Sway With Lois: April 2008

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm Sooooooooo upsetting !

Upsetting that I didn't play the flute well !

It's damn expensive !
RM 58 for half hour accompaniment!
If I couldn't perform well that mean I am wasting lots of money !
My accompaniment teacher is pretty busy , his schedule is fully booking !
So, what 's mean ? He's earning lots LOH!

Stress stress stress ! The Flute test is just at the corner !
left about one month ( 5th June )
my scales still can't play smoothly and I 'm nervous playing infront of stanger.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Pretty surprise that I 'm going to another step of my life .
The time I 've to adapt myself to suit my ages and all the friends around me .
I 've to be tolerance and patient .
Have to do the right things for the right time .

Have to know how to make myself feel comfortable and happy :P
Have to renew my heart always .
Depend more on GOD than myself .
Happy for those who's in joyful , caring on those who's in sorrow.

Po Ling , just be yourself !
What for to jealous ?
What for to feel bitter in your heart ?
No one would cheer you up if you don't do it yourself.
If they don't accept you as who you are , what for to chasing before them ?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

CH's Wedding Part 2~ Night

Haiz ~ Chinese really has a bad habit ! Late ! Late ! Late !
Wedding Dinner suppose is start on 7pm ( I do expect it might started one hours late )
OMG ! it only start about 850pm ! all of us pretty hungry

Thanks for the best arrangement for this table .
All of us have nice chat and sharing on the night .

Group photos isn't with me now ........
Those young one always mention I am the older ( female ) in the table
* :(
Not many of them are 21 .....and some of them need to drive
so they couldn't drink.

CH's Wedding Part 2~ Day

Congratulation !

Maggie & Me

Person in charge of the wedding , Wen Jiann

Haiz ....Steven Wong .....Cannot pretend a bit meh !
You should know I 'm short!

Zhen Zhen & Me

Jia Foo & Me

We were school friends

My former Captain 's two little cute honey girls

bridegroom - 4th kajang Capt

My Former officer - Kenneth Kong

Much more photos would coming later . Still in process ( actual would take long times for those who's doing the media mission and camera man to send us with such a huge memory of photos)
So , those pictures I have uploaded was using my own mobile camera :P

Capt. Calvin Lim didn't follow the BB traditional , all the officers dress code suppose to be the ceremonial wear. I also just get the notice a day before his wedding that we can wear freely exclude the BB members who has the presentation .

CH's Wedding Part 1 ~ decoration

Everything doing smooth
awesome job !

thanks for all of your cooperation
when I wasn't able to do anything in the exam period

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sway sway sway ~

One of my favorite song ~ Yeah ! Sway ~ sway ~Sway with me !
:( remain 9 hours for my last paper !

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pray for me ~

Was too bored staying at my little space
( tissue roll + my small eye)

Please Pray for me for my examination for next week ~
It's gonna be a busy week

Pray for my concentration on exam
and have good memory.

rushing back for Cheng Hui's wedding decoration on Friday after the morning paper :p

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

lost !

Is feeling a bit bitter , a bit lonely , a bit moody, a bit stress ,
a bit struggle , a bit gloomy ..........today
Seems like losing myself.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gambate ! Don't give up !

To my Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ in sorrow ,

God never promised an easy life . He promised the strength to get through the difficult one .
Life is difficult and life can be full of storms . Don't be surprised when life is going to experience trouble , pain and difficulty .Because following God sometimes may include suffering.

God promised never to leave us and not never us alone . I do know you need time to settle down all the troubles and forget the pains . But never give up your Lord !

We must remember that who guides provides , leads feeds and the one who direct protects.
God is with us .

"In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God."

Psalm 62:7

As a friend and sister in Christ , the only thing I can do is praying for you .
( I could do nothing any more :P )
Only God's faith is everlasting , may you get the comfort from God .

Friday, April 11, 2008

New Property , new troblue


have to say goodbye to my very first mobile
it had stayed with me for around 6 years.
Get rid of you since the battery problem .The battery price would worth more than the phone .

Lois ' Rule : affordable price with acceptable quality !
Usage of Mobile for me is just a convenient to contact people .
yup , my new demand is camera also , 2 mega pixel .

The size is slightly same
the new one is thinner .
I need plenty of time to "knowing" it !

The image is quite clear . ( I was still in blur , woke up not for long )

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Qing Ming Festival

It was a early saturday morning around 6 am , 3 cars and 2 families depart from selangor .
Qing Ming festival brought us 2 families back to our Grandfather 's place .

( I prefer Malacca instead of Melaka )

A very old town in Malaysia
full with memories for my father and my uncle .
The place where were they growing .

My Grandfather passed away long long time ago.
The time when my father was still young .

The previous time we all were together to Malacca was few year ago.
This time , we have one new family member with us , my cousin 's wife.

Food and marvelous views
brought us back to our childhood memorial
We could found lots of interesting goods and toys .

A little small old town full
total different from the urban
It was total another place far away from my daily life
I was missing myself on that half day journey .

Malacca is one of the famous tourism choose in Malaysia
Night would be more attractive .

The picture below could be a fool !
A group of Hainanese who don't know how to speak Hainan.

Our childhood memory

Every streets and corner that we have passed through
the people that we 've met
had the memorial of my father and uncle
they remind the old stories

And I found out that almost every streets have our relatives
although we are not that close
and some of them had passed away .

A long walking journey for few hours
chewing the moment slowly

The weather was pretty hot !
That was the reason I got the sun burn !

St Paul Church

I got the power like the Samson !

Cousin and brother