Sway With Lois: October 2006

Saturday, October 28, 2006

WTC~ unforgettable Day

When the film's ad play from radio , I made the decision to have a watch on it ~ WTC

September 11 , 2001 , It was a unsually warm day in New York.The world yipe terrorist incident happened, everyone felt surprive when they saw the news about it . Even some thought it was just TV programm playing the science fiction film which had made with the computer .In my memories , I was watching the TV News hit-and-mass in Malaysia .

Honestly to say , I never ever knew about this world flourish place before - WTC . Althought I heard about it for loads from news before, I never would take note tp this 2 buildings.

According to the latest news that I had read from the magazine , there are much more people sacrifice after 2 years of the accident . Those are the people who did the cleaned up , polices and firemen , most of their death are because of lung cancer and sick which cause by breathing too much dust .
As we are those far away from America , we can't really experience their discomposed , lives in dreadless. They lost their belover family , they lost their dignity .

But I could say , they may gain back the purpose of life . I am very esteem those Police officers , firemens and volunteers who had decided to go in to help and save the people . When I watched the film , it was a sound come out from my heart and asked , if I were there , would I give a help or I would run away . Honestly , I can't give any answer . I could only say I am not brave enough compare to the 2 police officers .

Overall , as an audience I think the film wasn't the one that I had expected . But It reminds me , Jesus have his time and he would do what he had decided.

After the 911 event , % of American who believed to jesus are increasing , they turn back to their ancestor's God , and get the comfort from our Lord Jesus .

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

PD .............................

Having a retreat camp in PD for 3days holidays , if you would to ask me how was the camp. I could say ..............it was so so . I have the "camp hypochondria" , it always happened at the day that I have to depart , or also a day before any camp . So what is my sympton ?

1 ) I start worrying the work that I haven't finish , so I would stay for a deep late night to rush
the works. ( Actually , it may not really important to rush up)

2) I would start thinking a lot of negative things , such as conflict , can't seasoned with ( mixing in
ambiance ) actually I don't like and couldn't suit with loads of people .

3) I would pick a flower and bet whether I want to go or not ( just kidding , I am
environmentalist and I won't try to destroy it) But the fact is , I do pace up and down even
I already on the way to the location. And in fear and trembling , I always have the thought to cancel the trip.

4) I would do packing on the late minute .

Throw out all the unhappy things , I do yearned to go to beach .

take a walk

touch the earth~

Monday, October 09, 2006

ENtiTleMeNt GeNERatiOn ~

What is entitlement generation ? I just knew this word from the chinese newspaper on last Sunday. I could say I were born after X-generation , so I am Y generation woman ! ....so what agin the X-generation mean ?

X is come out from the word "excluding " , this X-generation is a sign for 60-70 era .
Those X,Y...even Z may be isn't my main point . My mean point would back to the "entitlement Generation"again .

In the Chinese translation , it is called "应得时代”. Its meaning is clear enough to show what's the world is going to developing. It mean "deserve" , the young generation including I myself would say all the money which have spent on us are deservedly . I should own a most trandy mobile phone .The Boss should pay us the salary proportinal to our work or even higher . All my belover friends and family should satify my dreams ...and all this "deserve" could make our parent in suffer ! They work hard to just satify their's child who is materialistic . On the other hand , the parent nowadays set a very bad example for their child too , they use material to allure or as a deal .

Admittedly , I am a materialistic too...likely ....to be . Even the members in my company is much more serious . I think the example below is going to remind you !
It happened ordinary in anywhere ......it might had happened on you too .....Do you still remember did your parent "alluse " you with somethings that you had aspired after when you were in UPSR, PMR and SPM ? ....hahahah.......I could see most of the parent do that . Even My parent did too .

According to the newspaper report , it shown out some case study .Bases on those cases, it brought out the effects of the "entitlement generation ". It is really vivit fact especially for this generation who is going in to the society , I also could see this have happened among my friends.

let us think about it ........ do we have the sense of duty ? Do we giving Thanks for what we have had ? Do we get a commitment to somethings ?

Finally , I want to make a conclusion on it with a newspaper report that I read today . A little singaporian boy who have started to wallow in the Computer games since he was very young is insane now . He try to suicide for thrice !

Do All this Worth ? " - just do it- would lead you to the road of destruction !"

Sunday, October 01, 2006

took a Rest In jesus

Every sunday can make me feel extremely tired , there are loads of Boys/ youth 's problems to solve and cope ! Almost every week we (officers) need to face this things . And honestly to say I really don't undersatnd the youth nowadays . I met a ex-officer in BBHQ few days ago we havea short time to shared , and he told me that he had been officers for almost 10 years , the main point that he had said is ........he found out that BB members nowadays aren't easy to handle anymore ! Extremely agree !

In people 's eyes , volunteer officers like us just wasting our time spending the whole weekend to those members .On the other hand , most of the people are enjoying their weekend at home ,shopping , going to trip , having time gathering with mate . WHAT FOR VOLUNTEER OFFICERS SPEND THEIR TIME TO THOSE BOYS? ...................you might be the one could answer this question.

People start to give up and evade from the responsibility on this generation , especially the resposibilityies to the youth in the city . we can say the generation now are too blessedness ,excess! They keen on revolt and againts , arrogance and associal .

I am grieve that youth alawsy let the "emotion" be their master , they 've let "emotion" to drive their life , also not brave enough to face the real problems.

No all of us know how to rest in Jesus Lord , I couldn't do anythings beside trust in our father . He will be the sheepherder of all of our life ~