Sway With Lois: December 2006

Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Meal ~

step of cooking spaghetti : hahahhahaha?

First , well prepare the ingredient that you like ~unfortunately that I didn't have much with me , let see the picture above ....there are a slice of bacon (cut into small piece or mince) , orange pepper ( you can choose yellow , red , purple, green ....whatever you like...if you can get more than this hahahhaha) , 2 tomatoes cut up into small grain ( prepare as the fresh tomato sauce ) , handful of cheese , and also some olive in small slip .

I got this small box of cheese from KLCC cool storage , it should be the type of cheese for mixing in salad . Anyway ,I still tried it on my spaghetti............not tasty at all...hahahaha.

Next , as you can see from the picture above , cook the "protagonist" of this dish .....tang tang tang tang ...spaghetti loh ......it would be better if you can boil the spaghetti in a deep cauldron for 8~10 min( I don't have it in my apartment ~) and for easy to peel off the tomatoes , you can boil it together for 5 min . Or you could put the tomatoes into the ice water ( i saw it from chinese cooking program , but never try it before ) .

SEE~ after boiled for 5 min , the tomatoes 's skin is automatically peel off

After the spaghetti is well prepared , I also added in some kelp ~ it is my fancy ! Sometime , I would add some WASABI too ...... Then , you can start cooking the sauce , fry the ingredient in the first picture add in the chopped up tomatoes also adding in some tomatoes sauce ( you can use the tin one or normal bottle one ) , some pepper and salt .

ok, finally .............enjoy it !

Pictures Below were my breakfast ~

Friday, December 29, 2006

Extraordinary group ~IL DIVO

IL DIVO ~ my fancy group singer! I discovered them accidentally 2 years ago when I was shopping at the bigger recorder shop in KLCC , They are really cool and smart ..... :-) I can't use words to describe how beautiful and fair -sounding of their songs.Can I say it is an aesthetically pleasing or harmonious sound???il Divo have taken opera into the mainstream on a global scale.
If you like the opera music , not that type of boring/ traditional classical ......can I classified it in to easy listening too ?

At the first , I couldn't believe that recently there are loads of Europe singer just like "Michael bubble" , "IL divo" , "The ten tenors" , “Vitas" have appeared ....... They are slightly trend to opera or JaZZ..............and their ages is gradually trend to a bit young and mainstream ( In my thought , those singer who was singing the opera should be like the famous Italian , Pavarotti)

They just publish a new album name " Siempre " , there is slightly different with their previous album . IL Divo album's cover are always lovely , smart , attractable ,very Europe style .

Don't you agree with me ? hahahahahah

Just because of the new album publish , I went to check out the website on Wednesday night, and I saw there are some messages that left by their fans all around the world , and also realize that they are coming to Malaysia on Jan and having a concert , only one concert ! Great ! I felt excited !!!!!!! .................but when I saw the price below .........
Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Ticket Price:
RM1500, RM1000, RM803 & RM503

I were almost dropping into a deep cliff ~ it is totally too expensive ! I am not able to afford at all .And there is the only one ! the only one concert in Malaysia ! Also I have check out the Singapore one , it is not as expensive as Malaysia (the cheaper one is $ s 88) !!! Although I am enthrall with IL divo , I am still the calmative fans ...........the conclusion is ....I am not going to watch the concert .

Friday, December 22, 2006

The End of year 2006

Coming to the end of the year , Malaysia is always loads of festivals . Just like today , Chinese is celebrating the " dong zhi " “冬至”。。。。。。。also As you know , chinese festivals would never disengage with food . So , today is a day to eat " tang yuan " "汤圆“。

Christmas is coming very soon.....just outside our door ~
3 days more .
Malaysia gradually incline to/ influence by western culture ........I do know it have happened for long long times , but pls take note on my word " gradually " . I never see this celebration trend in malaysia before , can I say people are getting crazy in shopping , clubbing , party and..............
I believe it is too over . Let see the picture below , I took it today in my college , loads of students wear the christmas cap and "buckhorn " and walk around the college .....although this is not the first times I saw it at college .

and how about me ?I almost just staying at home to sleep sleep and sleep , watching Tv and reading , online .........hahahahah

Actually loads to share in this week ......I am studying operation management this semester ( included marketing ) , my lecture always remind us why engineering students have to study management too, she said engineer could be a good manager / have to be ?....manager ! an very attractive position , isn't it ? Besides that , more or less , we can't run aways from the management actually , the small things in our daily life until the big business , we do need management . It is pretty help if we manage it well !

As my BB company would like to have 3 years planning , but most of them couldn't see the point clearly , 4th kajang has passed though 11 years .............without our own mission , vision , target and also plans. SEE ! ......how seriously cases . I do admit that I myself also didn't have ideas on it until I studying the management and also my chaplain mentioned it . I also feel anxiety with the other officers who couldn't see this ! I can't blame them of this , because I myself also didn't have ideas on it until i study management .

I do asked some other officers from other companies , their answer were planning sometimes would just a planning if we didn't really live it . I agree with them , Every people can give an extravagantly colourful description , but not all can do it.

Admittedly that management play an important roles in the business and life , those successful business person and also brands in the market shown the distinctness prove to us .I just borrow a book which is introduce the world famous and successful brands in the world , example : Adidas , hooves , Sony , hush Puppy , ..................and loads .

Too much to share .............and recently I am wallow in taking picture , I do hope to bring up this hobbies . I still in the learning state , always produce the narrow margin pictures .

Those are some pictures that I had took in college . TAR college history is almost my parent 's ages, Some of the building is quite old and preciseness .............don't misapprehend my meaning , TAR college do build the new building and rebuild . My School , School of technology was just instead the new air con the beginning of this year............the whole school building's air con oh~

The pictures above would never be strangeness to me , swimming pool , I have passed though 4 years in this familiarity place.

And the bad effect of this hobbies is ........................I have started to be a narcissism people .

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Out of the common @ prosiness ~day

4 days before Christmas ....................................

Weather keep on changing , South of malaysia having a seriously flood , singapore even worse I think ~errrrrrrrr..........no , I just check out the online news , Johor , especially segamat is under "Red alert rainstorm"
Annual rainfall in total was usually about 240cm in malaysia , but in just one day (Dec 18-19), Johor got 35cm of rain

I got throught a very everydayness day ~ I walked around the college and the wind blow softly , it just like a spirit dancing and surrounding me , it really felt quietude .

I haven't had this feeling for long , never feel so peace in my heart . I droped into a shadow and gloominess period for long ~ Thanks Lord , daily bread helps , HE doing right things to his people on HIS time . I had read the topic called "consummate malice"

The LORD loves those who hate evil; he preserves the lives of his saints; he delivers them from the hand of the wicked.
Psalm 97:10

a nineteenth century author named Olive Moore said : " The times and enegry you have costed to hate is 100times of loving "..............Therefore , If I can used this 100times of energy to love , it would form a huge potence..........I still in learning ~

And if you be unwilling to serve the LORD, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell; but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."

Joshua 24 :15

another challenge to me in this lection , I do know who I have believe with , and what I am believe too . I just have to refresh and analyse what is the problems that make me apart from my LORD .

Saturday, December 16, 2006


I went to observed the SOT 's Project Design exhibition(Prodex) show yesterday , as i am materials course student , I were quickly going to observed my courses' s project , especially my ex-coursemate presentation ....heheh

the left hand side is glass manufacture , the next one is composite brick

left hand side is mould .....and next is casting product !

I think it was really marvellous shows , I myself really eyes open . I seldom have chances to go to any show and asked some many questions by my own . Although materials projects weren't as attractability as those electronics or mechanicals . I do think my course have its own speciality , example , I saw a swimming pool cleaner , it is really originality but the material parts weren't that suitable , the materials that he used couldn't resist the corrosion . That is the point show why we ( mechanical + materials + electonic) need cooperation in manufacturing .

This is the swimming pool cleaner that i had mentioned ~

I do saw loads high tech project ~ such as bluetooth gateway control ( forget the name ...sorry...about the meaning ) figure above

There are some robots things .....which is not my department ...hahha....but people always can't deny it , aren' you ?

Hey ...friend ..! Cong to your show , you did very well in your project .

Saturday, December 09, 2006


My classes in tuesday is ended early at 3pm ~ good day to shop , isn't it ?

So , went to KLCC for movie . Suppose I had planed to watch the "happY FeeT" .......you know what ! It been cancel ....... :-( ..so I have to change my mind to other movie called " Dejavu" ( I have heard this movie's adv from radio ..and it pronous as "dea- sha -bu") .

The story is start with a terrorist explode a ferry which carried a lot of navy in New Orlens , go without thinking the hero is a black people who has lived and growned in this area . He shown his very canniness mind as a police , clamness and the most important idea in this movie is LOVE ~

In my view , the touch most for me in this film isn't the BG relationship but is while the film's scene stop at the dilapidated New Orlens area. If I am not mistake , it was a very damaging typhoo happed there before ( Hopefully that I am not mistake lah~). And also , the loyalty and the love to his hometown .

overall ~ it could be a watcheable film !

There is always a question in my mind , why the shopping centre is so "CROWED " in the holidays ? Don't all the people need to work ?( except students ) .

I do feel the very great Christmas atmosphere , I do excited and warm when I saw all the decoration and the christmas songs around my ears . The joy is "effuse" from my heart , every people are busy in buying the christmas presents.

sure ~ u would ask me , is all those decaration , presents , foods ........is the true mean to Chritmas ? Definately , I say no. BUT , I could say as well as the Christmas "receptivity " is increase , people may open their heart and mind . I do agree it is avery good thank giving periods , it reminds us the time flow , it is going to end a year .

Thanks Lord that sacrifice for our sin , he is not always the "baby in the stable "! He is the God who growth as a true man and sacrifice for all the human being ~