Sway With Lois: August 2006

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I am a busybody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! regret to be !!!!

Today , 30 Aug the night before Malaysia national day . I did a very very wrong/ stupid thing which were asking about something that I shouldn't ask................I did as busybody ...and asking about somebody's privacy . This is not my first time to do that , hope it is going to be the final time for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry , if I did attacked your privacy ! Pls forgive me ~

Writing this blog is to remind me not to do it again !!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

4th kajang E@A

4th kajang company Enrolment and Awards Day~ 11 years Old loh~

I have past thought 11 years with my company , Glory to His name !I never feel regret to join this uniform body . It can be the little testimony for me in BB. I am the youngest in my family , my parent love me very much ~ I could say sometimes it is over care for me , Although I am adult now , they still do the same on me .

When I were youth , I were really lack of confident in my social life ( so do now , but is much more better now) and I were always being rejected . People didn't believe on my ability because they though I was always depend on my parent and I were the "flower in the warmhouse ".

Thank Lord that giving me the opportunities to serve Him , I have started my BB life from file and ranks until now as a lieutenant . Thank you to all the friends who have supported me and the officers who have lead me in patient and love . I do hope I could help the youth nowadays as those who had leaded me . Sure & stedfast !!!!

I do hope to get the oppurtunity to say thanks for some of my BB partners and friends who have help me so much :

Giok Leigh , A friend who I have met from net world until we meet face to face .I am very fancy on his articles , he is really a good writer . Firstly , I knew him was via " The Book Of Wong " . He has encouraged me loads via email and also he is open a BB social path for me . We as net friend for around more than 2 years , that is how amazing the net world is .

Kenny Voon , the other net friend as the case above ......haha...we actually "met" each other in the 2005 officers training , but I didn't know him while the training camp . Luckly , Lord do things in His time ! We can become friend via net and he really help me a loads . Also , he has teached me so patiently althought I am so foolish in loads of things....hahah. Thanks eh....lame & shy Voon . When he smiles , so do his eyes ! A very very very good guy, never miss this friend!

Monday, August 21, 2006

cooking ~ My fancy

Some people fancy put their head to a glass of brandy , My fancy is cooking !

Spaghetti , soups ,sushi , korea kimchi soup, salads, mash potetoes ,sandwishs ...............
My meal always not as normal chinese meal that we have ~
I almost just maximum eat 3 meals of rice per week , but at least one meal of spaghetti and soups ( what ever types of soups , mushroom soup , kimchi soup , vegetable soup ....) , salads and bacon /ham add an egg always is my fancy for breakfast !
Sweet Corn always is my lunch

Few week ago , I finally could try what was the taste of avocando , first taste wasn't so nice , and also i didn't know how to make a dishes with avocando , it was extremely same experience when I were first taste the bacon~ I try to put the avocando in my spaghetti, not too bad , taste "oily" and smell like butter. Back to the most original , It is still the best to mix with salads! They are super best match!

I believe not all of you like the salads without the sos salad that we could buy from supermarket, If the anwer is yes! You might not like mine ! I just use leman juice and olive oil and some herbs to mix my salads . You also might not like the spaghetti with original home made tometoes sos too~ ~~~but it is what the meals I have usually take , no junk food , no soft drink.

I found out that I have change my habit of eating , I used to like junk , soft drink ......
I used to hate green , yellow and red pepper ( sweet pepper) , But I like it now , it is really tasty with spaghetti .When i feel stress with my studied , cooking always the good way to relaxing myself , I also happy to share , I like to cook the dessert( tong sui) and share with my friends , housemate ....

always welcome to share your recipes with me ~!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

what is happening in my little world????

The horrible robbery & murder case had happened near by my college , my parent getting more worry about my self safety . Me , myself too ! But things seems like would be fine after some period , people's life would back to the normal until the other cases happened again.

Just like the other previous case which had happened at Genting klang , a young man who been shoot and death just near by my living area. I believe most of people start to ignore it and forget it.
It was happened on the day which i had a mid-test , I went to take a bus and could saw and heard the few ambulances past thought , i thought it might be fire or car accident have happened . The bus that i took was in traffic because lots of people were blocked there to observe .( Malaysian like to do that) . When my Bus past thought , I saw 2 death bodies were cover with black plastic . while the time i saw it , I felt moody .

undoubted that those case cause the students and parents feel worry and some people even depress and upset . TAR college image is getting down , parents are starting consider about not let their child to study here .

The ways i got the proof news are mostly from newspaper and radio , As all of us knew , gossip having anywhere , different versions are going to split around the college and friends . Suddenly , the reading room in the library have become the "hot" place the students go to . And radio program chat room or talk also couldn't avoid from this kind of topic . Even email , bulletin and blogs .

You are going to hear the noise of battles far away ; but do not be troubled . Such things must happen, but they do not mean that the end has come . Countries will fight each other ; kingdoms will attack one another . There will be famines and earthquakes everywhere . All these things are like the first pains of childbirth .”

Matthew 24: 6-8

Who steal love from our life ?