Sway With Lois: November 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yet it's simple , it's God's mercy

A simple weekend at setapak~

Parent go to Alor star for my cousin 's wedding dinner
then there's no point to go back kajang

Is kinda poor in this moment
was spent a bit much in my birthday
Therefore ,I need to tie up my belt for this week and also next week as well .

Rm 5.50 chicken's chest , Rm 1 sweet pepper,
RM 0.50 spring onion and some mushroom in my stock
to settle 5 meals for 3 days

A big bowl of porridge with 2"You Tiao"= 4 meals
sweet pepper + chicken meat + pasta = 1 cheese creamy pasta

what's free ?
God's great creation
The awesome view outside my window =)

No one can always satisfy other all the times
No matter how well you do, might not all people would appreciated on your work
Not always other would give you a second chances to prove yourself

Why you persist to be your own self
yet you still care on what people talking on you
Why can't you stay happy with your own persistence?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Once in the blue moon

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My next outdoor trip with friends most probably at FRIM , Kepong .
21st or 22nd Dec , if there was no any barrier, I really hope it can be on !( hard to get good time to gather all together ) =P
=) would prefer going to natural than shopping now !

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Am I having a blessed birthday ?

I was kinda blur for the date today , it tooks me few second to wake my mind !

Purposely went for blood donation after class,
since I hope my birthday can brings other people blessing too .
it'd be my very final time to donate blood in college :P

This was not a good experience
I can feel the effect until now

it's still keep on bleeding
not like the flood but drop by drop
once I carry heavily things .

Took about hour and half for the whole process
and my lame housemate was struggle outside the college hall and deny to try it ....lol

However , it was so luckily to have him today

I 've started admit that I 'm getting old and weak now !
Since I was almost fallen into unconscious while I almost done my shopping in the Jusco after the blood donation !
it was my very very first experience that I felt so weak in my life .

hahahah....to got myself a birthday present
Could be consider as most expensive bag that I have currently.

I can't pretend I was strong anymore , I need my dinner to make me up !

And my housemates gave me a surprise , a birthday cake !
It touched me ! I believe it comes from the pray that I made from God .
I made a childish wish with God this year , I said : God! Please at least give me a cake for this birthday to cheer me up and to show that I am not that pity and lonely ! =P

Since in the past few birthday , I only celebrated lonely and with the very "Positive thinking" to pursuit myself to bought a slide of cake for myself ...lol

And MOM gave me a call , I was sobbing in the conversation .
I suppose to be the one who say thank you and blesses to her first !

Friends ! Once again , I'd like to say thank you for all your blessings !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

our future ! BB be concern !

All the BB officers please concern on the information below , it's very important !
Please Pray for God on the BB ministry .

Taken from The Book Of Wong
For more information , feel free to drop in officer Wong 's blog ~

"AKTA 668 - Akta Pertubuhan Belia dan Pembangunan Belia 2007" (or The Youth Act 2007) was enacted on July 26, 2007. This means that, as of 26 July 2007, The Youth Act 2007 is a law of Malaysia.

AKTA 668 - Akta Pertubuhan Belia dan Pembangunan Belia 2007" (or The Youth Act 2007) 是法定于二零零七年七月二十六日。 这代表在马来西亚的法律 Youth Act 已在二零零七年生效了。

What is this about? 这是什麽?
Some major points to note about The Youth Act 2007:


  • The law defines “youth” as those between the ages of 15 to 40
  • 在法律的定义, “青少年”的年龄是介于15 -40 岁。
  • A Youth Organization is considered as:
  • 一个青少年组织 是:
  1. any organisation that has the name 'Youth' or something which means 'Youth',

任何取名于 “青少年”的 组织,这必须是限于“青少年”。

  1. its members are between the ages of 15 to 40,

这组织的成员是在15-40 岁之间,

  1. has an objective of conducting youth activities

有目标 地举办任何的青少年活动。

  • All Office Bearers (EXCOs/Leaders/Top “Official Positions”) of youth organisations and its branches must be members of the organization, and hence must be between the ages of 15 to 40.
  • 所有在青少年组织里的军官(行政会议成员/ 领导 /高层)必须是在15-40 岁之间。
  • All current YOUTH ORGANISATIONS registered under the Registrar of Societies (ROS), like Boys’ Brigade Malaysia, will be required to register under the Registrar of Youth (ROY). The Registrar of Societies (ROS) will no longer register nor recognise any youth organizations.
  • 当前 所有注册在ROS 的“青少年组织”, 正如马来西亚男少年军 将被要求注册在ROY 之下。ROS将不会再对青少年组织给于注册和承认。

Why should you be concerned? 为何你需要关注此事?
Some facts that you need to consider carefully that will have an impact on the BB:


  • Our members are from the ages of 6 (pre-junior) to above 40 years old (Officers, Captains, State Commissioners, BBM EXCO).
  • 现任男少年军队员 的年龄层 是从6 岁(幼儿组)到40 以上(军官,队长,区主席 和马来西亚男少年军的行政会议成员)

  • What will happen to our members aged 14 and below? How about those above 40 years old? Will they still be our Members?
  • 14岁以下的队员和40 岁以上的领袖 该怎麽办?他们是否还是我们的成员?

  • For those above 40 (like the majority of our EXCO), if they still want to contribute to the Boys’ Brigade, how can they?
  • 40岁以上且愿意为少年军服事的成员(例如现任大多数的行政会议成员), 他们该怎麽办?

  • Do we have enough willing Officers under 40 years old to take up state and national responsibilities?
  • 马来西亚男少年军是否有足够年龄低于40 岁的军官愿意担任起 区域和全国的职位?

  • How about those BB Companies without any officers 40 and below?
  • 尚若有一些分队是完全没有40 岁以下的军官,该怎麽办?

  • If BB is not registered under the ROY and no longer recognized by the ROS, can we still exist? Will we be recognised by the government? Can we go into schools?
  • 如果男少年军不是注册于ROY 和不再被承认于 ROS,我们的组织是否还存在?我们是否被政府承认?我们是否能够进入学校?

What can you do? 你能为此作什麽呢?
Fellow BB members, the implications are serious and needs your serious thoughts and relevant action.

亲爱的少年军成员, 这牵连甚重! 请您慎重的 思考和采取相关的行动。

  1. Please pray that God will be in control of this situation.

为着这个情况向上帝祷告, 求神支配。

  1. Pray that God will grant all attending the EGM (State and National) wisdom and courage to do what’s right for BBM’s future

求神赐智慧给出席EGM 的成员和有勇气对马来西亚少年军的未来作出对的 决则。

  1. Attend – or ensure that your company is represented at – the EGM

务必出席! 保你分队有任何的代表出席EGM

  1. Spread the news of this far and wide so that all BB Members and Officers are fully aware of the situation and are playing their part in taking action

请把此消息传下去, 让所有的男少年军队员和军官们 对这有所醒觉 在行动中扮演自己的角色。

  1. For Officers aged 20s and 30s, they need to come forward to take up office in the local company, state and national level.

介于20-30岁之间的军官们, 他们必须担起当地分队,区域和全国性的阶层。

For more information, please contact BBM HQ


If God allow , I hope I can have .........................................
If God allow, I hope I could have a blessing...........................
In God 'grace , If HE allows , I I hope I can have ..............................

Worth to wait? Will God really prepare ?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thanks God for last Sunday of blessing me on the "Youth Against HIV/ AIDS" / "HIV/AIDS Awareness Talk " in 4th kajang company , which I have to made it in short for about in about two and quarterhours . Special Thanks to Lt. Jimmy from 4th PJ company who has provided me some useful suggestions and came to help .

The course was conducted in Chinese in 4th kajang company , feel free to get the detail information ( power point ) from me if anyone is interested.

I had attended 2 times trainings to prepare to be a trainer ( 2days for each training ).
Which is really help a lots although most of us thought we knew well what is HIV/ AIDS .
I would say , I am kinda disappointed on those officers who is not willing take part , since it 's a great chances to upgrade yourself . Most of the officers stop learning , it might causes members dissatisfy and it reflected a bad effect to them .How do we presue BB members to learn and grow if we don't ??

Monday, November 10, 2008

I always say what I think and offence
the whole classmate , friends and
all the people around me .

I am too serious , too stubborn and too "straight".

I know I can't do anything by myself, only God can lead me and change me .
p/s: Please pray for me

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Will pay more effort and patient next time~

I love cheese cake

And my birthday is coming soon oh!
Just to remind you ~ LOL

However , I 'm not always patient in the complicated steps and appealing
on preparing the ingredients.

The result wasn't too bad
Just need more patient
and the cream cheese shouldn't keep for long once it bought and
can't put in the freeze zone in refrigerator .( Can't you see the coarse cheese grains?)
I can't melted it smoothly !

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I am so regret ! What is the date today ? 5th NOV!!!!
I had planned to go for the Orchestra performance ( Showcase concert ) at Dewan Philharmonic Petronas on 21st DEC , it's 3 days show. Unfortunately , I thought I was the early bird to buy the ticket today .

Do you know what ???!!!!
3 days shows just left only 3 seats !!!!!
and it's premium seats which is RM 140 .

Which I had planned to go with two of my ex-housemates and two of my current housemate =5 people . For me , I could buy the ticket with my student card .
Eventually , I was too shock which the showcase only remain 3 seats ( today) , 2 of my ex-housemate which are working now can't afford for Rm 140 , so they gave up .

In the meanwhile , other 2 of my current housemates cannot arrange their time to buy the ticket for today . At the end , I could say I was in very disappointed and blur circumstance . I DIDN'T BUY FOR MY OWN TICKET .

Do you know where is the premium seat is ?????It is a BOX , is on the BOX !!!!!!
And do you know how much as a student I could get the offer for the BOX seat ?????
RM 15 !!!!!

Now Lois is so regret that she was too disappointed and blur on the time !Since she might not have long time to fully use her student card anymore .Also, she knews that she will not able to affort the premium seat while she is going to work in the future life !

Saturday, November 01, 2008

it's awesome ! Bravo

Got to found it here , 英文由F字学起
It was so touch, when first listen to her sound !
The little girl might not really perfect, but she was doing very well and brave to stand and sang infront of some many audiences !