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Friday, December 29, 2006

Extraordinary group ~IL DIVO

IL DIVO ~ my fancy group singer! I discovered them accidentally 2 years ago when I was shopping at the bigger recorder shop in KLCC , They are really cool and smart ..... :-) I can't use words to describe how beautiful and fair -sounding of their songs.Can I say it is an aesthetically pleasing or harmonious sound???il Divo have taken opera into the mainstream on a global scale.
If you like the opera music , not that type of boring/ traditional classical ......can I classified it in to easy listening too ?

At the first , I couldn't believe that recently there are loads of Europe singer just like "Michael bubble" , "IL divo" , "The ten tenors" , “Vitas" have appeared ....... They are slightly trend to opera or JaZZ..............and their ages is gradually trend to a bit young and mainstream ( In my thought , those singer who was singing the opera should be like the famous Italian , Pavarotti)

They just publish a new album name " Siempre " , there is slightly different with their previous album . IL Divo album's cover are always lovely , smart , attractable ,very Europe style .

Don't you agree with me ? hahahahahah

Just because of the new album publish , I went to check out the website on Wednesday night, and I saw there are some messages that left by their fans all around the world , and also realize that they are coming to Malaysia on Jan and having a concert , only one concert ! Great ! I felt excited !!!!!!! .................but when I saw the price below .........
Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Ticket Price:
RM1500, RM1000, RM803 & RM503

I were almost dropping into a deep cliff ~ it is totally too expensive ! I am not able to afford at all .And there is the only one ! the only one concert in Malaysia ! Also I have check out the Singapore one , it is not as expensive as Malaysia (the cheaper one is $ s 88) !!! Although I am enthrall with IL divo , I am still the calmative fans ...........the conclusion is ....I am not going to watch the concert .


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