Sway With Lois: Macau-Guangzhou Trip Part 3

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Macau-Guangzhou Trip Part 3

come again to my macau -guangzhou trip Part 3

it seems like really coming back to my real life , my trip really over . I did really enjoy the trip . What would appear in my today topic is .......tang tang tang tang .......casino ! As all we knew , casino is the vital attracts in Macau ( also the macau biscuit) , my last day trip was staying in Macau , we kept our carry in the "sands" casino....lots of people do th same although the casino wasn't our important purpose. But no point , it was a heavy raining day! we had our lunch in the casino , 20 macau money per wantan mee or fry rice or烧腊饭 with 38 , The rice was really delicious , it call “丝 苗 米”。。。this kind of rice really delicious , you must try it !

let talk about the casino , I believe I saw more than 10 thousand people in the casino , it is true . As normal we would say "seems like the don't need money" but it really need money !!!!!!!!
I went though tables by tables and looked at how the people gambling , the casino provide tea , milk and juice to all the customer , so that you don't need to leave your "seat" beside going to toilet .......all also there are few restaurants on the casino . oh.....no forget to tell you , they do provide free bus to fetch the customer from some bus stop ( I went there with this type of bus eh) .
As we always say , you could see the real charateristic of one person in the gamble ! I could see some people change 5000 in to the token and play the Roulette & Craps , he almost put more than 2500 in one game . Wah.....what a crazy , do he think the money come with very easy , it might be half of normal people's salary . The lower token in Blackjack is 200 , continue with 300 ,500 and 1000 . When you got in to the casino , you would not reliaze anything happen at outside the world , what's in your eyes are gambling gamblimg and money money .
The "sands' casino picture , I would like to take a photo inside the casino, but it was prohibit . The colour of all the window are gold , you could see it clearly when you visit the Macau .

will be back ................continue soon


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