Sway With Lois: December 2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bird Park Kuala Lumpur~

Yummy ~Yummy Peking Duck.....lol...just Joking ~

Find your own food lah~

Aware , Enemy!
Fighting !
I saw you in Kung Fu Panda before .hehe

Hey ,Tauke ! You're good Model for your friend ( Peacock)!

Hey, is your turn !
look For food Your own oh!

Relax & Sleepy

Peacock Girl : Who is She ?
Peacock boy: What An envy Girl, She is just passes by my House .
Peacock girl : nah! I don't Believe you !

Not discrimination !

Yummy , Chicken Dumb stick ~lol

Peacock boy :Don't leave me alone , Please Come back , please believe me !

Crane girl: I 'm so sorry P*Boy, I just passed by your home only mah!
I don't know P* girl would misunderstand ............

Ostrich' Smile

Christmas Red !
No !Is Scarlet Ibis~

P*Girl : Is he really looking for my return ?

-End- of 31/12/11
New year resolution ? No , only Calender Changes ..haha