Sway With Lois: I don't know what I want ~!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I don't know what I want ~!

Visit 4th PJ today
I have searched enough information , google search to the map , direction and public transport as well. Since I planned to take bus from Taman Jaya LRT station and walk to their company.

Unfortunately , at the end, I still need jimmy to picked me up from LRT station due to the poor service of RapidKL , I been waiting an hour at the bus station !!!!!!!!

They practice for a tough song :Hallelujah Chorus , "Messiah"
The first time I hear about the complete song .

Bible class for junior section

tough as well ~ I did worry if those juniors can understand or not.
But in God's faith , the holy spirit would do they work to those young one

The beautiful Sunset while the way home

The sky turn dark ~
been spending long time for waiting another RapidKL again !

I feel so lose......( I'm already home , don't worry ~ I don't mean the way home lah!)
after visited to two companies , suddenly I feel like don't know what am I looking for in BB .
My brain is blocking currently , although my physical is tired , yet I can't get into rest .

The best way to express out my " out-of-control" emotional , is crying ~
crying out , all the stress , unhappy emotions can gone with the tears ~
Might God tell me what am I looking for and led my way just concentrate on Him .


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