Sway With Lois: November 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I"M still alive

Just can't believe , I had no updated my blog for about a month .
I never have such a long time ignoring it before .

I'm not disappearing , still alive with God's grace :)
Just getting lazy and numb with the repeating life especially when in work .
Counting the days , another one month would fulfill the one year working experience , Still I feel blur .

Getting near to Year end , birthday passed, Christmas is coming ~
Wishing the new revolution could happen in my life ~

-Niece came a day after my birthday-

The last series of Harry Potter part 1,
truly enjoy watching film alone ..lol
A present for my Birthday

less and less time spending in a daze
I miss the sunset at setapak

Treasure the lonely journey

Addict that not easily to give up - Shopping

Anyway I still alive , more secret to keep in heart , lesser to sharing .
God is shaping me with time , I WILL BE BACK !