Sway With Lois: January 2007

Saturday, January 27, 2007

2 down 4 to go ~

My exam & study schedule

exam ! exam ! ..................I believe I would get hypochondria if my exam is more than one month + a week of study week .

Sleep -> eAt-> study ->slEEp -> eat -> stUdy


Daily = Sleep + Eat + Study

wake up every morning looking at this view , sitting on the chair and in front of the table .

Every Evening , listening on the radio FM 988 , looking outside from window , CAN you see the twinkling point far away on the mountain . YUP ...it is Genting Highland.

Should be should be ....the night view .

But sometime the night time not always as silent as you think ! Amazing things is ....from my window to outside , it is always has fire works.

errrrrrree.......why the circle in the graph protrude ? Am I daze ?

And I pull the circle out and put in my mouth ?

haha.....those are the "Protrude circle in the graph " ...little grain of tomatoes .

This is how I've entertainment myself along the exam Period .

Enjoy ~ Are YOU ?

I have read some books recently , I do believe not all people really enjoy to read ... 3 books that I have read recently and fancy ~

For my own , it always like a snack or dessert .
It bring me travel around the world , it lead my mind fly to the other space , it lead me think about the education , it let me know how blessedness I am .......

The book which name " The Grand overland Voyage" , is describe about the 2 years long journey , 2 Malaysian who did their trip with backpack . They started they trip from Vietnam ,
-> China -> Mongolia -> western ( UK , Italy .....) -> to be continue with the 2nd series book.

Surprise ! ...From their experience , they said western countries are the most boring countries.Actually I could say not really surprise and it is expectable . Why would I say that ......
as an Asian people , we fancy on the night life ( so do western ....but in different culture ...haha...they prefer bar , club , disco , Asian prefer shopping , mamak .....)

I've drop their world , follow their steps , step by step , experience their joy , emotion, hard .............

I always justice the book by it cover ! Really ! Although there is some adage which remind us not to do so ! I do believe that we can't keep the old style , Marketing ! Advertising , promoting and also the cover ! Nowadays , new generation tend to pay more attention on the Vision .
So , when I first saw the book below

I don't feel like wanna pick it up and read .........hehe...the conclusion is ...admittedly it really a good book and easygoing , it is wrote by a Taiwanese , a great scholar , a headmaster of some University in China .

According to the picture above , you can see a kid and a monkey . So have a guess. whether is the kid feed the monkey or the opposite way! What a RUTH !

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Urban life............................

Produced by Lois......haha ( Pictures above)

Every people try to keep the "Present " or beauty ...................that is the function of camera.
Found it casually ...........and have chances to communicate with the photographer


He has started his photography career just for around 6 months ,.....but his "products' is really touch me , he said he didn't attended any photography courses before . But it is really brilliant in my opinion !

My very FIRST pair of ....................


I am not the person who chasing branded things.


I do looking for QUALITY ~

I don't mean lower price shoes don't have quality .........

But nowadays ! Shoes aren't cheap anymore ~...........especially high-heel shoes!

Female fancy on high -heel shoes.........it is unchangeable LAW!


..........loads of female have suffered by it .

Monday, January 08, 2007

ReTrospect & PrOspect

Just read my friend 's blog , hehehe.......i found out that I haven't retrospection for my year 2006!
am I a bit stagnant ?

I passed though a very hard year ~ pressure in mental , relaxing in physical .
A new fresh year to went back to college on May , I were mazing for a year since May 2005~May 2006 . Lost my confident in the future , but I do happy for the whole year life . Went for studying English at British Council were my happier time .I met loads of foreign , know about their cultures , improving my English ( although I still didn't do well now ~ hehheeh...)

The mazing period make me think a lots , as many form 5 students did , I were straightly went to my Diploma course after my secondary school.....I didn't really considered loads for my future before choosing which college is most suitable for me ...also which course is suitable for me .
I really open eyes when I met loads of foreign in British council , Ages isn't the obstruction in our learning process , I do met a lots of korean housewives who learning very hardworking , they send their children to school in the morning and use the free times to studying .So do I met some Doctors , solicitor, some elder , little kids , air hostess , ...................

The other half year , I went back to my studied in college . No much change , beside lecturers 's attitude , more smiling and no as strict as before .

Boys' brigade always is my space of growing , Thanks God for blessing the progression in my company , although it still not in quantities and do in qualities .I would like to thanks all my partner in BB , my own company , also the other companies too ! All of them gave me loads of comfort and encouragement , they always show it with action , and thanks for your patient of leading me in the correct path.

2007 would be a bran- new year for me , prepare myself to go into the industry training , and have to be concentrate in my final project ! I believe that it would be a busy and substandial year for me !

and and and .....i didn't forget it .....I met loads of friends .

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Lose my mind for few days ..................
I should have concentrate in doing many of my things .........
I can't count with my fingers anymore .........

NO reconcile !
although I already accustomed it ~
when would "He", The true one appear?

Every times I also would lose my self for quite a period ............
God and Time always are my Doctors .....

I used to heard it from somewhere
People asked : When is the most joyful period in a relationship?
surprise ~ surprise !
The answer is when you are admire or yearn for someone .
is that true ?
You are the one who have created or you are the editor
to visualize your day dreaming .

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

4 days holidays ~

new year + hari haji + weekend = 4 days

30/12 _ went to have dim sum as my breakfast and also lunch with my family . We used to enjoy the dim sum twice a month when I was in primary school .

31/12 _ BB had a very big meal , KFC ......and also profuse ( My own opinion ). Rushed back to seremban , my grandparent 's house ( not my hometown , I am pure local KL people) , gathering with relatives ........honestly to say it was a bit boring , but the good things is my grandparent house surrounding by loads of plants , hahaha....fancy on promenade and looked around in the little paradise . HAHAHA............the bigger gained was ....ate the lovely crab !

had have a very relaxing mood meeting on 1/1 .......what ! 1/1 still had meeting . Yup ! because all of us are busy in weekday . This is the very first time NCOs and I sat down to have 2 and half hours meeting .what I can say is it was doing all right , at least those NCOs would like to shared .

1/1 _evening _ After a very sweet and full nap , rushing to YMCA for the living theater which from Brazil by train . Quite a fresh style of theater( dancing + singing ) , which telling about the Christmas Story . May be it is fresh to me ONLY . My church culture wouldn't accept this type of theater I could say . The main point is ....whether the theater bring out the meaning , and whether the audience could understand the message !

It was how I spent my 3 days holiday , today .....last day of my holiday , very high probability of staying at home . STUDY , hopefully ! My exam is coming very very soon ! Just on the corner !