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Monday, August 21, 2006

cooking ~ My fancy

Some people fancy put their head to a glass of brandy , My fancy is cooking !

Spaghetti , soups ,sushi , korea kimchi soup, salads, mash potetoes ,sandwishs ...............
My meal always not as normal chinese meal that we have ~
I almost just maximum eat 3 meals of rice per week , but at least one meal of spaghetti and soups ( what ever types of soups , mushroom soup , kimchi soup , vegetable soup ....) , salads and bacon /ham add an egg always is my fancy for breakfast !
Sweet Corn always is my lunch

Few week ago , I finally could try what was the taste of avocando , first taste wasn't so nice , and also i didn't know how to make a dishes with avocando , it was extremely same experience when I were first taste the bacon~ I try to put the avocando in my spaghetti, not too bad , taste "oily" and smell like butter. Back to the most original , It is still the best to mix with salads! They are super best match!

I believe not all of you like the salads without the sos salad that we could buy from supermarket, If the anwer is yes! You might not like mine ! I just use leman juice and olive oil and some herbs to mix my salads . You also might not like the spaghetti with original home made tometoes sos too~ ~~~but it is what the meals I have usually take , no junk food , no soft drink.

I found out that I have change my habit of eating , I used to like junk , soft drink ......
I used to hate green , yellow and red pepper ( sweet pepper) , But I like it now , it is really tasty with spaghetti .When i feel stress with my studied , cooking always the good way to relaxing myself , I also happy to share , I like to cook the dessert( tong sui) and share with my friends , housemate ....

always welcome to share your recipes with me ~!


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