Sway With Lois: September 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

somewhere in secret

definitely not me , hardly to imagine if I was her , my cousin~

Granny 's Kitchen

Books that I bought from last month book festival at KLCC

Sherlock Holmes stories , One of my favour for long time,
I bought it and only found out that I had read this book before !!!

Private Map , what made me chose it ?
To keep my dream for world traveling beyond

So Near and Yet So Far

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Deepest Condolences

Loss of my Beloved Brother In Christ

My Sunday school teacher and my beloved brother

May your soul rest in peace

Broga hill @ Malaysia Day 2010

A team of crazy !and when we reached there , we found more than 100 teams of crazy were there as well~

916 , 2010
Broga hill, semenyih
Sun rise
8 people

Departure from the bottom of the hill about 5: 40 am

Reached one of the peak within 1 hours

A nice warm day

it seems silent , but actually the crown were like party on the hill

The people on the peak looks alike the crater of the volcano

August - holidays !

Just wonder why , I would always like to took picture of this fountain
while I past through

Hey , did you saw the building on the opposite side ? Fahrenheit 88~
Brother went today and said nothing special , anyway I just need to wait for next month wage to come out only I CAN GO SHOPPING!

Friends gathering ,

Paid and got an "UFO" Plate , the UFO plate would lighting and vibrate while the order done , just return back them and get your dessert ~

Rate : 4/6 for food
3/6 for environment ( Not many seat )
4/6 or price ( consider affordable in Pavilion )

Found this special "frame " in Lot 10
unfortunately , dad didn't know how use my camera ...haha

August 2010

It was ...ooppss...yup about few weeks ago , 4th kajang company E&A and 15th Anniversary on August.

Congratulation to them and proud of it !

She looks Smart , agree me ?

Captain Getting mature ~

Junior Section is growing !

Awesome performance ~
Can Be improve more

Singing still the strong part for 4th Kajang

New generation is coming , officers ! Prepare heart to accept Challenge !

No doubt, With God's grace , they're growing well ~