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Saturday, December 09, 2006


My classes in tuesday is ended early at 3pm ~ good day to shop , isn't it ?

So , went to KLCC for movie . Suppose I had planed to watch the "happY FeeT" .......you know what ! It been cancel ....... :-( ..so I have to change my mind to other movie called " Dejavu" ( I have heard this movie's adv from radio ..and it pronous as "dea- sha -bu") .

The story is start with a terrorist explode a ferry which carried a lot of navy in New Orlens , go without thinking the hero is a black people who has lived and growned in this area . He shown his very canniness mind as a police , clamness and the most important idea in this movie is LOVE ~

In my view , the touch most for me in this film isn't the BG relationship but is while the film's scene stop at the dilapidated New Orlens area. If I am not mistake , it was a very damaging typhoo happed there before ( Hopefully that I am not mistake lah~). And also , the loyalty and the love to his hometown .

overall ~ it could be a watcheable film !

There is always a question in my mind , why the shopping centre is so "CROWED " in the holidays ? Don't all the people need to work ?( except students ) .

I do feel the very great Christmas atmosphere , I do excited and warm when I saw all the decoration and the christmas songs around my ears . The joy is "effuse" from my heart , every people are busy in buying the christmas presents.

sure ~ u would ask me , is all those decaration , presents , foods ........is the true mean to Chritmas ? Definately , I say no. BUT , I could say as well as the Christmas "receptivity " is increase , people may open their heart and mind . I do agree it is avery good thank giving periods , it reminds us the time flow , it is going to end a year .

Thanks Lord that sacrifice for our sin , he is not always the "baby in the stable "! He is the God who growth as a true man and sacrifice for all the human being ~


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