Sway With Lois: July 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Prevent better than cure

Prevent better than cure .....

but unfortunately

something cannot be cure once you make it wrong

Do you still remember there was a hottest slogan few years ago .
"Life no take 2 "

Attended the 2nd Malaysia AIDS Council Conference gained a slightly different experience , although most of us thought we knew well what 's AIDS or HIV , via the conference , once again remind me , majority of us .....especially the youth don't know !!!!

Even the Adult would doubt on it , and can't answer the questions confidently .
I believe MAC do very hard to spread the idea to help us understand about this horrible virus .
I 'm pretty what we have learn really deep inside our heart and practice it in our daily life.

When we were kid , we need no worries in anything , we never know what is "responsibility". Since our parent is our guide and shield . When we 're grew , more and more burden and stress that we need to carried , and we have to take responsibility on what we have done . A little wrong step would make us regret for the rest of our life..

Why do I said prevent better than cure?
Since HIV /AIDS is no cure !!!!!
Through some true case study that we had discussed in the conference , we've found there are no perfect solution to help those HIV carriers or who got AIDS . It 's a huge involved , it isn't personal problem , it related to family , friends and society even a country .

Honestly , I really feel helpless . I 'm quite against to see those photos that show AIDS seizures. It would make me more helpless !
I don't know if the figure can aware the public nowadays anymore , since I believe the fact of HIV /AIDS and how it transmits would more important , We need to go back to the source.. Huiman being is so forgetful , number might not be the most vital point to them .

The other important point we 've to consider is ......how we practice it in our life ?
How we walk side by side with the HIV carriers ? Although we knew eating , talking , sitting together with them definately will not transmitedt by them , can you destroy the barrier in your heart ?

There 's nothing wrong to doubt when we first experience it . Everyone will do so, it's a very reality reaction . We might not able to fully accept without the correct information / knowledge . At least the most basic we can do is .....not to look down on them or spread the gossip .

They need love , hope and faith !

They don't like me ????


I'm depressing !!!!!!!
Am I thinking too much ? Is my ages become a big barrier to communicate with them ?
I knew it's a big gate :(

I 'm sad ....not one wanna sit with me .
What can I do ???

I 've been trying to chit chat with them but they just ignore me :(

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dinner alone ~

Sometime , instant noodle can be extraordinary .

homemade fried chicken +vegs

Kimchi + Vegs

Sometime , Porridge can be go back to it original taste ~

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A little part to share.................

Those young girl are cute ~

Girl Brigade

I still remember that one of my BB friend asked me why don't I choose to serve in GB rather than BB. I was paused at the first when my friend asked me about this question . Since I didn't know how to answer him .( Honestly ) , Since I never see and in touch with any Girl Brigade ministry before.

I have knew nothing about GB.

Nowadays , I still know nothing about GB .

To understand an organization isn't just getting the general information about it .Moreover , To decided to serve in an organization should have much more consideration and summon from God.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Final Year Project 2

Friday , no class !

But I still have to wake up about 740 am .....:(

Eyes also can't open wide !

Haiz ...lab again

Today need to test compressive strength
which I had planed to finished my work in the morning section

haiz....nothing perfect in the world
Due to loads of accidents and excuses ( not my fault !)
Nah! wasting my time

I been staying in college until 3pm something only can do the test .
Anyway , in between I spent 2 hours to do group assignment discussion and about an hour in library.


What's experiment ?

experiment is not one take on and get the perfect result .
need to trial and error

the strength is slightly low and the specimen is kinda wet

Gambate ! Tomorrow is still 7am something ....Gosh !

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lois is in Construct !!!!!!!!!!

When going in the final year in studied ....that mean final year project take part !

My final year project title :


I'm available to do my project on Friday and Saturday only since the busy schedule in studied and also fully book of lab appointment .

Cement + sand + fibres +water = Fibre cement cube ~

I can't laid on my bed over 10 am anymore !!!!!!...everyday 8 or 9am classes and Saturday also need to reach lab on 8 something :(

It isn't a simple work in mixing all the materials .Luckily ! I picked a help from building division student who I do not know to help me ......He just lepak in lab ....then....LOL

this 6 cubes costs me 3 hours !
No including the calculation and material preparation work!

I got the backaches after the first section !! Gosh !

Monday morning ....10 am
need to take out the cubes

and sink inside water ...and this process is called curing
7 days , 14 days and 28 days

Then , after 7 days take one and test on the compressive strength . And following with 14 days and 28 days .

heemmmmm....the work is not finished yet.......it's just a beginning .
I need to stay at the lab for my following Saturday in this semester to make brick !!!!!
Hope I could have quick work on this Saturday , since my housemate promises to give me a hand

Target for this Saturday is 8 cubes !!!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Down from HIS Glory

Monday, July 14, 2008

Just a dream

I got a dream again in the nap!
A person who's without dream mean the person not really in sleep .

He's appearing in my dream !!!!!!!
I 'm so happy to see him again ...LOL but just in dream.

The dream is about a short time that I could spend with him in his birthday , no one remember his birthday and no one celebrate to him.
I forgot how the story started......the dream is so natural.
I accompany him to watch films in his house , we've found the common favourite that we have , we 've chit-chating about the the films story , we watched also cartoon.......LOL ( am I childish ?)
I miss his smile , He was so kind and lovely. We were like friend for long and so close .

From the noon till the day getting dark .......

I was reluctant to part , He sends me out and I was rushing home for dinner with relative .
I still remember I invited him for the dinner at my home and see if He want to ( since it was his birthday , but He was alone ). He just smiles , but no replying me.

The dream is just end like that ...................... For me , it's really a sweet dream :p

Unfortunately , In reality , we are no longer in a good friendship as we first met .
Honestly , I wasn't in secret crush on him when I first met him or even for a period . in the beginning ,He was just not my cup of tea , kinda different on what I 've looking for .

Unexpected , I fancy on him .
I thought I need no to remember him anymore .....just the dream bring Him back to me . I miss his smile !!!!!!!!

I could see my own smile with true heart , I never enjoy my smile for long .
So comfortable to have him in my dream .

Back to the reality , a dream is still a dream .
It will not come true :(

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Sunday

Sunday Again !
But I wasn't in Kajang but stay back in KL for this weekend

This Church look familiar eh .........somewhere in KL isn't it ?
Hah ....KL Gospel Hall near PJ street .

I thought the Church worship section started on 9am
Since I been there before.

Now there separated into two section , Mandarin section on 8am ...WOW
945am for Cantonese section . ( it used to mix 2 languages in one section )

But I arrived at 9am ! stuck in the half way ...how ?
LOL ....I found that the English section Sunday worship is on 9am !!!!!!

Not much different between the English and Chinese section in the Gospel hall .
The only different is language .It's impossible that language can become a barrier to anyone to worship GOD !

God is great ! He is always Great to us .
I was kinda sleepy when the sermon first started ...LOL ....God Please forgive me !
The title today is studying Galatians , talking about Paul mission trips and background of this book.

God gave me a great message in the final part of sermon .
Why do we go to church ? Anyone forces you ?
we going to church since our pastor call us to ?


Just because we "want" to.
We want to worship our God with fully willing heart .

I could see majority the members in KL Gospel Hall is in middle age or senior citizen
or very young age child .I could see not many youth in Sunday service . Every time , I got the comfort from the loyalty of those old Brothers and Sisters . Their steps is slow and weak , some of them even need help with walking stick . But they persist to come to church .

So how can you , YOU , You ,You give up ? ( You knew who am I mention about !!!)

Thanks God that never abandon me in my difficult time . Lord! Please show me my way !
I don't want to be a "Sunday Christian" , I want to serve you !

I 'm struggling ! What type of life I'm choosing about ?
After the church , I 've shop around the Pasar seni and walked till the Dataran Merdeka .
Although I passed through for so many times by bus , I never have chance to walk on foot and visit it.

Hmmmmm....it was horrible !
it's was fully with foreign labours outside the pasar seni .
They just fancy roaming there without any purpose .
I'm not look down on them , since I was walking alone and also wondering why they like to gathering there .

I'm kinda regret to meet with my ex housemates in Sg wang
They were late , so I killed time in the bookshop .Most of the Malaysian prefer shopping more than reading , I could see almost empty in the bookshop .

and enjoying a song presentation

Honestly , I don't like to do shopping on Sunday ! I bought nothing today , Just not the right mood to shop and need to manage my finance !!!!
Sunday should be a time to take rest, stay at home is the best or gather with friends , but never never do shopping :P

When it's gone that mean it's really gone .
I believe material can't last long , we have to find out the purpose of life .

I wanna go back to natural !!!!!
Kepong , FIRM .....my target !!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Can you change a person as stubborn as me ?


Lois is looking forward to explore her life ~
since she suddenly realized that she lives like a frog in bottom of well

too many complaints
and too little of praise

too much Nitpicking
too little of treasure

too pround of her own
too little of introspective

And she 's always hair-splitting
Can you help her ?

She knews that it's impossible to change a person with one day , but she wants it to be happen beyond her life !

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Love Eternity

" So they are no longer two , but one . No Human being must separate , then , what God has joined together. "

Matthew 19 :6

Was so touch by this scripture on last week sermon .
It cames in that moment , my tears was almost drop while I read it .
I didn't know why .
since I wasn't first time read on this scripture.

I always sit in the same row while in Sunday morning service , with a very old couple ( Ah gong and Ah ma ) with my Capt. 's wife . My eyes turn upon to them , the only in my mind is " love eternity"

It reminds me , a brother who I had talked with in MSN long time ago.
He said he didn't believe God should be the one who prepared him the future partner . After He broken up with the sister that I knew , he did found another new girl friend . If I 'm not wrong , it didn't stay long also. ( Can I say He deserved it ......ahahahaha)

Lois ! You 're so bad laughing on other ! LOL

What I really learn in this lesson is , what we have dream on , request , demand or looking forward to .....might not the one who God has prepared for me . Only God know who 's the most suitable for us . ( was so sad on the last few secret crush experiences ....LOL)

Last Sunday , One of my best sister went to me after her service in youth fellowship .
I know that.....i know that .....
She must got something to share ( since she will not come without purpose !)
Actually , I 'd like to say sorry , I live quite far away from town .....she needs to drove far to my house and took times !
Although I can't help much on her case , I just could pray for her .
A non -Christian and Christian love story , always not be blessing . Plus with loads of struggling , might also with some arguing .

Saturday, July 05, 2008

"Tang Yuan" mean Gather

I miss all my friends ! I Miss Yen Hwa ! I miss Jecg !
I miss my childhood friends !
I miss my friends who 're busy although we met every week ,
we 're able to spend time to know each other more.

I miss my ex- housemates ( chew hwe & shu shin )
, especially I have not one having dinner with me .
No one makes me laugh like crazy , the house become so silent !
No one goes to enjoy korea cuisine with me !

I MISS YOU ALL , Muakssss.......... :-*

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Why Can't it stop ?????

I 'm quite against on taking Panadol although I 'm in sick .

The whole day wearing jacket , with a pair of swelling eyes and red nose !
I think my classmate who sat next to me also would worrierd on if I might infected them !
I was sitting alone in my row where the lecture hall is so huge !!!!!!!!

ARGGGGG.......... I can't stand anymore ! I pretty need some medic for my bad flu !!!!!!!
At first I though this brand of product produced some medic also for flu
( In my impression , it's )
I couldn't found any medic for flu after I visited around the pharmacy for about 10 mins ......
( No medic to cure flu , right?)

I really can't concentrate my study and I was very blur for this 2 days .
Finally , I bought the Panadol Soluble ( for kids) which I think might not has big reflection /effective . Took one and had a nap on noon time .

Feeling better now ........but I still can't stay long in the air- conditional room or under fan :(

Pray for me !!!!!!!!!