Sway With Lois: April 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011


My mum beloved ......
I love all flowers too........as we as there are still alive or in pot~

Some old staffs.........

Free time to pack and clean my room , is time to come ........to throw away all old staff that have been kept for ages !

this .....wouldn't throw away first
it was my standard 6 memories ,
I drew a rough picture and wanted my friends to signed on it .
eye blinking .............15 years gone .

All letters that kept since secondary school
nowadays , address , phone and people are changed .
I'm thinking a way to destroy it .......
really need to cut into small small pieces , beside no other way to avoid my privacy explore.

some stupid things I did last time
using memo pad to interacted with a guy
stayed opposite block to me at the apartment.

and some funny communication we had in the past , how naive we were ....haha

Discovery ...ha ha

A little one at my house's yard ???
At the first I thought it was a cat , well, it always are cats around there!

while I watering plants , I didn't realized something there
suddenly I shocked by something that would jump ( It 's ass was facing me )
I started wondering , will a cat reacted like this ???

How come a housing area's backyard could have a rabbit ?
At the end just found out it's my neighbour 's pet. ( few houses away )

A naughty girl !