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Thursday, May 30, 2013

I need someone to talk with ...........

when  everything unknown , the answer " pop " out so suddenly which is really out of my expectation .

 I keep on doubting if i have did too over and cause this to happened ? I just seem like fool that know nothing in the long distance and far away to know the actual true.

Once again I feel so lonely and no one to chat with , this is not an open topic to share with everyone . I feel like i cant even get one to chat with , the sorrow i have to face just overflow but still i have to claim down myself , keep smiling and laughing .

I keep persuing myself , this is only part of our life process . I have greater things to achieve and better things ahead .

God , please forgive me , forgive my self- center behaviour , forgive me that did not place you at the first  and most important in my heart. You gave me freedom to do.what I would like to and you show me the consequences i should bear .

God , help me learn from my mistake and only concentrate on you at first.


Blogger snoopy said...

hi my dear ling, hope you are doing good~ hmm dunno why suddenly missing u so much and come accross my mind to visit your blog :D

Wish that you are always in God's hand and be blessed :)

12:19 am  

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