Sway With Lois: April 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two films that I had watched last weekend , it brought me some thought , a simple one ( I always don't like to make things too complcated :P )

Laws & cultures have been impose strictly control human , and human used it to play trick !

I believe , in every centuries , people are trying to jump out of the traditional thought , be the unique and special one , doing something that other may think not , weird , unacceptable .

No formula can guide any of us in our life .

No doubt but God is the only source !

No doubt as well the unique one has to work more harder in their life~

The Merchant of Venice was played by William Shakespeare ( the film is not ) and the story is back to the 16 th century. I can't fully agree on what the film had said, no one can pronouced other to be Christian , If the man himself was not . A comedy ~which I would rate it 3/5 .

"Mona lisa Smile " , A film that tells story of girls , story about woman right ?

I would say more than this ,while the story was taling about the art pieces , at the moment I do wish that I could have more free time on doing painting !( anyway, i can't paint well :P) it reminds me about "dream " , don't limited it with age , relationship status , finance ( may be you need to :P) . A touching story and worth to watch , rate: 3/5
Different people has different perspective , it really depend ~ like it or not , you to decided :)

Jogoya Dinner

Dad 's Birthday was on last 2 weeks, and He request to have Japanese Buffet ~
And as you known , I started to work , it means ~ have to treat ! ( I 'm more than willing to do so ~)

Had searching for few restaurant and some did promotion , pick and choose , finally decided to go to Jogoya , the most important is not how luxury the food alone , but to pleased my parent .
The food was acceptable , nothing too surprise , tummies were full !
I love gree tea ice cream ! The one I love most in jogoya ~Guess what ! I ate totally 6 scoops of ice cream ..hehe

After these meal , my mom has start to plans for hers ! Gosh .......hahaha, an interesting one !
As I said , more than willing to pay , no doubt and happy to do so !

Monday, April 05, 2010

A warmest map ~

A Map drew by the group next to our table , no doubt ! Penang people are always friendly and helpful . Thanks , I got my way to the hostel and within these 3 days trip , I found out that you hardly get lost in this small island :)


QMB- Quickchange Movable Barrier

It looks amazing ! Saw this from a magazine , was thought if the barriers are plastic , then the machine seems to be too waste( you can hire low cost labour easily ) . I 'm not sure If Malaysia has many concrete barrier on our roads , highway most properly ?
QMB helps to rapidly moved laterally across the carriageway to a new position to provide safe separation between live traffic .

Malaysia road always has too many re- construct and small , just width enough to squeeze in one and half car from 3 or four lanes . Then this machine is not utilize , I think !

Still QMB a great invention , feel excited while reading about it and wish just to share :)