Sway With Lois: January 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

200 pound beauty

This is an awesome Korea Film which I had watched around a year ago .
To kill my holidays , I almost play around my time on the youtube .
Searching the video that I fancy .

yeap !This is one of it that I keen on .

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My parent know me very well !!!!!

They knew me !
Every parent know their children very well !
Evey movement and every action in their eyes , They know what are we doing !
Although Parent might not knew how many hair that we have , they do know what 's our characteristic .

Yesterday , I went to shop with my parent . My eyes were attracted to the male necktie , it looks marvelous . I always found that men who wear in formal is sooooooooooooooooooooo.......attractive ! ( hahaha...it 's still depend on the body shape, anyway) To look awesome in wearing the formal suit and necktie , the men should has wide shoulder ,fit body shape , not too thin or too fat . Lad who is too thin , plump or short would look a bit sloppy in wearing the formal.

Argggggggg................saliva almost drop down already. I was infatuated with my dreaming guy who wearing in very smart way !

All of it went in my parent 's eyes !

Today , my Mom probe me ! She tried to ask me in a funny way ! I knew that , Just as I knew them ! Ahahahaha.....but I never thought my mum would do that on me . (she did loads on my brother)
Nothing to conceal , I just answer her normally . NO!
I almost laughing out loudly , I knew what was in my parent's mind .

Haiz ....unfortunately , no one want their belove daughter yet ! ahahahahahha
And I just try to forget someone that I have fancy in secretly for sometime , I pray Lord not to take such a long time to answer me , I think HE gave me the answer already.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness,
and all these things will be given to you as well.
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matthew 6: 33 -34

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So near , yet so far

I still remember that " Globalization " is one of the common topic in school handbook .
I had studied this topic while surround by loads of different races of students in the class.

The radio station 98.8 is my best accompany in my exam period . I could always hear that loads of Malaysian who stay at oversea call back to Malaysia and on air along this few year .
All the stories that they have told were always interesting and attractive . In the meanwhile , I may confused myself , I wonder where I were when I was listening on those stories .
My sou land mind already flew to another state .

Globalization really happened all around the world .
Although I have friends who so near to me . I can't feel their present .
On the other hand ,friends who at other side of the world , they are always the most welcome for me .

Distant may not be the biggest barrier :-P

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Exciting ? Peace? Relax ? or ROCK ! sunday

Add with tiring .
I have travelled almost half day .

I attend the Sunday service in another church at Subang Jaya yesterday .
Yup, pretty noisy ! ahahahah
For me who come from those traditional church , it is a bit hard to get used on the rock !
Can I say the songs leading people are a bit "selfish "? I could only heard about their voice , not mine !ahahahahahaha....................... "monopoly"! ( I don't really mean that )
For me I prefer that every people can sing louder to cover the sound that come from the music instruments .
What is leader's role ? lead someone toward something?? ....not one man show oh !

Beside that point I had mention, I like this church . Loads of surprise !
A really young age church , mostly are young people ( could I say 99.9% are young people ). Even the pastors !
I were extremely enjoying the whole service , especially the sermon , the pastor who gave the sermon was pretty interesting and creative . From the sermon , I could got the big encouragement and refresh in mind.

I didn't have such a lovely Sunday for long .
Normally , I have my BB service on Sunday . I wake up at 715am until 5pm or even later only I could reach home , change my clothes then straightly go to bed until my dinner time .
I didn't have time to enjoy in cell group or even chit chatting with brothers and sisters in Christ .No cell group , not much sharing , no lunch together ......................haiz , I just wonder I am hunger for it for so long . I miss my time to enjoy with my beloved friends . Without rushing or busy mind .

I miss my fellowship life !

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I LOVE Sweet Corn

I..........................LOVE.......................Sweet .....corn................!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BE sure & stedfast

After reading a friend' s blog , not to say giving any comment , but wanna sharing.
( please forgive me , I always jump my point in an article , can't write in very systematic form )

It's again BB matter , Topic: Promote as officer.
My own experience was , I were from rank and file , the highest position I got promoted in NCOs was Cpl . After Form 5 , I went into another section which call Primer .
Since I became NCOs till Primer , I had known nothing !
I never been to NCOs training , no idea at all with what's the NCOs Council doing and the role of becoming NCOs. I admit I was such a failure members , I knew nothing about BB . Couldn't sing all the BB songs probably , couldn't fully memory the BB object , couldn't spell our founder name .
It happened because of the company management didn't did well . Day by day .....the whole company just gone like "usual". The whole company was isolated .

I had in charge in the junior section alone when I were primer , no examples and officer's guide . ( The officer who had in charged in junior section resigned before I take the part )
With God 's Grace , I 've learn by mistake. The best benefit without officer's guide and guideline was , I could did it what every I like .....( I mean the way I've lead the Junior ).
I did learn loads since then , I force to do the pre-study before teaching the junior section .
I have form my very own system of teaching in badge classes after the hard way I have gone through.

I pick up more than what I had ever known .
I do mine "reform " in the company which has started with the juniors.
The very first Gold badge achieve in my company born in 2005. 3 of my juniors gain it with excellent result ,I was so glad on it . ( I know some of the companies might no surprise with it )
I could trained them in drill better than all the senior in that time , it has proved me my company really need a huge reform .
I've used one half year serve in silent , just like submarine .
The most joyful period with junior, my confident grown !
In year 2005 , I had became warrant officer.

Unfortunately , not all the officers could see the point .
I went to the officers Training alone 2005 which I knew I was still deficient and hunger .
hahahaha.......I was only officially inform my captain after I had registered the training .
Although , 3days 2 nights didn't help much , I met some friends who really firm me , I couldn't squeeze into the young officers because they were already knew each other very well and in group , I was totally stranger .
YUP ! I met some Aunties ! Some middle ages helpers from some companies , I was so surprise that they still have energy to serve in BB . It makes me so excited .

When some of the junior promote into senior , I knew I have to hand off .
I was in struggle , I didn't want my junior being affected. I was so worry .
Finally I made the decision , I have to !

In addition , I started my service in senior section from the end of year 2005 .
2006 I been promoted as Lieutenant.
2007 I went to officer training alone again in penang . ( just as the same cases as before )
I did my best effort to pursue other officers , anyway it is not work at the end .
I know the improvement need times , I just hope one day they could found out it .

I am not regret to pass through and experience so much , I just believe it is what's the GOD arrange for me . That is the reason why I do understand my Friend's express . It is really hard , and I know what is he worry about . This trouble happened at all the companies .
We believe that steps by steps bring better result .
It 's a long term service , loyalty and maturity are necessary .

I did past through the period of fighting with the officers council , it was the hardest time for me . I am a very stubborn person , holding some points very straight.
I could say I gain 20 % win , other 80 % have to depend on them .

Be Sure & stedfast !

Sunday, January 13, 2008

One of the lovely Day

Yesterday gone through another tired day .
I don't have much change to do it again ~ visit another companies in BB.
( I could do it alone anyway) NO more chances to do another for my own company anymore.

Struggle for so long , pay effort to choose one with is most suitable for my company to squeeze in ............
I know my company might not appreatiated for every chances that they have had .....( I know well of them ) I hope I could do something before I left .
Every Company has it own shortcoming , unfortunately members ( even some officers )would magnify it and ignoring the merit of the company. I did when I first visited some companies , but with God's Grace , HE remind me with this bible text :

"And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?"

Matthew 7 :3

Either I am going to ignore the fault & weakness or not the facing the fact , but we always say learn from the mistake . Observation would help loads in every visitation , learn in humble and be more stronger .

I do hope my members could learn somethings new than just only having fun .
I could only chat with few of them about the visitation experience today , WILL pick some to talk about it more later .

Thanks 3rd KL company showed their most hospitality and support to us .......hehehe, I damn know our songs presentation did in messy . I was also too axious , can't talk probably ...shame lah.
No Photos with me right now , couldn't upload any to show ........will do it later !

Standing for the whole day seems consumpt all my energy!Reach home around 730pm
Lying on the sofa , not willing to move !
At around 10 something at the night , I just recall back I still have one pack of cream chesse which I had promise mom I would make the "bake" cheese cake , Although the tiramisu I had made was nice , she still feel too creamy and not get used to eat this kind of dessert.
So, before exam , ( I 'll stay at KL for 2 weeks time for preparing the exam ) , I quickly do it .

Bake Lemon Cheese Cake

tang ...tang ...tang ...tang ......first time baking can consider not bad then
no decoration .............just a very homemade cheese cake

Taste good but dad complained a bit over acid .
I love it .
Cheese Addicted !!!!hhahahaaha

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Busy Wednesday !

It was a tired day .
Had class from 8am in the morning till 2 pm , rush back to apartment , thrown away my bag with one hand and got my flute with another hand , then rush to Sg wang .

Damn tired , Can't even concentrate in review my exam .
Had dinner with Chew hwe , my previous housemate . We both sat in the seat for long to consider what to order for . Really feel weary and bored with those outside food , repeat and repeat to having the same food .

I am a bit less appetite. Even my lovely breakfast I also can't take well . I keep on lengthen the meal time . Except my fav .....Chocolate .

Mommy say my body is slightly weak , I have " Cold feet" ( this cold feet isn't that cold feet in the idiom) and " cold finger " all the time , Once I stay at air-cond room or the weather/temperature going a bit low , I'll just like the cold - blooded animal .
Then mom force me to drink the bloody "Essence of Chicken " every Monday before going to college , it's hard to swallow !

I am quite resist to the taste !

What a intelligent Mom ! she then make the home made essence of Chicken to me , hehehehe
just like the Chicken Soup . Lovely
I think it doesn't work much , probably it is due to the pressure that make me less appetite . And some other problems which I still couldn't solve up.

Anyway , Thanks Mom !

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Trustworthy or not ??

I can only use "depress" to describe my mood now .
"Trust" should be build up between two . When one party gave it up , everything would going to be hard to progress.
It 's important to build the "trust" in a team , as a BB company , how we could gain the trust from the parent and members? I believe that action prove the result .

However, when it happen between the co-ordinator in the company , it is extremely hard to cope .Certainly , we can't avoid this kind of matter happened on us .

All of our officers have done our best to work out and build up the partnership. I know that it is pretty hard , but we did it . I could say We are utterly upset with this .I can felt from all the officers 's face , we always keep vigil for not coming out with any unwilling gossip or beware with our mouth although we are not satisfy with anythings .

I really don't hope to keep the depression , Forgive me not to tell the whole story .
It would causes more nonsensical problems .

I would like to thanks Captain Calvin for doing well in this part . Honestly , it is not easy to carry the captain position . I can feel the pressure which fall under him , all the responsible in the company , members 's problem , working pressure and .........yes ! He is going to marry soon !
He is the only one who has persist his BB service till now for 13 years .The most loyalty officers in 4th Kajang .

Finally , with shouting ! :

If you don't think we are trustworthy , so better give up !!!!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

We don't care ?

When we compromise with what the world culture and ignoring God 's word. We need to accept the consequence

I have experience it deeply since I have lived outside .
Can I say we abuse the "Human rights " or "freedom ".
My own opinion , anyway .

When the homosexual say they should be legitimate concern. We say :" Never mind , we don't care , it should be your own human rights."

When couple living together . And they insist cohabit could bring loads of convenience ( Rubbish ! hahahahaha) . We say :"Up to you , it is non of my business."

When our political minister behave immoral in their own private life . We say :" As well as , they have done well in they position , I wouldn't care and it wouldn't under our control ."

But don't forget "teach by example " play vital role in our life . Like father like son , as an adult , what have we did alway in our young 's eyes .

Why do I rise this issue ? Am I the perfect person in the world ?

Definitely NOT !

Although I am strongly defends against all the injustice . I can't change the world .
I just could borrow my ears to my nearest friends and give them advice , persuasive power of christian .

P/S : I don't have much comment on the commits adultery cases in our politician .I just care on this Sinchew online news . Quite surprise to know that , commits adultery isn't illegal in Malaysia

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Open or not ????

Surprise !

At the first I was still struggling if I wanna open the mail ( I was worried if it was a virus mail )

But the title of the mail is - " I like your Blog :-) "

What an attractive title to make me consider for few seconds before I decided to open it .

Luckily , it isn't a virus mail .

It was someone write to me from Sweden ,much surprise than before I had opened the mail

Thank you , John Fagervall for supporting my blog .
Sure ! You 're always welcome .

This lad also own a blog !
Unfortunately , I can't read Swedish .
But I found another sharing Blog , the pictures are awesome !

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy New Year!

Don't ask me about my 2008 wishes and plans.

Because I didn't have time to sit down and ponder over before my exam .

With this good opportunity , I 'd like to give thanks to all my friends who has gave me fully support and brought me happy memories in 2007.

The day full with sadness and disappointed , The next morning wake up with fresh and brand new day .Thanks God for the mercy , No anger has been keep especially in the first day of 2008.

Cheer for the NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!