Sway With Lois: July 2006

Friday, July 14, 2006

All BecAUSE of You - Guys

I can't sing so I talk .
I can't non -stop talk so much so I write.

I can't write tto much so I try to read .
I can't seem to finish many books so I listen to music and watch movies.
I do things to make me smile ,
I smile because I choose to .

I get this sentences from someone's blog whom i don't know . I could get the ideas of why so many people nowadays fancy on writing blogs . ( including me :0 )

Base on the previous blog that I wrote , I said it was nothing special to share with in my studied life in the college. But, things are always change , aren't it ? I have had an extremely terrible depressed , blue mood and unhappy week . It seems like not my week !!!!!! All the things happen just in the short times that we couldn't foresee.

First ,I had the agrument with my BB partners on last sunday . Secondly , I been scored by the mathematic lecturer on the early monday morning !!!!!!!!! Then , annoyed with the assigment that I just passing up today becasue I really have big fight with the group assigment 's members !!!!!!

All the unplesured things which I had mention above make me feel very down and my days and nights are really blue until I couldn't keep me up in everything for this week : -( ( even no mood to go to shopping ...hehe)
I found out that I really hate guys in the week !!!!!! all the unhappy things had happen on me were related to "guy" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argued with male officer , scored by male lecturer, fight with male group mates.

I really can't stand the guys nowadays , their bad attitude , lazyness, don't fullfill their responsibilities ......
.........................aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............I want to shout out loudly : " I hate you guys!!!!!" . The most anger things is my group asigment members who don't want to do anythings , they take advantage from me . Am I look so weak until they think they can do it on me ??????? They give lots of excuses , too much !!! If he did it to me , so do I . His name would never be in the assigment !!!!!!!

The second unpleased thing which happen on me was , my BB company 's officers , They don't want to buy the blazer ! althought I try very hard to find where I could get the cheaper one , and they just sat down relaxing and answer you that the prices is expensive and they can't affort ! Did they try best to find the cheaper tailor shop together with me ? NO ! They said they don't have money , is it that my problem ? Do I need to solve the finance peoblems for him who just didn't go and find a job since he had graduated for 3 months? ??? I , myself are also a student ( it is just enough only for my expenses every month and i don't have extra saving )!!!!

Guys ......pls prove to me , NoT ALL of you are the same , please !

I can't control my emotion so I cry
I cry but not cure so I write it down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Don't know WHAT TItle To PUT

seem like quite some times did write any in my blogs , as many people would say....busy , busy and busy ...! Am I really so busy? I think it might not be the main reason ( still the minority reason , I am really "more" busy after going back to college life) .

I just feel that college life isn't so interesting , nothing much to share for . My life seems like study , study and study from day and night . I really miss my "one year holidays " ...hehe....
we might have listen from lots of people to tell and share that how interesting their college 's life is ........but it is totally opposite to me . You would definately say it should be depends on how do I myselft to create my college 's life !

I did very excited when first i went back to college ......but now I could feel that I drop back to the very "systermatic" life. No enough time for me to read some books ( not your subject) but any others . Still I would steal times to reading , I found out it really important .

As I was Chinese Educated , the best way to improve my English is keep on reading , i believe no matter what books ( beside some useless books) , it always could provided us lots of idea and information even knowledge . My lecturer always say that TARC student could not present them very well. Actually , I strongly agree with my lecturer becasue I am one of them who can't do very well.......the main reason is language problem , second main reason could be lack of knowledge !!!!!!!!!! ( we always don't reading other beside our test books!!!!!! I myself is the same , i just pick some interesting books to read only ...hehe)

Now , I am reading a dead famous "Roald Dahl" history book which is publish in the UK by scholastic Ltd........sound very boring eh.....hahah.....it is extremely interesting book . Do you know who wrote the james bond film ? And also " charlie and the chocolate factory". yup..............is him .

this blog was wrote on 7/7 .......today is 14 /7 ....................why do i publish it just after one week ?
Dono ........I just remembers that I could n't finish to think about my conclusion .....

in the same time , I want to write a new blog !!!!!!!! so better publish it now before my newest!!!!