Sway With Lois: 4 days holidays ~

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

4 days holidays ~

new year + hari haji + weekend = 4 days

30/12 _ went to have dim sum as my breakfast and also lunch with my family . We used to enjoy the dim sum twice a month when I was in primary school .

31/12 _ BB had a very big meal , KFC ......and also profuse ( My own opinion ). Rushed back to seremban , my grandparent 's house ( not my hometown , I am pure local KL people) , gathering with relatives ........honestly to say it was a bit boring , but the good things is my grandparent house surrounding by loads of plants , hahaha....fancy on promenade and looked around in the little paradise . HAHAHA............the bigger gained was ....ate the lovely crab !

had have a very relaxing mood meeting on 1/1 .......what ! 1/1 still had meeting . Yup ! because all of us are busy in weekday . This is the very first time NCOs and I sat down to have 2 and half hours meeting .what I can say is it was doing all right , at least those NCOs would like to shared .

1/1 _evening _ After a very sweet and full nap , rushing to YMCA for the living theater which from Brazil by train . Quite a fresh style of theater( dancing + singing ) , which telling about the Christmas Story . May be it is fresh to me ONLY . My church culture wouldn't accept this type of theater I could say . The main point is ....whether the theater bring out the meaning , and whether the audience could understand the message !

It was how I spent my 3 days holiday , today .....last day of my holiday , very high probability of staying at home . STUDY , hopefully ! My exam is coming very very soon ! Just on the corner !


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