Sway With Lois: October 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

-Something that follow me -

Sorrow - There are no word to describe my mind
it blew in like the wind and blew away

Just the moment , the grief make me feel like falling into valley

It would come and gone , repeatedly -
uncontrollable , cannot be catch
These is what the Emotion about

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Little waves

Among the city
Hardly to find one who can share my thought

Recently , a friend 's blog talk my mind ,the writing reminds me the moment , on the way I went to Manchester airport alone by train , departed and prepared my heart to get home .

Looking outside the window and saying goodbye to those sheep and the beautiful unique green field in the most lovely country, murmuring that - wish I could come back one day .

It was true indeed, 4 months might not be a long period
But I can't deny it brought a big impact to my life , especially the time to silent in front of God .

Kinda depress when I heard the news about the country 's economy crisis and my plan seems to be one step far more then what I had imagine . Pretty upset honestly .

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Real Relax trip - Friend 's wedding

Ahead to Malacca seems not a far distance as I thought ( pre-travel anxiety )

Thanks Eric 's hospitality ! Prepared us an lovely apartment facing the sea-view
HHHmmmm........sure you wonder the Malacca sea side !

We can't wait for the satay celup ~

Another place where you might not miss out - Jonker street
impossible to avoid the crowded , but still enjoy time to shop.

Day 2 -morning

Woke up in the morning , can't deny ,
I still can't get used myself to sleep in air-condition room

Surprisingly , found out that the sea water is muddy
I couldn't imagine what my father had told me about
the beautiful of the Malacca seaside at his childhood time

And I do know that It 's no longer the same as it used to be

Hibiscus- I never notice its beauty in my life

My favourite - cendol
believe or not , I have 3 cendol in this short trip !

The main purpose for the trip - Eric & Hwee Yin Wedding
Eric was one of my best ex-housemate in college life , with his encouragement ,
I finally graduated ! You're right , I made it .

A Lovely couple

An awesome singers group
and I enjoy very much with songs with many glasses of wine !
Finally I can release myself and get slightly drunk~
haha....it made me felt like I walked on the cloud ~

Only at that time I can let down my stress and burden , I do feel tiring and exhausted recently!

I wish my best ex- housemate and wife happy marriage ~