Sway With Lois: June 2006

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

AnnoYing SubJects

Pendidikan moral and managment are the subject two out of six that I have to studied on this semester . It is really terrified , really ......as I am those person who are not good in memorize notes. I realized that pendidikan moral that we have studied now is totally different with what we had studied when we were in secondary or primay .

We had learned how to differentiate the "moral " and "immoral " , " Black" and "white " , "good " and "not good" , " correct " and "incorrect"when we were young , there were no "gray region" . But now , i realize that what I am learning surprisingly have those " gray region" , we can give " excuse " on it .

Egoisme and Utilitatianisme are one of the teori that I could accept most in the pendidikan moral . I do believe lots of people are selfish but it could be one of the excuse for you to do the wrong things . I do admit that human being have this behavior , when somewhere happening fire , what we would do at the first is normally run away by ourselves . Let turn other view and see how many firemen were sacrificed in the fire for people . was it really just their responsible to save the people because the salary they had got or the glory they might have after they help someone , are they just selfish to look at the benifit that they might get ? I think the answer is no ~

I believe that might lots of people migth not agree with me or would say I am the perfectionism or childish . They always say the world is facty and crue , but who have made it become so crue , that are the people who had said those things , because they always just believe the world and social are crue .

Children been tearching since they are so young to believe the world is crue , it bring bad effect to them and the future life . This is why the criminal are graduate into the younger generation .

##### I do want to know why we should study Pendidikan moral in Bahasa melayu er....? it just for Chinese and Indian only mah~ why can't we study in English ??????? suffering !!!!!!

And also why moral need to be test in the exam , would we be more moral or moralist if we pass the subject ? terrible !

Management .....is the other annoying subject . In fact , it should be very useful ( I still hate it) . We can't run a company without good management , all the thing in our lives link to managment . From the smallest things in our life until very wide things happen in the world ...we can't lack of managment , if we do , it could happen like "taiwan's political nowadays" ...hehe.

I still don't like this boring subjct althought it is so powerful ...becasue I need to momerize all the notes for test . : - {

Monday, June 12, 2006

I am bAck in to My Studied

After one year break , I go back to my studied again in TAR college on the enfdof May 2006 . So now i have jumped in the busy life . I have different thougth , opinions and bringing my fresh life to the advance diploma after the one year break . I try to keep myself more self -discipline but in the relax way , i was forced myself too stress in the studied when i was in diploma years , it ws not a good idea and no help for me in concentrated in studied .

It is new begingning for me also my classmates who were failed their papers as me .I could notice that most of them change their attitude , it might be both of us had experienced the failure for once , and had have enough time to think for our further. GAmBATE together Oh~!

I was the kind of person who demand myself to be punctual and I was always at least 15 min early for class , it had became my habit , but in the deep of my heart, I did it just increase the stress in my life . Finally , I reliaze that I just need to be on time , it already good enough for me. I was too perfectionism .

I really didn't wasting my one year time in doing nothing ( althought some people would think i did) . I took my time to concentrate in BB mission and improving my English at British Council . I were extremenly enjoy my studied in British Council , I could meet lots of friends in different ages......from the senior citizen until the little kids , housewives , solicitor , doctor and so on. Different races who came from all around thw world . I did had my very first experience in working althought it was only two months in Photo Shop . And also , I went to Singapore trip for 2 times and also China-Macau trip .

This all were not wasting , all of them show me how huge the world are ...and I was just a little frog .

Anywhere , I finally got my offer letter further my studied again oh~ and i want to say I were not wasting my life and time for the past whole year . I were pretty enjoy the life .

I can't promise I would do very well in the future , But I promise I am going to do my best .
Thanks God giving the chance for me in the new life . Glory to his name .