Sway With Lois: Enjoy Chinese New Year ?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Enjoy Chinese New Year ?

The day before Chinese New year ....everybody were still busying with cleaning the house .

Only the night time , every things could be settled down and had dinner with my uncle 's family ~
Honestly , I 'm not that kind of person who looking forward to celebrate Chinese New Year, beside I still can get some pocket money ( Ang Pau) . I hate surround by all the relatives who are just gambling since morning till midnight , from the youngest in my family to the oldest .I seems like the lonely monster in my family !

After the church service on the morning time , all mates rushed back , within 20mins , the whole church members all gone , hard to see this situation .LOL

And Maggie did me a favour to sent me home while I was still waiting my dad to pick me up .
We didn't go back home directly , but went for a lunch and did some shopping .Also , some good girl talk time . Both of us are busy most of the time , especially the past 2 months , I been crazy busy in my final thesis and examination .We went to Kajang town which seems so stranger to me ! It sees like age that I didn't walk around kajang .

I really treasure the time with her , and we both start wondering we 're going to our middle of twenty , no turning back . WOW ....as well we plan for a Malacca trip at March ( hopefully!)

This year would be an uncertain year for me , I can't make any plans without my result come out , and it would also be a challenge year for me to make some huge changing point chooses in my life .I don't like this unsecured feel , seems like a mess, I have to be pretty careful on every step .

After the dinner , the time was still early . My parent wanted to went back home kinda early, they're non -Christian ....then you'd know what they did as every typical Chinese family .
And I a bit annoyed on it , my mom still tried to pursued me to "bai bai".......haiz! I rejected her and just ignore , what can I do ?

But it didn't mean I can escape from house works...LOL.
While I thrown the rubbish outside , I raise my head to the dark shy. It was covered by brilliant starts ! Gosh , it reminds me , the very last time I could see stars on the sky was when I went camping with the BB senior at Sg Congkak. It was more than half year ago.

A city girl like me don't have much chances to see stars , the lighting surrounding my apartment at KL are strong reflection and blur the skies !

Also , it reminds me the scripture from Bible , Lord promised Abraham that his descendant would be as many as there are stars in the sky or grains of the sand along the seashore. It's a big blessing . And Sometime I 'm foolish , I forgot those belong to Jesus are also his descendant .Hahaha........ God makes everything wonderful~


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