Sway With Lois: February 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I don't know what I want !

I have chances to met some friends , closest friends ,primary school friends , secondary school friends , old friends and BB friends since Chinese new year .

Everyone of them , is or was witnessing my life , from a child to adult .
Without them , I am not who I am now .

Today , on my way back to setapak , I was thinking about who gives the most comfortable feel for me in this stage . I mean just in this stage , not the past 10 years or the future 1 year .
On the other hand ,I was thinking also who I can ignore most easily , even can't communicate well or understand each other well although we 've met for long long times .

Honestly , to build up a good relationship , time plays a role but not the most important one !
I have a lots of churchmates , and I don't know them well, I have BB officers who has partnership together for such a long times , and yet I don't know them .

Then , can I hope to know other with just a few meet up ?
A young generation like us are fancy on using the word " feel " , without "feel" the spark wouldn't occur . (I'm talking about friendship )

My big coconut( brain) is function well today , and it came out some images ( old memories ) and show me the comparison between two circumstances , which kinds of friends that make me feel comfortable most , I don't need to pretend in front of them , I can just be myself , the origin.

Not many ! I hope it could have more .
Friends ! Thank you , thank you for 'exist" in my life .

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

who ?

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Belfast - Ah Jecg

Portsmouth -??

I always though only Jecg read my blog in UK
then who is the one in Portsmouth , it's totally not near Scotland at all~
If you're the one , and might be I know you . Just leave me a comment ~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bake cheese Cake

I'm not a patient person , and while I bake for any biscuits or cakes , I do always wanna rush rush rush and get the result in short time .

Yesterday night , I tried to bake cheese cake
with the emotional mood since the afternoon.
I don't know why , every time when I go back to kajang , my temper come again easily .

my parent kept on asking me what to eat for lunch , next morning breakfast ........

then , my temper come again .
and I keep quiet for the whole day then .

I didn't have patient to read the instructions step by steps .
That was why I made a huge mistake on the baking .

At the beginning , I didn't realized that there should be a layer of chiffon cake
as the base of cheese cake . I was too concentrated only on the cream cheese .Since different recipe required different ingredients , steps to mixed or way to bake.

I only noticed I missed out the base when I almost at the last step to whip the eggs white.

T_T , Have to left the cream part aside and come back to the chiffon base

Luckily , only used another little times on the chiffon cake .

While the base done , then pour in the cream cheese on the chiffon cake .
Cover the bottom part of mould with aluminum paper.

topping with some chocolate .

Place some water under the mould , to prevent the dry up.
Bake at around 120degree Celsius for 60-70mins.

Tang ~ tang tang tang ....

enjoy it ~
opppsss.......I forgot to put in some lemon juice !

Recipe for chiffon cake :

60g High ratio flour
3 eggs ( separate the yolk and white )
70g Fine Sugar
1/8 cup of milk ( 4 soup spoons)
2 soup spoons of oil
1/2 tablespoon of baking powder

cheese cake :

55g corn flour
40 g of sugar
2 eggs ( separate the yolk and white )
250g of cream cheese
30g of butter
30g of milk / cream

It would be more tasteful if you add in some lemon juice!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

In the raining day

All in the rain ~!

BB objective :
The Advancement of Christ's Kingdom among Boys' Brigade and the
promotion of habits of
Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-Respect
and all that tends towards a true Christian Character.

For my own opinion , in the BB objective ,
the most important idea is to lead the Boys and Girls to Jesus Christ
this idea never should be doubt!

In addition , Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-Respect
also can't be ignore

Obedience and Discipline should not only found in members only
it do have to be found in officers.

Both are interdependent , without obedience , how the discipline can be promote?

Drill is a good way to train youth in concentration
in listening , action and position

Officers didn't left them alone ~

Why we 're in uniform ?
Why officers shout /scold on them and punish them in drill?
Why we make the training so tough and strict?
Why we want the members address us in "sir/ madam "?
Why we want members listen and follow the instructions and able to action quickly and on time ?

Isn't it a part of training in the life ?
to prepare them in the young time .

If you want to keep on overindulge the kids , why you send them to Boys' Brigade ?
Why the BB company is operate in church if you were going to overindulge them or teaching them just like Sunday school?
Don't you want them to grow tough enough ? isn't it the time for youth to learn ?
Never give excuses on they're too young or they're still a kid that know nothing .

In my own experience , the officer that I remembered most in my life was my first captain , Mr Ng Hooi Gin , why is he become the most impression officer in my life ? Why members show respect to him?

Was he an easy going officer? was he never punished us ? was he never scolding us ?
NO , he did !

He gave me a lots of punishment while I was a member . While I was not able to memorized the Bible Scripture ,while I made mistakes on the drill section , while I didn't follow instructions.
In the meanwhile , he was also a good leader /captain that able to lead his members , he was always the first person to stand in front , able to lead , to guide , to take responsibility , to give command, to made decisions and also a good counsellor .

If you were an officer , and not able to give good command, not willing to punish your member while there were making mistakes . You will not in member's mind forever ! Honestly !
They might dislike you in the moment you punish them , but they would also give thanks and remember you forever .

Just because you care on them , only you 'll spend so many energies , times , heart to serve them !

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The House !

Don't doubt , all the pictures was taken from the same house , just with different angles, it could be inside my room or at the living room .

The Apartment that I 've been staying for 6 years

It could be a marvelous sunny day

Cloudy day~

Colourful sky

Turning dark

with fireworks

Quiet night

Lovely morning

Brilliant Sunset

A shelter that God has provided for me in my college life , with safe and peaceful
And I'm going to leave it soon .
Thank you for all my housemates and friends that I 've met there , just in a small apartment .

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I don't know what I want ~!

Visit 4th PJ today
I have searched enough information , google search to the map , direction and public transport as well. Since I planned to take bus from Taman Jaya LRT station and walk to their company.

Unfortunately , at the end, I still need jimmy to picked me up from LRT station due to the poor service of RapidKL , I been waiting an hour at the bus station !!!!!!!!

They practice for a tough song :Hallelujah Chorus , "Messiah"
The first time I hear about the complete song .

Bible class for junior section

tough as well ~ I did worry if those juniors can understand or not.
But in God's faith , the holy spirit would do they work to those young one

The beautiful Sunset while the way home

The sky turn dark ~
been spending long time for waiting another RapidKL again !

I feel so lose......( I'm already home , don't worry ~ I don't mean the way home lah!)
after visited to two companies , suddenly I feel like don't know what am I looking for in BB .
My brain is blocking currently , although my physical is tired , yet I can't get into rest .

The best way to express out my " out-of-control" emotional , is crying ~
crying out , all the stress , unhappy emotions can gone with the tears ~
Might God tell me what am I looking for and led my way just concentrate on Him .