Sway With Lois: August 2007

Friday, August 31, 2007

Stand up comedy

I remember I went for a stand up comedy sermon few years ago at Bukit jalil .
The speaker was from Hong Kong , it was awesome and my very first time to know what is stand up comedy .

I believe the cultures has started for quite a long time ( it has started from America at late 19 century ) , but to gain the acceptance in Malaysia for this kind of shows are a bit difficult . Not many people would tend to spend the money on buying a ticket and sit down to listen on it . Will you ?
Every people have the first time , so I can't make my own opinion on it and assume everyone have the same mind with me.

Nowadays , in our generation , we searching for freedom in speech .
That why I believe there are loads of people would like to release the suppress .
When the stand up comedy begin to develop , exploration in political topics,race relations and sexual humor bring effects ! Some might think it is just a joke , after a big laughing show , it doesn't influence in our life or mind . NO , It does !

If I am not wrong , China Started the stand up comedy for long long time ago( 16 century ) called"相声" . ( It is kinda different , it can be single or more people in the joke shows)The really first time for the Chinese stand up comedy that I had "evidenced" were in the TAR college .I did watched it from TV before , but this one was the real in front of me .

To keep a good culture or nation traditional , we have to behave ! Don't abuse it !

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I mind !

If you say it's the time problem ?

I can't give the 100% surely answer . Correct or wrong?

There are not fixed answer .

Just like any human being , we do base on the feel or will .

However , I believe it 's the mentality problems rather than time.

Every people had it own "past"......

I really shouldn't mind on it . But I do !!!!

I thought it is just about ..

In fact , I am selfishness .

once again to say

sorry ! I mind !

Monday, August 27, 2007

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

How you define " Beauty "?

When I was studied english at ELS , a teacher said , we can praise all the girl with pretty ( any girl that you meet) . But beautiful mean very attractive ( strongly mean it ).

Connotation could be a good and also weak point for asian female.
Nowadays , "Confident" would be the better predominance to show the beauty for a girl .

In my eyes , beauty is come from the heart .( I am sure you are going to roar me ! hahaha )
I never say appearance isn't important . You still have to maintance your good look ! hehehehe
I can see the beauty from female heart and it awakes my respect for them .
Beauty is an untouchable feel ! it isn't come from the appearance .
I like to stay with the friends who is sonsy and simplicity ( just because I am not , that why I hope to be with them )

I keen on jokes , I wish I can laugh every minutes .
I believe that laughing and smiling make every people happy .
I sure it makes me enjoy !
Although we might notable to have a little smile when we were in down mood .

Smiling can remove all the defect .
Smiling bring warm and love .
Smiling can break the harder wall in the world .

Happiness is simple ! It is not complicated as the mathematic formula !

Saturday, August 18, 2007

this is lfe .......in every people's eyes

busy like a crazy ~
luckily don't need to work for today !
and got into sleep early , so when I woke up this morning , it is fresh ~ almost 11 hours slept. :-)

Nothing much that I can share with working and studying ~working is just as usual , you must see people doing in cunning ways , somethings you might not like still you will see it .

When I sat down with my housemate and having chit chatting in the girlie topics , it always make us laugh . One of my housemate is going to graduated soon , and she feels losing . Start to worry for her future , no chances to turning back , beside she wanna continue her master .
It is going to step for the other stage of our life . Leaving school , go into the cruel and reality world ( This is my explanation and my own opinion ). Understandable that most of us would feel indecisive and helpless . I do feel that , and I hate it .

3of us ( my housmate and I ) aren't those people who like to hit target , We are not energies . In fact , it would become the weakness point for us and it blocked us in our future no doubtfully .
Another big problem for me ,myself . I am not easy to squeeze myself into social life . I always want my own space , I prefer having time to rest and silent .

I always wonder can I stand it for my remaining life? But everyone living like this , isn't it ?

Monday, August 13, 2007

E@A 2007

Yesterday was my company E@A .

Thanks Steven for doing the translation for captain Irene

1st kajang company

Am I look that old ?

:-P I am still a student !!!!!

Suddenly being asked are you getting married already or soon ? what !????
Captain Irene asked me was I married already !!!!!????? What a crazy question ???
And the 2nd person who asked me was from the same company ! Lt Joe , when I told him I am going to get a break in BB next year , he straightly asked me am I going to prepare my wedding !!!!!
( who set the rule that only guy can get the study leave in BB , girl cannot meh ????)

Immediately I throwed back the question to them , am I really look that old ? I am still a student ! a student you know ! I am a bit sad lah ~ how can people asked me this type of question ??

I am anti- marry now ! I am a modern girl ( try to not address as woman !) . My dream ages to getting married still is 28 , perfect ! having a partner from now is ok , but married sounds to weird to me !

damn tired after the half day busy with the celebrated in E @A , when I reached home , daddy said we got to go for my uncle ' s dinner at kepong !
My uncle promoted become grandfather , once again can't escape from the same type of question ! haiz , I hope to go back to my teenage , when I don't need to worry on how to answer this kinds of question.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Not enough money!

Finally I can experience it when every workers say not enough money to use !

Transport + meal per day might cost more than RM 10 per day .
when people have started , you have started more commitment like rent , load , insurance , daily expenses , social fees , all types of bills and ........................

Although I don't need to pay most of the fees above , I still need to cover the expenses daily .
let see , with 3 set of contact lens and the solution costs me Rm 71 , luckily I am not always wear the contact lens , only for special event or special dinner . Anyway ...it still cost me !!!

Flute class cost another Rm 100 for beginning level , all the photocopy fees or stationary , and all those small small things that we spend with , when we sum it up , it could be large amount !!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Be a BB forever !!!

went for state meeting again , this time with my captain present .
How hard I had forced him to made the decision on going to meeting .
Anyway , I do understand what have he worried about , because next week is our company's E@A.
The final rehearsal was in charge by the Lt . Liew . What I have heard was it doing fine . I believe after this time my captain can release himself a bit rather than always over burden in our BB meeting. I have tried to let him know ,how's the management playing the important role in our life.

we can't carry all the things and responsibility by our own just because we are in the position .
We have to learn how to believe on our partners ,Lt should be a good helper for captain in a company . I do hope one day , when I leave the 4th kajang , I can leave with peace and blessedness .

But , I also do sure my captain would affair on the coming meeting if the state council still set the value in PJ , sepang or klang . Do you know why ? hahahaha

we got lost at bandar sunway for half and hour . We kept on went through the same road , and I had passed the Sunway pyramid shopping for 4 times !!!!! hahahhahah also we paid for double toll fees !!!!

One of the greater news to get from the state was , selangor state is growing . 4 more companies are coming on the coming few months . And our state is almost extent till 15 companies this year .

Yesterday night , we went for 1st kajang company 38 th Anniversary, one of the most interested part that attracted me was the testimonial that gave by a mother of a BB member .
She said , she used to proud to be a wife of an ex-BB boy , now she is even proud to be a mom of a BB boy .
I feel touch because BB can show the deep impaction to other . So ...do you proud to be BB?
I still remember the first time when I had read an short article about the spirit of BB members .
once you have joined BB , you are forever be a BB ! Showing the goodness and righteous !

Sure & Stedfast

I didn't feel reget to make the decision on having a break next year . I would keep on serving in BB , I am going to open to all the companies who need help although I might not able to serve as an officer in the coming 2 years . I could still help in doing some paper works or course or even some activities and trainings.
So , call me if you wanna . I will do the best if I can !