Sway With Lois: February 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Phi Phi Island

The 2nd days in Phuket, here we came Phi Phi island !
I 'd suggest that you direct take the ferry to phi phi island which cots you about 350-450baht for two ways , then you can join the 4 islands half days tours in phi phi island to monkey island , maya island and.....costs only 350 to 400 baht .

we got our hotel room with walked in , 2200 baht , quite satisfy
once again , don't believe agent that told you no room!
Just need to pay slightly more , surely you will get one.

Maya island - unfortunately , the package that we signed not landing to the beach .
That's why I suggest you to signed day trip package at Phi Phi island with speed boat
only the small boat can stop at shoal.

Huge hibiscius - bigger than my dad 's Palm

nearly to the local people village
away from the center of the tourist place
toward to climb a hill

we were almost reached the highest point of PHI PHI Island !
Raining ! Just another few steps !!!!!!

But still we catch the nice view

oxygen tanks well prepared!

only those who prepare to go diving ,surfing and snorkeling woke up so earlier

Cat on beach
They played around on beach in the early morning

messy electric wires
and sign boards

lots of fatty cat there!


I wish............

every small jungle is surprise ~

Gold mermaid in Phi Phi hotel

No doubt that many western in this island
free and easy

early Morning , While most of them still in sleep ~

Journey back to the Phuket land
ahead to Patong soon ~