of

"Woman without her man is nothing."
You may use comma's in this equation."

Do you know why I told that I were surprisingly on my sense . Since , the first response in my mind was .......................it is an argumentative topic and it would never have a true or false answer . It could be both different answers , and the answer in your heart is shown that your mind .

BACK to my own , I would say , I accept both of the answers in different circumstance . when your have no one beside your husband / wife . Or , it could be the other hand , when you got deep hurt by your opposite sex beloved .

Saturday, March 24, 2007

another saturday 2

Not a special day .................just a day to hang out , Again college , KLCC @ British council .
: -( seow jecg ! you broken the date!

Forgive my camera ! it is cheap !
I do feel good to walk into British Council every time , although you have to pass a barrier when you enter it . (2 guards would scan your body and bag , some people might feel not so good with this ). I don't think there is any problem , it 's just to make sure our safety . When I were study in BC , we had the practice of flee for life when the alarm alert rang ( sound like primary school, isn't it ) .

hahahahhahahaha...................i were on the cloud nine , hehehe......some of the BC staffs praise me . Girl always keen on praising . It would makes me feel that I am not too bad lah ......haha

Why Malaysia 's flowers not beautiful at all !

My Lunch @Pure White table & chairs
would be nice match , attractive and dignity( not my food) !

Avenue K ................when you came out from LRT , then the whole building upstairs is AVENUE K. There is a small high classes area , with Gucci , Hugo boss , MJ ......I can't remember . I also don't need to remember it ! I couldn't afford !

Friday, March 23, 2007

life without it .......................

is suffering ...................

life without music ! without my lovely radio !

I just can clasp the few minutes to listen to radio along the way I going to work and the way home .

If you know me very well , you would know I like to listen to music .( i think those people are my house mates )

studying accompany with music , having meal accompany with music , i would only turn off my radio when I were in sleep. When I told my friends that I am keen on modern opera ( although I do not doing deep research on it and even don't understand what the singers have song ....i do fancy it ), most of them would abandon me ......hehe

one month ! i still have one month to go .........................

Monday, March 19, 2007

bitter ~ it is really bitter ( the 99% cocoa contained chocolate)

Bitter .............would the true love always as bitter as the 99% cocoa contains chocolate !

Sisters in Christ , would you still make the great effort on keeping yourself/ your heart together with me ?

When I got to know that one of my best sister in Christ give up it ! I were so surprise .
I got the other news that another sister also almost drop in the trap .
I recalled back our promises , I recalled back how they had told me their perseverance .
I didn't mean on satirize them . I just feel that alone in the love path without them .

I can't standing on their point / thought to comprehend their request .
Just as others can't do so on me .
I just can't forget what i have read through and see through the bitter that a pair who could not be concentric with each another .

"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?"

2 Corinthians 6 :14~15

I hope it become a warn to me ...........always in my heart !

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Saturday again ~............still have to woke up very early to college to settle my resit papers.
And had been make an appointment with lecturer considering on the final year project so do the industrial training .
Because I can't stand the limitation of practical in the company that I've training .It is not enough for me to understand more in the company and it would not help much in my final year project . So ..........not a bad conversation with lecturer, gain some advices from her .

College was really in peace ...( not much student) . Went to library for some books , but I just have a pair of hand ...........so couldn't carry more.

Then, went back to my apartment . NO ONE IN !
Didn't know where both of my house mates be . The lonely white mouse is STILL ALIVE !

she is alone for a month after her partner death . And I believe that my house mates would not really care her .................she is so lonely ! and strong ~

hungry ! .......miss my lovely toshai and tea in mamak store ( because I didn't have chances to have any meal in mamak when I am in kajang) . RM 2 to fulfill my stomach . Amazing things is ....I still could serve with toshai at afternoon .

A new things that I discover in KLCC , I saw two live models in the window. I would fancy to take some pictures ...hmmmm...but i don't think I could . What a waste .
back to the picture in the upper .......heheh.. My bigger gain for today ...you could see a big number showing 99 % and a figure cocoa . Yup , you are right . It is a box of chocolate with consist 99% density of cocoa , seldom we could get in Malaysia ( still can lah , you have to go and search loh) .

KL HOP-ON HOP -OFF.........

The last location for today was British Council . Just As usual , picking 4 books . Surprisingly , A staff still recognize me after I've left for a year .

SIEW JECK ...can't wait to see you .Our appointment is on next Saturday! DON'T BREAK IT OH ~

Friday, March 16, 2007

are they knave ?

Since young , we 've been infuse that foreign ( labors) are knave .

Can't deny that some of them really bring troubles , crimes increase & competition of getting job .
I still feel pity on them , they came to our countries , working so hard .
They just work for life , work to support they family .

I could see almost every week , the company that I 've training employ loads of foreign .
Their working time is from 830-630 and sometime they even request to have Over Time until 10 or 11 pm ++to earn more .
And the bad merchant still wanna cut off their salary : P

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

would it happen?

2 weeks and 2 day ~ my training reached this duration !

I wonder would I be a bit "manly " , surly & harsh after 10 weeks , surrounding by so many male foreign labors . wearing jean for 10 weeks .

I am thirsting for wearing a bit feminine , I want to let down my hair , I wanna wear high heels , I wanna wear skirt , I wanna make up ! hahahhahahahahahahaha

you see ! what a big different ! arrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh..........................
I quite worry that the "feminine " which I have bring up so hard would destroy just in the 10 weeks ...hahahahahahahahahahaha

Saturday, March 10, 2007

you again ~

Miss him ~

I just came back from BB retreat camp , a camp ....not really .It been postpone for 2 times . So finally , we have a rushing 2 days 1 night gathering at Sg long .....no! you aren't seeing it wrong , it is sg long , one of the NCOs 's new condo , greenview .

A new condominium , silent , nice view , fresh air ....................

and a big & great designer swimming pool ~

still miss him ~
Although surrounding by so many people , I do feel lonely in mind
Couldn't able to silent my mind for long , to think and sat myself down in silent.
The peace and silent arose the miss in my heart .

I wonder How he's doing now

I've scared that "my effort" would non effect and waste .................because I know I am not infatuation on him( I am no longer teenager) . It is a strong feeling , and I am also a realist . hahahahaha
Because I am not confident on myself .
AND because I am not sure What is GOD 's plan on me.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sex....................no longer sanctity ?

When Malaysia still dispute with the topic of Female 's attired could allure male libido~

Somethings new came out from Singapore , a husband abandon his wife and normal married sexuality life . He rather choose to enthrall in the abnormality nothingness net world and self masturbate than having sex with his wife. He was enthrall in the violation games which can make you enjoy in hallucination . It indulges male to have few sex partners and outrage .

Male always have their very good excuses and "theoretics"in shirk their fault .

Ever man consider on female ??

A relationship should always maintain by both side .................................Please be loyalty and respect your relationship.

Friday, March 02, 2007

happy Friday?

Finally come to Friday !

First time to feel so excited to welcome the Friday~
First time to understand why most of the workers in the world look toward this day .
First time to know.................somethings that I have not know before .

First time .....I could smell the funk from my body . It might be the cost of willing to be come engineer . I don't mind of just wearing T-shirt and jean ......could I say , I prefer it !

I don't know how long that I can stand for it , .........2 and half month is not a short times !