Sway With Lois: July 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life Could be Simple

what am I really looking for ?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bukit Apek

If you ask me where it's , i can't clear point to you as I 'm not good in recognize direction & road .
Google search is the easier , "Bukit Apek , Bukit Putih, or so called as 阿伯山 in Chinese .

Recall back ,the last time I went for hiking was in UK , Oct 2009, I love the weather and the view.
Back to the Tropicana forest is totally different idea . Everything is different !


8 of us , colleague and ex- colleague , after the Saturday work off , sleepy man !
Time suppose for shopping , rest or sleep !

Station to took rest

The trade mark you will see toward the level 8

Huge ANTS!
I swear i didn't zoom it!

finally after 2 hours ++ hard journey , we reached the little water fall at about 5 30 PM
we took a small rest about 10 mins on taking photos , then we started to our journey back , since the skies turn dark !

All of us were exhausted , can't deny we ( average end of 20...hahha) are getting too old and less exercise .
630 pm , we were back to the starting point

Two little cute kitty ....bye
I'm not sure if I want to visit you again :P

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Floria Festival

If you couldn't imagine how many people who are just like you that own a DSLR , then I recommend you to go to festival - whatever festivals , I strongly believe .

The Floria festival had hold at Putraja last week , and I have seen almost 5/10 of the visitors own a DSLR ! And the only things in their eyes was just taken photos , focus and discussion how to make a good shooting ...haha

For me , a beginner , it's good chances to practice !

The conclusion now is - I have bad skill in taking portrait!
hhhhmmmmm.....any tips to teach me ????

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

U Make me crazy!

Can't believe what I had done !!!!! It's much much over the budget that I had set for getting myself a DSLR ! From canon 450D jump to 500D , and the price is RM 500 different , which means my 2 and half month pocket money gone !

RM 2599
( 2 x 4G memories card , tripod , camera bag, filter + 3 years warranty )

2 months study fund + 2 and half months pocket money !

You couldn't see how was my face expression when I hold the camera on my hand and murmuring the money on my bank account + sleepless night !

Thanks Liem Joe for accompanied to buy the camera, (although He didn't help much :P) hahahha
The most helpful things he did was sent me home while my pocket left only RM 1 and the chit chatting time .Sorry that I couldn't fully agree on your ideas , as I 'm the stubborn one and I have my reason to support own perspective ~
Thank for the words that brought me some reflect , much appreciate on your comment and I realized no even one of my friends have pointed out my problems and analyzing it to me as you did .

Shooting :

Haven't get used on all the function and buttons yet , let times to show the result :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

freebie that I got online recently
actually it was more but I gave most to my mom and she used it~

Don't know since when it happened , I become the one among those who getting petty advantages!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Hero & Heroine !

1. March with the centurions to Respighi’s Pines of Rome

2. Battle evil with Harry Potter in Williams’ Hedwig’s Theme

3 . Superb marksman like William Tell in Rossini’s overture

4. Dance to Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld

5 .Saddle-up for the rodeo in Copland’s Hoe-Down

6. Mickey Mouse in Dukas’ Sorcerer’s Apprentice

I have been looking for accompanies to watch the Orchestra show for long , but no one :(
I 've been for film alone , shopping alone and backpack alone , but never try for watching show alone , then I experienced it :P

The most impression was the first piece , how wonderful were the trumpet group :)
The show was mainly for family , means parent and kids to enjoy the music together .
I have seen many children were enjoy with the interaction with the presenter - Kevin Hathway who came from UK and the conductor -Matthew Coorey comes from Australia .

It's totally different with the normal orchestra show compare to the "Family Fun" show .I called it as Music education for children ( School music class is too bored compare to it !) Children can took part in the orchestra show and be the little "Hero & Heroine" as well , stood on the conductor stage ,shout together and play the music instrument leaded by the Orchestra members- Never could you feel bored !

The presenter - Kevin Hathway made the great fun to children , talking about the stories , acting , running about in the hall and......bla bla bla ...

If you would like to go for a show and worry about if you would fall asleep , then I truly recommend you to go for "Family Fun" , the price is cheaper as well.

I wish I could go for the "king's Singer " on 12th July as well , but ...emm...the ticket is much expensive :)